ADVC GK’s present 2 Columbian Foundation Grant Checks

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Arrowhead Desert Valley Chapter Grand Knights Gary Markowski of council 12938 and Richard Beltran of council 7412 present 2 Grant Checks from the Knights of Columbus “Columbian Foundation Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities” to OPARC and Salem Christian Homes.  The Columbian Foundation has been fundraising through it’s annual “Tootsie Roll Drive” and supporting the organizations that support those who have Intellectual Disabilities since 1988.  Additionally, in the last few years the Columbian Foundation has been offering 4 separate Grants worth $10,000 every year.


This year two organizations in the ADVC Chapter received 2 of the 4 annual grants that were selected from 37 different applicants throughout the state.


On Friday June 1st a Grant Check for $6,500 was Presented to OPARC in their office in Montclair for a new Air Conditioning unit for one of their buildings in Upland.  OPARC provides work and work training for the Intellectually Disabled.  OPARC has been supported by several of the surrounding Knights of Columbus councils for many years with the Tootsie Roll Drives, and has now received a Grant.


On Saturday July 7th a Grant Check for $9,950.00 was presented to Salem Christian Homes in Chino for new mattresses, some specialized wheel chairs and a body lift.  Salem Christian Homes provides residential living for adults with Intellectual Disabilities with 17 residential homes locally in Chino, Ontario and Upland. The Grant Check was presented at Salem Christian Homes 10th annual 5K Run, Walk and Roll fundraiser that was held at the Boys Republic in Chino.


This was the first time that Salem Christian Homes was approached by a Knights of Columbus council, and they are looking forward to working with the Knights of Columbus in the future.


An interesting point of interest is that several of the residents of Salem Christians Homes are clients of OPARC.  The annual 5K Run, Walk and Roll fundraiser event had many of their residents Running, Walking and Rolling as well.

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