Congratulations Brother Knights for your Help at 1-LIFE LA Walk for Life

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Greetings Br. Knight Officers-
CONGRATULATIONS  on a job well done!  What a fantastic job by your Members in supporting the Dignity of LIfe!
The 2018 1-LIFE LA Walk was an awesome event and success in support of the dignity of life from conception to passing.
With over 25,000 attendees per the archdiocese, you are to be congratulated also for promoting the Walk for LIfe in your community and signing up participants at the Sign Up Sunday Masses on January 7th.
Over 300 Knights of Columbus Volunteers stood out in the 1-LIFE LA WALK in their brilliant florescent 1-LIFE LA T-Shirts providing security, safety & assisting those in need!  Truly an awesome job and service to LIFE and to our Church and Community.  
Take a moment to congratulate yourself and thank God for such a fantastic group of Knights to help you serve your Church.  Below are
some graphic pictures of an astoundingly awesome tribute to LIFE which the Knights played a key role in pulling off!
The Culture of Life is definitely a year round effort so rest and then let us be active in the many phases of Culture of Life which we are called to serve as Knights.
Br. Richard Marciniak,
Chair, 1-LIFE LA & 
SoCal KofC Culture of LIfe


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