January 2018

Steve & Heather Caffi & Bill & Barbara Dassing

The selection for Family of the month continues the theme of unselfish contribution of time and energy that often goes unseen, yet much appreciated. In this case, the recognition for family of the month is actually a shared one. Year in and year out, these families are as consistent as the tides in their roles.

Although kind enough to acknowledge the GK’s request, they really are the ones in charge They know when to start pulling things together, whom to reach out to and how to put their plan in action for not one, but two major family events that focus on children. The Halloween Party and the Christmas party are always a big hit with parents and kids alike, and these families share equally in the preparation and hosting of the parties.

Please congratulate Steve and Heather Caffi along with Bill and Barbara Dassing as our families of the month! Quite honestly, they are the reason these parties consistently result in peals of laughter and enjoyment of the kids, and the happy smiles of many a parent. Thank you, Caffis and Dassings, for your timeless contributions to ensuring the Council maintains a familial environment.

December 2017

Mary and Joseph

We often focus on the culmination of the birth of our Savior, the night in the manger, the three Wise Men gathering in homage, the stars shining brightly in the clear cold sky as shepherds keep watch. We should also focus on the three main figures in the tale: a poor carpenter, strong of hand and heart, unwavering in his faith. A humble woman whose inner beauty radiated beyond her out-er appearance, equally strong in her faith. And then there’s the child in the manger. This child is the King of Men, who arrived as a Savior for us all. Yes, our Family of the Month is the Family who gave us our Lord and Christ. May Joseph, Mary and Jesus re-main front and center in your hearts, in your words and in your deeds, throughout Christmas and beyond. Peace.

November 2017

Dan & Beth Ward

The selection for Family of the Month continues the theme of unselfish contribution of time and energy that often goes unseen, yet much appreciated. This family was on a health-related sabbatical for a significant portion of the year. It took months and months of doctor appointments, inpatient and outpatient visits before this family got a green light to return to action, and did they ever! I’ll always remember the phone call I received from Dan Ward saying that his doctor had given him permission to return to a normal activity level and I could just hear the excitement in Dan’s voice as he offered to pitch in again. Within a week of joining FS Mike Koon as membership director, he had scheduled two membership drives. With the strong support of his wife, Beth, he orchestrated the resurrection of the Candlelight Rosary and Benediction on the 20th Anniversary of the Memorial for the Unborn. And folks, Dan and Beth are just getting warmed up! Please congratulate our Family of the Month, Dan & Beth Ward!

October 2017

Stan and Jane McLeod

The selection for Family of the Month continues along the theme of unselfish contribution of time and energy that often goes unseen, yet much appreciated. This family attends many functions and are regulars at Friday family dinners. What most folks don’t know is that while we’re just arriving to relax and enjoy a good meal or a Council function, this family has been hard at work for hours, often days in advance. Whether decorating, planning events, cooking, or bartending, Stan and Jane McLeod have done all the heavy lifting to ensure our
happiness at the Council.

Please congratulate Stan and Jane when you see them. And don’t be afraid to offer to assist them with their efforts, many hands make light(er) work.

September 2017

Al and Pat Wigmore

What do you call a family who has devoted an immeasurable amount of their lives to the charitable efforts of their faith through their Knights of Columbus Council? How do you address the quiet champion of a major fundraising component of Rosensteel? Can you even call out the name of the family that is consistently on the scene, week after week, year after year? The answer to all of these questions is:Brother Al Wigmore and his Lady, Pat.

Al has been the man behind the Bingo scene for many years and his efforts continue to result in a growth in attendance, volunteer hours and income (and PS - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as evidenced by their son John and their grandson Shane’s participation in our Council).

Please say a big “Thank You” next time you see Al and Pat.

August 2017

The Russell Sutton Family

The Family of the Month is a no-brainer this time around. This family pulled together an amazing volunteer event in record time, assembling 40-some volunteers that worked in full sun over the course of a hot yet happy Saturday. They orchestrated a first-rate team, manning grills, prepping food service stations and then joyfully serving meals to volunteers and the veterans in need at the VA hospital. Congratulations to our Family of the Month, the Cardinal O’Boyle Assembly, captained by our very own PGK Russell Sutton.

July 2017

The Maryknights

I’m considering rewriting the lyrics of a song to help appreciate my very first selection for Family of the Month. This family is always visible, yet rarely in the spotlight. They too are frequent and consistent volunteers around the Council. I’ve seen this family toiling away at the breakfasts, during midday events and at evening functions. Whether they show up as a team or as individuals you’ll always know a member of the Family of the Month: The Maryknights!

We are Family, I got all my Maryknights with me!

All, all of the people around us they say

Can they be that close

Just let me state for the record

They're giving love in a family dose

We are Family, I got all my Maryknights with me!

June 2017

Council Chair Officers

This choice may not fit within everyone’s definition of a “family,” but it may be the last chance I get to thank this group in print. There are several definitions for a family that may apply, “the staff of a high official (such as the President);” this is one, but I prefer “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.“ This family has been with us through thick and thin; it has been supportive while always considering the membership’s best interest.

Among them I don’t believe they have missed but a couple of Council
meetings and functions, required and non-required. They have helped chair and organize dozens of programs and events. They have attended District, Chapter and State meetings and programs. They have committed seven years of their lives to the Council as officers and trustees.

Please join me in thanking your Council chair officers: Bruce Cotting, Jim Mannion and Gus Gusman for their service to and support of our Council.

May 2017

Joe and Laura Marks Family

- He took his First Degree in 1987 and one son took his First Degree in 2013. His other son plans to join this summer while home from college. She can be seen around the Council from time to time, usually visiting him while he performs his daily duties around the Council. He is a PGK and has served on every board and committee available to a member. He runs a kitchen crew and chairs the annual golf outing. He has taken the lead on running the hospitality suite at the Princess Royale at the State Convention for more than a dozen years. He has served as clubhouse manager for some time now.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating the Marks family,
Joe, Laura, Marshall and Will as our May Family of the Month.

April 2017

Chris Langley and Family

He took his First Degree in 2010 and quickly became one of the “Friday Night Families.” Nick and Ellie ran amuck in the Emerald Room while he and Tina enjoyed a Friday Night Dinner and an adult beverage. It wasn’t long before he put together his own kitchen crew and it has proved to be one of the best. His crew is filled with members whose families consistently filled the Emerald Room on Friday Nights. He is part of the Breakfast Crew and helps out in kitchen and grilling whenever possible. He is a regular bartender on the 20th.

March 2017

Brian and Lisa Slattery Family

: It was a typical Friday
night at the Council when Cheryl and I were joined
by this Family of the Month. The father started telling
stories of the good old days around the Council.
We listened, laughed and then came to the conclusion
that he was either 20 years older than he
looked or many of the events occurred when he was
a teenager. Well, it was the latter; he spoke of the
Council as a historian (but much funnier). He has
been a Knight for over 25 years, served as lecturer
for two Grand Knights, a regular bartender and attends
many Council events.
Brian met his wife, Lisa, at the Council. They
held their reception in the Columbian Room. She is
best known by Beach Party attendees as the perennial
winner of the limbo contest. They are the proud
parents of seven-year-old twin girls, Karen and

March 2016

The Donnelly's

This month’s family of the month
has historically had a huge impact
and presence here at Rosensteel.
Bonnie and Mike both work kitchen
crews. Mike is on the Nominations
Committee. Their son Dave and his
family can be seen at the council on
a regular basis. Dave recently
headed up the Super bowl party with
Stan McLeod and a host of others.
Dave also works a kitchen crew and
is a member of the Breakfast crew.
Dave and his brother Doug play on
our championship softball team. We
don’t get to see much of Doug now
that he and his family live in Arnold,
MD. but he is still a member in good
standing. Their sister Karen has
been seen around the Council chasing
down her nieces and nephews, most
recently at the Super Bowl Party. So
please join me in thanking the Donnelly
family (as seen below) as our
Family of the Month.

February 2016

Jim and Barbara Dailey

We owe a great deal of thanks to this month’s Family
of the Month for implementing our new Bingo Program
of September 9, 2015. They designed and formatted the
program to fit our needs. She is a Maryknight and occasionally
helps serve the Bingo dinners along with her
granddaughter Hannah on Wednesday nights.
He worked very hard for weeks on this project and he
had to balance increasing our prize money along with a
modest increase in our prices. These program changes
have worked well and have contributed to our increasing
profits during the last three months. He also cashiers
for us and manages the service line and paper products
as needed. We salute Jim and Barbara Dailey for
their service and continued support of our Bingo program
throughout the past 10 years. Please pull them
aside to thank and congratulate them.