April 2018

Norman Endlich

In recognition of Norman's efforts throughout the fraternal year as the Council Treasurer and at fundraising efforts support the Clover Credit Card Merchant.

March 2018

Dino Scaletti

For his constant support with 50/50 raffles during the Lent Fish Fries and in recognition of his Lifetime Membership.

February 2018

Joe Kowal

Joe is the driving force behind the Parish's ability to hold Community Weekends once a month. He helps with setup, cleanup and restocking of food and drink items between masses.

January 2018

Glenn Wienhoff

Glenn is a constant champion for the Culture of Life and this month we recognize his efforts in this year's successful Baby Bottle campaign.

December 2017

Matt Lenz

In recognition of Matt's efforts as Council Warden, organization of a very successful Breakfast with St. Nick, and continuing in learning the Warden role as part of the Admissions Degree Team.

November 2017

Bill Kaloss

Bill continues to have his fingerprints on nearly every council event and activity. From his ongoing support of 40 Days for Life, monthly Lecturer sessions at the business meetings, support with the Tootsie Roll Program, and serving as a solid leader by example.

October 2017

Bill Cooney

Bill's coordination with the renovation efforts at Dick Tymoch's house, along with his efforts throughout the church deserve a ton of thanks and recognition. Over 100 hours of service by over 20 knights were put in to clean up and provide some renovation at Dick Tymoch's house.

September 2017

Paul Norris

Paul could be nominated almost every month of the year, but a special recognition for selling out at our first chicken dinners of the fraternal year. He has been the lifeblood of our fundraising events which has allowed us to provide the financial support we do to the Parish and community.

August 2017

Don Smith

Don really stepped things up in August between taking over as Community Program Chair, successfully leading a SWAT road clean up, and providing MASSIVE support with the Parish Picnic between setup, grilling, and cleanup.

July 2017

Charlie Wright

In recognition for his service to those in sick and distress, providing valuable service through visitations to hospitals and home bound.

June 2017

David Weaver

In recognition of stepping up just months into his first year as a knight into the Worthy Recorder position.

August 2016

Chris Urban