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Why become a Knights of Columbus Field Agent?

  • Match your faith-based ethics with your career goals.
  • Do well for yourself while doing good for others.
  • Protect Catholic families while promoting financial programs
    you can believe in.
  • Build a career with a leader in ethical business practice.

What Field Agents are saying about the
Marlowe Agency

I have worked for Bob since July of 2011. Bob Marlowe is as smart and savvy in our industry as anyone I have ever been in contact with. When I first started working for the KofC he dedicated the majority of my first three months to me and my professional development as he does with every single agent he hires. He has structure and systems that are proven to work. He personally trains us not only to sell but to be organized and compliant to all industry regulations. I am proud to say that I not only consider Bob to be an excellent manager and professional saleman, but also a friend. Bob's philosophy that he clearly conveys to me is to be honest with your clients and always have their best interests at heart and there will be no way that you cannot be successful. Bob has such strong conviction when it comes to the quality and strength of the Knights of Columbus products. Bob proudly owns the products that he sells and has encourages all of us to own Knights of Columbus products as well - so we may also fully realize the many benefits of owning and selling such a wonderful product.

I proudly work hard for Bob because he is great manager and a great guy in general who many of us in the office refer to as the "Hardest working man in the insurance business."
Mark T. Bateman

Bob Marlowe is consistently one of the top General Agents in the Knights of Columbus. His dedication to the success of his agents is priority one. Not only is he there to give his undivided attention to new agents, but he is a great mentor to the more experienced agents in the agency. Bob has always kept abreast of changes in the industry and is extremely knowledgeable. Not only does he encourage agents to better themselves through educational courses, Bob himself has obtained the highest levels of education offered by the industry. The fact that the Marlowe Agency has so many long tenured agents is a testament to Bob's system and sucess. You can be assured you will receive the best training available. I cannot think of a better situation for a new agent to start a career in this industry than doing this with the Marlowe Agency.
Edward A. O'Keefe, Clu, Chfc, Casl, Ficf, Lutcf

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