November 2017

Chris & Mary Farrell

I have known Chris for the past 20 or more years. William Christopher Farrell, his wife Mary and children Elizabeth, and Luke regularly participate in many civic, sport, scouting, church and other community activities. Mr. Farrell is a fervent Catholic, a loving spouse, and father. Since its inception Chris has chaired the Adopt-A-Road program. He serves as a lector for our parish and participates in various functions in many churches in our area. During walks to churches or the shopping center in our neighborhood, he disposes of debris blown by natural turbulent weather conditions such as rain, or snow storms, to maintain a safe environment. He encourages others to strive for excellence, and to do a good deed daily.*

October 2017

Matthias and Heidi Otradovec

Worthy Matthias Otradovec enjoys and builds relationships with most everyone in our council. His respect and love for others are expressed by his words and actions with all of us. He is always eager to volunteer his time in all Council and Church activities. Worthy Matthias Otradovec, his wife Heidi and daughter Janet show through their eagerness to volunteer their love for our Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, entire mind and strength. He is always willing to invite a friend to share a cup of coffee and in so doing continuously develop personal relationship with a brother knight.

September 2017

Dennis and Isabelle Gorres

Since I have known Dennis Gorres, our council Past Grand Knight, he, his wife Isabelle and children Christopher, Patrick, Francine, Katrina and mostly Carmela participate in most if not all activities organized by our church. He is a Catholic gentleman, loving spouse, and father. Even when his home was recently vandalized and burglarized, his attitude has not changed, he is always pleasant with all of us and forgiving. His participation in our parish has always been exemplary. He has chaired several events and activities and his wife is always volunteering for church activities such as the Mustard Seeds programs and Baby bottles fundraising for pregnant mothers and more to elevate the culture of life.

August 2017

John and Ada O'Donnell

John O’Donnell and his wife Ada’s participation have always been beyond the call of duty in our council. As Council Director for the past two years John O’Donnell demonstrates exemplary accomplishments not only in attendance but also by consistently hands on the grill and by being one to practice charity and this we need in a charitable and beneficial organization such as ours for our members and those in needs

July 2017

Werner and Margaret Moeller

Werner Moeller, PGK, his wife Margaret and children Joe, Karen, and Matt are being recognized not only for participating in our parish but in many other catholic churches in activities that elevate our communications with other Knights of Columbus councils. Werner Moeller, as our Membership Director, is involved in our membership drives, admission degrees, installation ceremony and provides a weekly calendar of events and this information is also communicated one on one to our active or inactive members that is beneficial in our members’ development as Knights.

November 2016

Steve and Desi Balla & Family

September 2016

Jim and Julie Benjamin

Jim and Julie Benjamin have been parishioners of St. Andrew’s for 3 years, have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Their youngest, Andrew, is a senior at DeMatha Catholic High School, volunteers in Faith Formation and participates in Youth Ministry. Retired from the Navy, Jim now works for Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, is involved in Father Dan’s healing ministry and serves as a Faith Formation catechist and Eucharistic minister and occasionally helps with Youth Ministry. Julie is the Director of Religious Education at St. Andrew’s, is involved in the Lector ministry and serves on Father Dan’s Anima Christi Retreats team.

August 2016

John and Ada O'Donnell

July 2016

Jim & Melanie Kmetz

Jim and Melanie are long time parishioners of St Andrew Apostle. They have two James (Jimmy) Francis Kmetz - 12 years and Suzanne Elena Kmetz 16 years. Both attended St. Andrew Apostle parish school.

June 2016

Chancellor Rolando & Vivian Salazaar DeAlvarez

The family of Chancellor Rolando & Vivian Salazaar DeAlvarez and their 2 children Camilla and Alejandro. Rolando attends the Men's group regularly and servers as a Faith Formation teacher and a catcher at Father Dan's healing ministry,*

May 2016

Brother Manoj and Sajita Thomas Panikkaveetil

Manoj joined the council this year and has participated in numerous activities including several Parish Breakfasts and the Keep Christ in Christmas Card sales.

April 2016

Mike & Theresa Trigiani

Theresa is the director of the Children's Choir and Mass Cantor. Michael works as a law enforcement officer in the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. Michael has served as traffic controller on Arcola Ave. during the Christmas and Easter Masses, ensuring the safety of parishioners and local. Little Michael junior sings with the children's choir and serves as an altar server.

March 2016

Jim and Lorraine Priestley

Jim and Lorraine Priestley have long been major contributors to the St Andrew the Apostle Parish community. Both have acted as Eucharistic Ministers and participated as Christmas stocking stuffers for the Little Sisters of the Mercy. Jim leads the Church collection counting and acts as Pancake chef for the Senior Group while Lorraine acts as group lead for the Seniors Group and Social Justice Ministry and up to only recently was coordinator for the SOME delivery drivers. She works as a Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Arcola Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and since 1997 a member of the Parish Health Ministry.

February 2016

Paul and Constance Sanneman

At most Council activities there is a usual contingent of Sanneman family members. The Council is blessed to have Paul Peter and Phillip as members. Paul and Connie have been long supporters of multiple Parish activities.

January 2016

PGK Marvin and Mimi Schuttloffel

Many of our successful events have been the result of the efforts of Marvin and Mimi. Most recently the purchasing and serving of refreshments at the reception at the Silver Rose event in November and their assistance during the Christmas Dinner. Their attention to detail and execution allow these types of events to occur almost without notice. The Council and parishioners enjoy the results of their efforts essentially without the appreciation of the diligence required to make these events occur without a hiccup.

December 2015

Trustee Werner and Margaret Moeller

Werner and Margaret consistently provide support to many Council and Parish events. Werner is active in the 4th Degree choir and is deeply involved in nearly every Council event.

November 2015

family of Brother Tony, Laverne, and Denise Gatti

Although Tony passed away in November 2012, Laverne and Denise have continued to be strong Council supporters both as a participant and contributor. We wish to recognize their many years of contribution.

October 2015

John and Ada O'Donnell

It was no accident that John who was our August Knight of the Month that we should select the family of John and Ada O’Donnell as our October Family of the Month. As the saying goes “behind every great man is a great family” (or something like that) was never demonstrated so vividly as during the summer Council Picnic. A little hip reconstruction surgery didn’t slow down the O’Donnell participation. It was inspiring to see how Ada and Carl filled in for John while he was on the disable list. Their participation is also commendable when John is at full strength.

September 2015

Kevin and Lise Baur

Kevin and Lise Baur are long time St. Andrew the Apostle parishioners with their sons, James and John, and Lise's mother. Lise is a Faith Formation teacher and very active in the Pro Life Group at St. Andrew's. Lise spoke at our social meeting about the Prayer meetings on Saturdays. Kevin works for an architecture firm and has recently joined the Catholic Church. James is an usher and John was a long time altar server. For their consistent dedication to parish life, the Council is happy to nominate the Baur Family as our Family of the month. *

August 2015

David and Lisa Luksic

The family of Inside Guard and Field Agent David Luksic is our August Family of the Month. David, his wife Lisa and their two little ones, Joseph and Julia were all out in force this past August. By rallying participants from the Men's group, Boy Scouts, Youth group and the Knights and utilizing two power washers they directed an herculean effort to wash off a years’ worth of dirt and grime from the tables and chairs in the Parish multipurpose room, just in time for the evenings Installation dinner. *

July 2015

Barbara and Paul Girolani

The family of Barbara and Paul Girolani and their children Cecilia and Tony. Since the very first days Council 13008, Barbara has been a behind the scenes contributor. Hardly a Church event occurred, including Council Installations, special Masses, or Community Sundays that did involve her participation. Barbara retired as the Parish Director of Music in April. Paul who is member of Father Rosensteel Council #2169 continues to support our own Council during a number of activities.*