Brother Knight: Herbert Moncibais

From Council #5656
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

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AribaTECH, Inc.
2691B Freewood Drive
Dallas TX 75220 US

Phone: (214) 358-8575

AribaTECH is the preferred choice by successful business owners that want the best computer products, support and maximize their ROI (Return On Investment). AribaTECH builds and sells “True Intel Inside” desktop computers and servers that incorporate the Intel processor and Intel built motherboard. It just makes good business sense to use the Intel Processor on an Intel built motherboard because nobody knows the Intel processor than its creator – Intel Corporation. Our customers are the winners and they tell us that can see the difference. Another huge advantage offered by AribaTECH is local support performed by AribaTECH’s factory trained PC specialists. As we say at AribaTECH, our computer products are “powered by Intel and driven by Microsoft”. Visit our website, email or call us we want to earn your business. Phone: 214-358-8575 email: Sincerely, Herb Moncibais AribaTECH, Inc.