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Agency Testimonials

November 7, 2013

Dear Kevin:
I am privileged to endorse you and your agents for the work you do within our Order’s insurance program. I have traveled many states and provinces within the Knights of Columbus as a Regional Program Consultant and have seen no other agency as effective, helpful and successful as yours. Let it be known that Nebraska is one of five of the 73 jurisdictions in the Order which can boast a record of positive membership growth each year for the past forty years. This is a record to be proud of and is attributable to a low suspension rate and effective recruiting, as well as the combined efforts of agents and members working together as a team to grow our Order in Nebraska.

This is no simple task and much of our success has been the team spirit between your insurance agency and the state and local Knights. It is that open dialogue and sharing in the recruiting effort as well as the promotion of our insurance programs that makes for an overall successful program. Long term care sales in Nebraska have topped all other jurisdictions since its roll out about 15 years ago. Sales of this and other insurance products have placed your agency in first place among the 250 plus agencies in the Order for many years. This is truly an amazing record that reflects upon your leadership, team management skills and expertise.

Thank you for all you do and will do for our Nebraska jurisdiction and for our Beloved Order.

Fraternally Yours;

Rod J Hofschulte, PSD Nebraska
Supreme Financial Secretary Training Consultant

November 17, 2013

To: Kevin Pfeifer, General Agent

I would like to offer my endorsement to you and your agents for the great work they do for the Knights of Columbus Insurance.
Ranking in the top of agencies in the Order is testimony in itself for you and the agent’s dedication to providing services to Brother Knights. The working relationship between the fraternal side and insurance side of our Order in the State of Nebraska is one that is looked up to throughout many jurisdictions.
I have personally witnessed your team’s professionalism and compassion in a family’s time of need and I truly appreciate all the efforts for the exceptional work they do and the leadership you provide.
Jim Haiar
Past State Deputy 2010-2013

2014 Awards banquet: Kevin Pfeifer with his Top 3 Field Agents in 2014 - Doug Kelly #3, Neil Pfeifer #2, John Stoeckinger #1

Top 4 General Agents in the company in 2013 with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

2014 awards banquet: Mike Kosch accepting a LTC award from GA Kevin Pfeifer

Knights State Convention 2014 - Nebraska General Agents Kevin & Cindy Pfeifer and Tony & Cathy Swanson

2014 awards banquet: Melissa & Craig Pfeifer, Neil Pfeifer, Doug Kelly, Becky Pfeifer

KofC Fourth Degree honor guard: Kevin Pfeifer(left) and Kurt Jackson (right) - spring 2013

Knights State Convention 2014 - General Agent Kevin Pfeifer with Bishop Dendinger

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson with Kevin & Cindy Pfeifer - spring 2014

KofC State Convention 2014 - Neil Pfeifer, Kurt Jackson, GA Kevin Pfeifer. Neil accepting Fraternalist of Year award and Kurt accepting Agent of the Year award.

with Tom Smith (KofC Executive VP) in Omaha with MDRT agents. From left: Steve Kluthe, Kevin Weber, Kevin Pfeifer, Tom Smith, Doug Kelly, J Krawczyk, Neil Pfeifer, Kurt Jackson

KofC State Convention 2014 - insurance booth manned by Bill, Joe, Wayne, Neil, Travis, Ben

2014 awards banquet: Kevin Weber, Doug Kelly, GA Kevin Pfeifer, Craig Pfeifer, Tim Heller

MDRT agents with Tom Smith(Executive VP). From left: Doug Kelly, Neil Pfeifer, Tom Smith, Kevin Pfeifer, John Stoeckinger

Kevin with Rich Lowery, State Deputy and Tony Swanson at mid-winter meeting - December 2013

2014 awards banquet: John Stoeckinger receiving his #1 Field Agent award from GA Kevin Pfeifer.

2014 awards banquet: Neil & Becky Pfeifer receiving his #2 Field Agent award from GA Kevin Pfeifer.

Kevin with Bishop Lucas at mid-winter meeting

2014 awards banquet: Doug & Kris Kelly receiving his #3 Field Agent award from GA Kevin Pfeifer.

KofC State Convention 2014 - Nebraska General Agents Tony Swanson and Kevin Pfeifer

Pfeifer Agency #1 Agency for year 2011

At Mid-Winter meeting: Past State Deputy Jim Haiar, Tony Swanson, State Chaplain Fr Schweiger and Kevin Pfeifer

Top 4 General Agents in 2011 with Tom Smith & Carl Anderson

Nebraska General Agents: Kevin Pfeifer and Tony Swanson 2014

Pfeifer Agents on incentive trip 2014

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