May 2017

SK Neil and Lauren Rosenbaum

Every member of this family volunteers in multiple capacities at the council, OLMC School and OLMC Church. Neil has served as Family Director for the last couple years and coordinates many of our Family activities. Lauren works at OLMC school teaching art and regularly volunteers there as well. Both of their children are out helping the children as they arrive in the mornings at OLMC regardless of the weather. Neil is running our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch, so come out and congratulate our May Family of the Month - SK Neil and Lauren Rosenbaum.

April 2017

Brother Bernie and June Gerlach

On bingo nights or Friday evenings there are often many of our Brother Knights in the hall serving in many different ways to keep our mission of charity moving. If you come to the council home other times, you are likely to find a much smaller number. Bernie and June Gerlach can often be found in the hall early in the morning meeting maintenance people, taking table linens home and washing them for the next rental, helping to decorate or cook for an event. Their dedication to serving this Council and many other organizations is an example for us all. I am happy to name Bernie and June Gerlach our April Family of the Month.

February 2017

Brother Tony and Crystal Rivera-Silva

On January 27, 2017 marked the 44th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. This event was a powerful example of what can be done with a peaceful protest. Many young and old people marched to show that we must protect the most vulnerable of us all. A great example of this commitment to life could be seen by Brother Knight Tony Rivera-Silva, his wife Crystal, and their three children all marching together. This was certainly a long day for the little ones leaving first thing in the morning and not getting home until well after 9 PM, but they were all smiling every time I saw them that day. Please take a minute to thank Brother Tony and Crystal for their example and congratulate them as our February Family of the Month.

January 2017

Sir Knight Stephen and Donna Raschke

Steve serves both the Council and Assembly locally, but also serves the State Council of Virginia. Even though he is the Immediate Past State Deputy, he and Donna still find time to attend Council events and often can be found both before and after events helping out where ever they are needed – managing to contribute time even though he is very busy as the Faithful Navigator of Assembly 2430. Steve has been a mentor to me since I took my first degree; he traveled to Gloucester for the ceremony and welcomed me into the Order. I am pleased to name SK Stephen and Donna Raschke our January Family of the Month.

September 2016

Sir Knight Robert and Jeanette DeBartolo

The DeBartolo family is definitely a regular fixture at council events, always offering to help out in any way they can. Robbie has helped organize the family picnics with
Neil Rosenbaum, he has helped increase attendance at Adopt a Spot with the inclusion of Boy Scout Troop 27 and Cub Scout Pack 242. He is a regular volunteer at bingo as well as a bingo caller. They do all this while still raising a family of 4, both of them volunteering as Scout Leaders, Robbie and his daughter Abby support the Nocturnal Adoration Society at OLMC. I count myself lucky to have them as friends and I hope you take a moment to congratulate Robbie and Jeanette DeBartolo, our September Family of the Month

July 2016

Daniel and Deborah Richard

This last fraternal year, our family of the month has worked tirelessly on many Council events. As Program Director, I experienced first hand their assistance early and late to make sure events were the great success that they were. I would like to extend my thanks to our Immediate Past Grand Knight Dan and his wife Deborah, our July Family of the Month.

May 2016

Brother Mickey and Carol Marcella

Our Family of the Month are true characters of our Council. They can be seen on Friday nights at the lounge holding court by pulling tables together. They attend other functions with us and bring true laughter to anyone who has the chance to speak with them. This couple absolutely complement each other’s traits in all they do. In short, they are wonderful people to spend time with each time you meet them. Please help me say thank you to Mickey and Carol Marcella Jr as our Family of the Month for May.

February 2016

Brother Larry and Mary Jo O'Bryan

New Year’s Eve was a big celebration all around the world. Our Council had a large turnout for our own celebration because of many hours of preparation, and I am sure high anxiety, on the part of our sponsors. Our Family of the Month dedicated a lot of time and effort to make this event so wonderful and memorable. They have also volunteered to chair the St. Patrick’s Day celebration which will require many hours of planning and directing during the event. Please help me congratulate Larry and Mary Jo O'Bryan, Jr. as our Family of the Month.

December 2015

Brother Ted and Estelle Langevin

Our Family of the Month are well known around our Council for their contagious smiles and laughter with everything that they are involved with during the year. These two attend most all functions, both somber and joyful, with enthusiasm. Ted ran the award-winning Adopt-A-Spot program for many years and put our
Council out there in the community. Ted and Estelle are very supportive of the Fourth Degree Assembly with their many functions also. They are truly worthy of recognition both in our Council and the whole Newport News community. Please help me congratulate Ted and Estelle as our Family of the Month for December.

November 2015

Colleen Messier and Rose and Tyler Powell

They are usually seen wearing aprons hanging out in the kitchen. Every once in a while, they venture out to the main hall to receive a congratulatory applause on the meal of that event. They cover Friday nights for the Council with many, many events. You can receive a smile from them, and also how to properly run an event that is serving food. I do not know what we will do without them because of the many things they do that go unnoticed. This family is truly very good friends of mine and I hope of yours also. Please help me congratulate Colleen Messier and Rose and Tyler Powell as our Family of the Month.

October 2015

Brother Angelo and Carol Cavone

Our Family of the Month for October is a quiet couple, but they can be seen helping our Council in oh so many ways. They accepted the Family Director position and have taken it on in a full stride. The Laser Tag was a big success and they have planned many more activities for the families of our Council. When they are not chairing an event, they are volunteering their time and effort to make it a success for other Directors. They are proud of their two daughters and their son, which they should be, because of all their accomplishments. I am proud to have them as members of 5480. Please help me congratulate the Cavone family as our Family of the Month.

September 2015

Brother John & Connie Edwards

The Family of the Month are very outgoing people. They help wherever needed. John is a Bingo caller on Mondays and will sell tickets and other things on meeting nights. Connie is active with OLMC School in planning fund raisers and also a classroom mother. They both do a wonderful job every year coordinating the Run for the Heart. They put their all into our council and also into their son Joshua. The Edwards family can be seen at most events either as participants or coordinators. Please help me congratulate John, Connie and Joshua Edwards as our Family of the Month

August 2015

Brother Neil & Lauren Rosenbaum

Our Family of the Month is a quiet couple that will help whenever needed. Neil teaches Karate in Founder’s Hall every Thursday. They both are active in their church and their children’s many activities. You will see them at events with smiles, kind words and a willingness to help where needed. This year, they will be the Family Directors for the Council. May we offer them our support where needed like they offer their support to all of us. Please help me congratulate The Rosenbaum family, Neil, Lauren and children, as our Family of the Month.

July 2015

Gabe & Christine Franco

Brother Gabe and Christina Franco

Our Family of the Month is very active in their church. Gabe is a Lecturer on Saturday nights and Christina is there with him. Christina also helps at the church and did a wonderful job speaking native tongue during Pentecost. They are both very active in our council, and you can catch them at the council on any Tuesday night. Both are active in the Fourth Degree ceremonies and meeting nights. This past month, they scheduled, set up and hosted two major events, the Appreciation Dinner and also the Asian-American Dinner. Gabe can be reached for guidance from any Brother Knight with his general knowledge about most anything associated with our council. Together, they are most charming to be around and can put a smile on any face quickly. Please help me congratulate Brother/Sir Gabe Franco and his bride Christina as our Family of the Month.

June 2015

Brother Bill and Helen Allen

Brother Bill and Helen Allen

I am proud to name Brother Bill and Helen Allen as June’s Family of the Month. Both are very active members of the St. Jerome Parish. Brother Allen is the Lector Coordinator for the parish, he assists in the preparation for daily mass, he is a Eucharistic Minister, a lector, a bingo caller, and referees for local high school football and basketball games. Brother Bill also assists the pastor during funeral masses. Helen is also very active in many aspects of the church. She assists her husband in the daily preparation for mass. She is also quite involved with refugees who come to the area and she, among other things, teaches them English as a second language. She also assists during the Early Sunday mass, bringing the gifts to the altar. Congratulations to Brother Bill and Helen for a job well done!

May 2015

Brother Harold and Linda Hairston

I am proud to name Brother Harold and Linda Hairston as May’s Family of the Month. Both are very active members of the St. Jerome Parish. Brother Harold is a Lector and a member of the 12 pm church choir. He is also one of the Cantors. Brother Harold also volunteers for bingo and is in charge of the 4th degree program. Brother Harold is also the Membership Director for District 5, as well as the Faithful Navigator for Father Bader Assembly 2430. Linda is also a Lector at St. Jerome. She is also the Secretary of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA) #2260. She was instrumental in the success of the CDA Annual Convention recently held in Newport News. Linda also prays the rosary on a monthly basis with residents of the St. Francis Nursing Home in Newport News. She is also the Education Chairperson for the Circle of Love program of the CDA. Congratulations Brother Harold and Linda for a job well done!

April 2015

Brother Michael and Eddy Creamer

I am proud to name Brother Michael and Eddy Creamer as April’s Family of the Month. Both Michael and Eddy are active members of the St. Jerome Parish. Eddy is involved in a variety of parish activities. She is a lector and a Eucharistic Minister for the homebound. She also assists in different parish activities when the needs arise. Michael is an ardent supporter of bingo operations, ensuring all the instant cards that are sold during bingo
nights are accurately counted and accounted for. He is also involved with council degree ceremonies and the Peninsula Agency for the Aging. Both are also active participants in Council events. Congratulations Michael and Eddy for a job well done!

March 2015

Brother John and Connie Edwards

I am proud to name Brother John and Connie Edwards as March’s Family of the Month. John and Connie are both active members of the St. Jerome Parish. John is a lector and a member of the parish’s pastoral council. Connie is very involved with the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, usually chairing or co-chairing charitable events for the school. Both also volunteer in many youth and family activities and both, with their son Josh, attend most council events. John is also a Bingo caller for the Council’s bingo operations, President of the Society of Mechanical Engineer, spearheads the annual Run for the Heart, the council’s webmaster, and is the Council’s Sweepstakes coordinator/seller for the State’s Football/Basketball Frenzy . Congratulations John and Connie for a job well done!

February 2015

Brother Carroll and Fernanda Kelley

I am proud to name Brother Carroll and Fernanda Kelley as February’s Family of the Month. Carroll and Fernanda are both active members of the St. Jerome Parish. Brother Carroll is an usher, a Council Liaison to the parish, and a Fellowship committee member. Fernanda is also a member of the Fellowship committee and the Justice and Peace Committee. Both also coordinates and organizes the Knights of Columbus Soup Supper during Lent. Brother Carroll was also instrumental in the success of the March for Life bus trip to Washington DC. Carroll is also the Color Corps Commander for the Assembly. Both of them are also ardent volunteers for many council activities, whether it’s decorating the hall or setting up for an event. You can always count on both of them. Congratulations Carroll and Fernanda for a job well done!

January 2015

Brother Tony and Terri Merendino

I am proud to name Tony and Terri Merendino as January’s Family of the Month. Both Tony and Terri are active members of the St. Jerome Parish. Tony is a lector and Terri is a Eucharistic Minister. Terri also coordinates trips for council members and their spouses to go on trips to watch plays around Virginia. Tony
is also an ardent supporter of bingo on Mondays and Thursdays, ensuring personal checks are scrutinized before approval. Tony also on occasion, serves as a DJ on some council activities. Congratulations Tony and Terri for a job well done!

December 2014

Brother Mickey and Carol Marcella

I am proud to name Mickey and Carol Marcella
as December’s Family of the Month. Both
Mickey and Carol are active members of the St.
Jerome Parish. They both are members of the fellowship
committee that is in charge of many church activities to
include, Appreciation Dinner, Harvest Dinner, picnics, and
youth events. They are also one of the lead crews for church
cleaning that is accomplished every Saturday. Both Mickey
and Carol actively attend council events and provide
refreshments at some of these functions. Both are also
ardent supporters of the local Boys and Girls Club. He
serves as one of the members of the Board of Directors.
Congratulations Mickey and Carol for a job well done!

November 2014

Brother Vahwere and Muhimwali Kavota

am proud to name Brothers Vahwere and Muhimwali Kavota as November’s Family of the month. These brothers have done marvelous things for the council. They are both very involved with youth activities, to include Laser Tag party, Halloween Party, and the upcoming Youth Christmas Party. Both are also very active members of the Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton VA, acting as ushers and greeters. Both are always there to assist in any way they can, whether it is volunteering for bingo or adopt-a-spot. Congratulations, Vahwere and Muhimwali for a job well done!

September 2014

Brother Jim and Karen Kazmer

I am proud to name Brother Jim Kazmer and his wife Karen as September’s Family of the Month. Jim and Karen are both active members of St. Jerome Parish. Their two sons, Richard and Steven, are
both Knights of Columbus members. The entire family is always there to assist in every possible way when it comes to council activities, such as family picnics and youth activities, to include the Altar Server Appreciation Day. Jim also assists in projects in the council building, from setting up the public address system, to rewiring the video system
for the council lounge, while Karen prepares food and refreshment for the volunteers. Congratulations, Jim and Karen for a job well done!

August 2014

Brother Randall and Lien Crum

Brother Randall and Lien Crum

I am proud to name Brother Randall and Lien Crum as August’s Family of the Month. Randall and Lien are both active members of St. Jerome Parish and they lead the praying of the Rosary every Saturday preceding the 5 PM mass. Randall joined the knights early this year and he just went full throttle with getting involved and committed to some of the council’s events. Randall and Lien were there to assist in decorating the hall for the Appreciation Dinner. Lien is active in many activities at St. Jerome Church. Randall has participated as well with the Adopt-a-Spot program. Randall created a Rosary binder for the council to ensure whoever says the rosary will have a step-by-step process for leading the rosary. Randall has also volunteered to be on the Recruitment committee. Congratulations, Randall and Lien Crum for a job well done!

July 2014

Frank and Jean Faye Dougherty

Brother Frank and Jean Faye Dougherty
I am proud to name Brother Frank and Jean Faye Dougherty as July’s Family of the Month. Frank and Jean Faye have been quite involved with several council events, most notably the Peninsula Agency for the Aging (PAA) packing of dry goods and the Council-sponsored blood drives. Frank and Jean Faye have always been in the fore-front in organizing the PAA’s 2-day event. Frank and Jean Faye have also worked diligently together to advertise the blood drives sponsored by the council and work the blood drives themselves, together with a number of brother knight volunteers. Both events have always been highly successful. Frank and Jean Faye are both active members of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Congratulations, Frank and Jean Faye for a job well done!

June 2014

Chaplain Rev. Carlos Lerma and Faithful Friar Rev. Henry Diesta.

Congratulations to “Our Fathers” in Newport News, Worthy Chaplain Rev. Carlos Lerma and Faithful Friar Henry Diesta.

When Reverend Father Carlos H. Lerma was in his early 20s and looking for direction in his life, he went to his parish priest for guidance. At the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church he began helping minister to the poor in his small hometown of Buga, Colombia. After a year, he sensed that this was the life to which he was called. With the help of his pastor, Fr. Carlos immediately set in motion a path to the priesthood. It would take him 12 years to get there.
Today Father Carlos is the Parochial Vicar at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. He is fluent in Spanish and English and serves as Chaplain of both Council 5480 and Council 11817. Father Carlos is a regular at council functions and will always remain behind to hear a confession. We are blessed to have Father Carlos.
Reverend Father Henry Diesta, a priest of the Diocese of Sorsogon in the Philippines, was appointed Pastor of St. Jerome Church in Newport News in 2009. Father Henry was well received into the large Newport News Filipino community and quickly adopted Council 5480 as his brothers. Father Henry spent his entire five years ministering to the Sir Knights of the Rev. Michael Bader Assembly as the Faithful Friar. Father Henry will be returning to his home Diocese this summer. We will miss you.

May 2014

Connie & John Edwards and son Josh

The Edwards Family
Congratulations to Connie, John and son Josh as our April Family of the Month. The Edwards family is present at many of our council events and activities. You see them working hard planning, preparing, executing and cleaning up from events in the council that they chair. Connie & John are stalwart volunteers at our Family activities and provide mentorship to our new brothers. John is a lector at St. Jerome and an active member of the Assembly Color Corp. He is at most Bingo sessionswhen not working and ensures that our council’s website and email page is maintained. He coordinates the distribution of the electronic and print edition of the Knightly News. Most recently the entire family was present as John chaired the annual “Run for the Heart” to benefit the American Heart Association. Together with their son, they are always available to help and assist. The Edwards are parishioners of St. Jerome.

April 2014

Gemma and David Kerstetter

Family of the Month - APRIL

Congratulations to Gemma and David Kerstetter as our April Family of the Month. You will always find them assisting at Fellowship and Youth activities at St. Jerome and the Knights of Columbus. They are actively involved in the Adult Bible Study group and liturgy. David joined the council last June, and obtained his 4th degree in October. He immediately took an active part in the council. He is spearheading our Student Outreach programs at Peninsula Catholic and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School and our local parishes. Gemma has been involved in a variety of ministries, served on the Parish Pastoral Council and is a member of the Catholic Daughters of America. Gemma and David have several children and grandchildren. The Kerstetter’s are members of St. Jerome.

March 2014

Karen & Jim Kazmer

Family of the Month - MARCH

Congratulations to Karen & Jim Kazmer as our March Family of the Month. You will always find them assisting at our Family and Youth activities. This past few weeks Karen and Jim were of great assistance at the “Fathers/daughter & Mothers/sons Gala” and the “Sweethearts & Sweeties” Valentines party to our Youth and Family Directors. It is always comforting to have the Kazmer’s at your side. The Kazmer’s have 4 kids: Christina, Steven, Sara, and Richard whom have all served as either as Altar Servers in the Youth Choir. Steven obtained his 4th Degree in October and was Knighted by his father , Jim. The Kazmer’s are members of St. Jerome parish.

February 2014

Walt & Debbie Troyan

Family of the Month - February

Congratulations to Walt & Debbie Troyan. You will always find them able and willing to help whether it be conducting the 50-50 raffle, helping with Youth activities and when called upon. Walt has served at council meeting as a stand-in guard. Debbie is an active member of Catholic Daughters of America. They attend St. Jerome, where they are involved in the liturgical ministry.
All I basically know is that they attend St J, he works at Suttle Oldsmobile, she at Cho's Cleaners, they have adult children (not exactly sure of how many), he is always willing to help in 50/50, stand-in for guards at meetings, she is a

January 2014

Faye and Frank Dougherty

Family of the Month - JANUARY

Congratulations to Faye and Frank Dougherty as our Family of the Month. Faye and Frank are stalwarts of Community Service. They are the catalyst of the council involvement with the Peninsula Agency of Aging “Meals on Wheels” and the American Red Cross “Blood Drive”. At Our Lady of Mount Carmel they participate on the Liturgical Ministry team as greeters at the 8AM Mass. Faye is a member of the Ladies of Carmel, Frank participants in the Men’s Prayer Breakfast Group and together they are active Nocturnal Adorers and members of Act II, mature adults group.

December 2013

Carol & George Koch

Family of the Month - DECEMBER

Congratulations to Carol & George Koch and their daughter Samantha as our Family of the Month. They are members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. George returned to our council and most recently obtained his 2nd and 3rd degree ascending to Full Knighthood. The Koch’s immersed themselves in our family activities, including the Summer Family picnic series, “Cars and Stars” and most recently “Italian Family Knight”. You will find them helping with
set-up, cooking, and of course pouring a cold one. The family is involved with the OLMC youth group and OLMC School where Samantha is a student. the

November 2013

Sandra, Kelwyn D’Souza and son Mark

Family of the Month -NOVEMBER Congratulations to Sandra, Kelwyn D’Souza and son Mark as our Family of the Month. They are members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Kelwyn is our Youth Director and as a team they exemplify “Young at Heart”. You will see Kelwyn and Mark at many of the council activities. In July the D’Souza’s took pictures at the Installation ceremony. Sandra is a member of the Catholic Daughters of America and The Ladies of Carmel. The The D’Souza trio formed the core of the Youth committee who most recently organized the 3rd Annual Laser Tag and the Youth Halloween Party.

October 2013

Colleen Messier, her daughter Rose and son-in-law Tyler Powell

The Messier Family
Congratulations to Colleen Messier, her daughter Rose and son-in-law Tyler Powell as our Family of the Month. They are members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Legacy of Ronnie continues. As Grand Knight I received raves on the Installation dinner and the PGK/PFN dinner. What a godsend for Mary and me. Colleen also serves as our Kitchen Manager and does a superb job for the 5480 Club Activities. In addition to a hectic schedule, they still find time to support both OLMC and PCHS

September 2013

Shannon and Tom Clark

Family of the Month - September Congratulations to Shannon and Tom Clark and kids as our Family of the Month. They are members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Tom is a recent convert to our faith and started attending activities before Easter. He wasted no time and joined the order shortly afterwards. Tom and his family have set the bar for us with their Charity and Service. His family regularly works BINGO, Adopt-A-Spot and put us over the top at our recent BLOOD DRIVE. Tom and his family are active at OLMC in the Adult Choir, the Youth Choir, as a proclaimer and as Nocturnal Adorers. You will find Tom, Shannon and family, Sarah - 19 a rising sophmore at Liberty University, Leah – 16, Maria – 14, Ella – 10, Tommy – 9, Jack – 5, Charlie - 4 and Sophia - 2 at many of the council activities.

August 2013

June and Bernie Gerlach

Family of the Month - August Congratulations to June and Bernie Gerlach of St. Jerome as our Family of the Month. They are at the forefront of our Council and Assembly activities. If you think you are hearing the jingling of Santa Claus’s bells, it is probably the sound of Bernie’s keys. Together with the help of fellow Knights, they prepare food for picnics, dinners and host receptions. Most recently at the Independence Day Flag Raising they led the Kitchen Team to serve a full breakfast to dignitaries and participants and it was June’s birthday. They have never turned down a request for assistance. Bernie has served as Part President of the 5480 Club, Former District Deputy, Past Grand Knight, Past Faithful Navigator and in retirement he is our Facilities Rental Manager. We owe a debt of gratitude to June & Bernie. Thank you.

July 2013

Jeanette & Robbie DeBartolo & family

Family of the Month - July Congratulations to Jeanette & Robbie DeBartolo & family of Our Lady Mount Carmel. As our Family Life Activities Couple they exemplify ambition and dedication spearheading our summer series of picnics. They are active members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish and school. Robbie is our newly elected Inside Guard and received his fourth degree this spring.