May 2018

Barry and Michele Buckett

Barry and Michele Buckett are the Family of the Month for May. Their continued outstanding work and dedication to the Ribs, Chili, Cars, Brews, and Blues event made for a hugely successful fundraiser--the most profitable RCCBB event to date! Thanks and congratulations to Barry and Michele.

April 2018

John Gutierrez and Ricardo Garcia Families

The Family of the Month award for April goes to two very deserving families.
Brother John Gutierrez, his wife Suzanne, and their son and daughter helped out tremendously at Hispanic Information day and at all the fish fries. Thanks to John and his family for their continued and constant support or the Council.
Brother Ricardo Garcia, his wife Laura, and their children were instrumental in organizing and running the Hispanic Information Night and worked on multiple fish fries. Thank to Ricardo and his family for the tremendous amount of time they dedicate to serving the community and Council 4588.

March 2018

Mark Duguid and his wife Claire

The Family of the Month Award for March goes to Mark and Claire Duguid for their generous and hard-working support on the Crab Feed.

February 2018

Dan Leary and Family and Mike Taranowski and Family

The Family of the Month award for February goes to two capable Brother Knights and their families. Brothers Dan Leary and Mike Taranowski and their families greatly support the Council and participated in the Walk for Life and the Science Camp breakfast. Congratulations and thank you to Dan and Mike and their families.

January 2018

Wes and Liz Arnold and Dan Leary and Family

For January, two families in particular are being designated as Family of the Month. Wes Arnold and his wife Liz were instrumental in our Christmas Basket program, coordinating the needs of families and assigning appropriate gifts to each family member.
Brother Dan Leary and his family were eager to deliver Christmas baskets and gifts to needy families. But when gifts were stolen from their truck, Dan and his family did not hesitate. At his personal expense, Dan and his family shopped for and replaced the gifts that were stolen to ensure that the families in need still received their gifts. This story went viral locally in the media and is a wonderful example of generosity and can-do spirit of member Knights and their families.

December 2017

Irving Garcia and Family

Brother Irving Garcia is our Knight of the Month for December. Brother Garcia has been contributing to many of our events and has been bringing his Mother along and encouraging her to get involved. In addition, Irving is taking on a leadership role for our Hispanic Brother Knights. Thanks Irving for all you and your family do for the Council.

November 2017

Dave and Ann Marie Swift

Thanks and congratulations to Dave and Ann Marie Swift, our family of the month for November. Dave and his wife took the initiative to hold raffles over 2 weekends at St. Charles to raise over $900 for the Coats for Kids program.

October 2017

Adrian Padilla, Mike Taranowski, and John Gutierrez

The Family of the Month Award is shared between three wonderful families for October. Adrian Padilla, Mike Taranowski, John Gutierrez, and their wives and children put forth a tremendous effort in support of the St. Michael's Parish Festival. Thanks for your continued dedication to our Council and our Parishes!

September 2017

Wesley Arnold and Family

Congratulations to Wes and his family for being our Family of the Month for September. Wes and his family coordinated and ran multiple family events in August. Thanks to Wes and his family for their continued support of Council 4588.

August 2017

Joe Allen and Family

Congratulations and "THANK YOU" to Joe Allen and his family for their continued hard and consistent work at Knights' events. Thanks Allen family!

July 2017

Jim and Thea Shirley, Jim and Sandy Gagliardi, and Dave and Anne Marie Swift

Our Knight and their families have been doing such a great job of serving our council, as well as the community, that we awarded three families the Family of the Month award for July as follows:
- Jim and Thea Shirley
- Jim and Sandy Gagliardi
- Dave and Anne Marie Swift
For photos from the July award presentations, see the photo gallery.

June 2017

Mark and Claire Duguid

Once again, our family of the month is Mark and Claire Duguid for their excellent leadership of every event that they run together for the council. Of particular note was their excellent service in May running the Memorial Day Bombers event. Thanks to Mark and Claire!

May 2017

John and Suzanne Gutierrez

John and Suzanne Gutierrez are the Family of the Month for May. John and Suzanne have earned this recognition for their frequent involvement in many Parish and Council activities. Wherever help is needed you'll find John and Suzanne. Thank you John and Suzanne for your dedicated service over many years.

April 2017

Dave and Natasha Parks

Dave contributes his time generously and can be seen, often with his wife, volunteering at all Council 4588 functions as well as church functions. Congratulations and a heartfelt "thank you" to Dave and Natasha

March 2017

Mark and Claire Duguid

The Family of the Month Award is presented to Brother Mark Duguid and his wife Claire for their excellent efforts in helping to run yet another successful crab feed. The council is proud to honor and recognize your continued service to Council 4588.