June 2018

William Taylor

Worthy William Taylor is our Council Warden and Youth Activities Director. Year after year he performs his task without a doubt with excellence. He serves has an Usher for our Parish Saint Andrews the Apostle. Our council thanks Mr. Taylor because he leads our youth to participate every year in Soccer shoot out Challenge and the Basketball Free Throw. Due to his motivation we have seen a growing representation of girls and boys during those championships period locally and statewide.

May 2018

Stuart Bond

Worthy Deacon S Michael Bond is our Monsignor Thomas Wells Council #13008 Associate Chaplain and Council Culture of Life Director. He encourages membership growth by his ongoing recruitment of new members. He helps to retain members by developing and maintaining an excellent rapport with all our members. He serves as a Stephen Ministry leader, advisor for One–In-Christ disabilities ministry, and SAA parish advocate for Maryland Catholic Conference. He administers communion for residents at Inwood House as well as other parishioners in the parish. He presides at funeral service interments as needed. Our Council appreciates wholeheartedly the full support that our Associate Chaplain provides us.

April 2018

Allen Dunlow

Worthy Allen Dunlow has always find time to volunteer with his family in Habitat for Humanity in our community, our family monthly breakfast, and various activities since I met him. He is a generous and caring husband who attends church regularly with his wife who encourages and supports his participation. His wife’s patience is without questions visible and well appreciated by all.

March 2018

David Czarnecki

Worthy David Czarnecki is a fervent Catholic and a very well recognized leader of our Council. He encourages membership growth and emphasizes the importance of developing a more solid program in welcoming new members and methods of retaining members and we need faithful Catholic gentlemen like him who cares and shows at every meeting, church, social, council and family activities the importance and need for a fraternal organization like the Knight of Columbus founded by our Venerable Father McGivney. Since I have known him he always stands out with integrity. His friendly personality in all he does for our council, although he is not a parishioner of the Saint Andrew Apostle Parish I pray that he continues to participate with our Council.

February 2018

Craig Jones

Worthy Craig Jones became a new Knight this past year. He is a generous and a very responsible mature individual. He attends all our meetings and volunteers to assist our membership director in degree formation, recruitment and retention of members. Our council received his full participation in our tootsie roll drive at Shoppers Food Warehouse as well at our Parish and supported all our efforts in all our council activities as well as Keep Christ in Christmas and church activities. Worthy Craig is welcomed to our council with open arms.

January 2018

Evaristus Ojiaku

Worthy Evaristus Ojiaku member of our Parish for more than two years, is a Sir Knight and Chancellor of Monsignor Wells Council 13008 this fraternal year. He chaired the Raffle tickets drive this year and always participates in our community activities especially our tootsie roll drives to help the mentally challenged. He and his Family assist in serving, set up or cleanup every month on our council pancake breakfast. He assisted at this year’s at our Soccer shoot out Challenge. His contribution to our community, at a moment notice, although his wife and daughter need medical attention and prayers does not stop him to do a good deed daily.

December 2017

Mathias Otradovec

Worthy Mathias Otradovec continues to play an effective role in
our council. His committed participation in our tootsie roll
drive at Shoppers contributed to a more successful outcome.
Because of his efforts, our hours where more efficiently spent
than any of our drives this year. Worthy Matthias, we
recognized and appreciate your team work and the
responsibilities you are always willing to undertake.

November 2017

Nick Dhanaraj

Worthy Nick Dhanaraj has been an usher at our Parish, a Knight of Columbus member almost as long as I have known him. Year after year, Nick and his wife always participate in our community activities, especially the tootsie roll drive, to help the mentally challenged. Nick and his family regularly attend Sunday Masses, other church, cultural and community activities. He is always present at our Soccer shoot out Challenge. By his exemplary behavior, he continues to motivate us to stay steady, be charitable and be fraternal as members of the Knight of Columbus.*

October 2017

Marvin Schuttloffel

With his leadership and team building, Worthy Marvin Schuttloffel, PGK, PFN provides direction for our council, our parish community and other Councils, in achieving the goal to be the best charitable organizations. Activities that he chaired; Small Item Exchange, Coats for Kids, and Christmas projects continue to bring outstanding rewards for Project Gabriel, the community, parish, and Council funds. In the last 3 years more than $26K has been donated to Project Gabriel. As past Council GK, Advocate and Trustee, Worthy Marvin continues to be a huge resource to the success of our Council.

September 2017

Emmanuel Tucker

Worthy Emmanuel Tucker one of our newest members became a Sir Knight this year. He participated in a number of activities and is well known for preparing and serving our council monthly breakfast after Sunday morning masses. This year he co-chaired our raffle tickets annual fundraiser. He motivates and cheers our parishioners as well as our brother knights simply by his presence during any of our activities.

August 2017

Manoj Thomas Panikkaveetil

Recognized for wanting and being willing to participate at a moments notice in our council activities. His presence is mostly observed at our tootsie Roll Drive, our monthly Family breakfast and our social meetings.

July 2017

David Czarnecki

David Czarnecki, PGK is being recognized for his outstanding leadership as Transition Director and the Installation Master of Ceremonies this fraternal year. Dave has served for many years in our council as GK, Trustee, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor. His ability and his human engineering skills are an asset for our council and we appreciate his focus toward excellence

November 2016

David Luksic

David experienced some of the saddest days anybody can experience with the loss of his father during the month of November. Yet, in spite of all the trials he continued with his commitments with Christmas card sales, the Parish Thanksgiving dinner, supporting the Mustard Seed fund raising campaign through the sales of hand bags and purses and finally the Boys Scouts of America. It is a testament to his character as a man true to his word. God bless you David and your family.

September 2016

Wilfrid Amisial

Wilfrid joined Msgr. Wells Council last year and has been a steady and reliable volunteer on council activities. His organizational skills as a Chair of various activities and his willingness to step up to those roles have proven to be most valuable to the council. It is hereby the wish of the Council by unanimous vote to recognize him as the Knight of the month for September.

August 2016

Mathias Otradovec

Mathias joined the council this past April and has been a stalwart volunteer in many of the council's activities. His efforts are exemplary and we are thankful of Mathias.

July 2016

David Czarnecki

As the Past Grand Knight 2015-2016 (for the 2nd time) of the Council, Worthy David Czarnecki lead the Council with much energy never missing a Council meeting and always engaged in Council activities. His management of Council business and budget is a model that I'll aspire to emulate.

June 2016

Deacon Michael Bond

Deacon Michel S. Bond. Deacon Mike is present at almost every Council event often splitting his time between Deacon duties and Council volunteer commitments. Just in the past month he managed to participate in the Corpus Christi Procession, the Altar Server baseball game bus trip and is currently making preparations for the Altar Server / Lector Youth Swim party on June 23. An avid recruiter for the Knights Deacon Mike has demonstrated himself as a major contributor to the Council.

May 2016

David Flagg

For the last two years Dave has meticulously been recording the meeting minutes of every business meeting. His thoroughness and consistency have proven valuable in recording Council history. Dave is also one of those quiet contributors who is always there to support Council programs and contributes to our success without fanfare.

April 2016

Christopher Campagna.

Since the inception of the Parish Breakfasts, Chris has been a consistent behind the scenes volunteer. As the main pancake chef our pancakes have been legendary. Chris also supplies the kitchen music and is a music/band teacher at Lee Middle School.

March 2016

Dennis Gorres

Not only is a Dennis a strong leader within the Council with duties as DKG and Activities Chairman but Dennis is a vital supporter of the Parish community as a member of the Parish council and very active participant of the Jamaican Mustard Seed Communities Parish Mission. as well as supporter of Centro Tepeyac.

February 2016

Chris Farrell

Chris’s contribution to Council and community can be seen by driving Arcola Rd between Georgia Ave and Kemp Mill Rd. Chris has been responsible for the collection and removal of enough litter to fill dozens of 45 gallon trash bags. Chris also continues to support a number of our youth activities.

January 2016

Rolando DeAlvarez

Chancellor and Webmaster Rolando DeAlvarez. Rolando has been one of those behind the scene resources that keep the Council running smoothly. Along with his duties as Council Chancellor, Rolando has been responsible for the actual implementation of the new Council website implemented in the past year as well as its ongoing maintenance.

December 2015

Wilfrid Amisial.

This is the second time this fraternal year that Wilfrid has earned the distinction of Knight of the Month. His service to the Council has been noted from everyone from our Worthy Chaplain Father Dan to members in the community. In the last month Wilfrid has volunteered as our Christmas Card Chairman, assist in the Newsletter, staffed the Membership Blitz table, and toke the initiative to lead a group of fellow brothers to a 3rd degree in November. Thank you again Wilfrid.

November 2015

William Bolin

Brother William Bolin, PGK can be found at just about all Council activities whether leading, assisting or participating. As a founding member Bill has been instrumental in the forming and developing of our council. His continued leadership as the Council Family Activities Director has resulted in a number of successful Council events including the popular monthly Parish Breakfast and the coming Council Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

October 2015

Wilfrid Amisial

Congratulations and deep appreciation to our Tootsie Roll Chairman Wilfrid Amisial. Wilfrid as one of our contributing Knights who has been lurking in the background. Since the summers Altar Server/Lector Swim party there hasn’t been an event that hasn’t been impacted by Wilfrid. He has come forward to lead the Tootsie Roll campaign, bringing out volunteers whom we haven’t seen for a while, Volunteered to co-Chair the Keep Christ in Christmas Cards effort and has recruited two excellent candidates for Knights membership.

September 2015

Marvin Schuttloffel

Our own Worthy Advocate Sir Marvin Schuttloffel, PGK was recently installed as Faithful Navigator for the Cardinal Patrick A. O’Boyle Assembly. As the Council’s Community Activity Director, Marvin has responsibility for organizing the logistics of a number of Council Community events including the ongoing Household Items Sale, the August Car Raffle Sales and the upcoming Tootsie Roll campaign in September. Marvin’s efforts have made it possible the Council to donate more than $8,000 to Project Gabriel last fraternal year.*

August 2015

John O’Donnell

In recognition of his on-going contributions especially for the excellent dinner preparations made for the August 1 Installation of Officers, Trustee John O’Donnell, PGK is our August Knight of the Month. Whether John is outfitted with a pot and ladle or a hammer and screw driver, Brother John never misses an opportunity to identify and satisfy a need of the Council or Parish.*

July 2015

Tom Beck

Congratulations and thanks to Tom for his service as our Grand Knight over the last fraternal year. Under his leadership during the past year, our Council has provided programs, events, and service to the Church, Families and Community of the St. Andrew Apostle parish as well provided the stewardship to continue the health of the council.*