January 2018

Phil Atzert

While sifting through the long list of worthy candidates in the making for Knight of the Month recognition, it can be easy to overlook the obvious candidate. The guy who you see at the Council at various times on various days. No consistent schedule of appearances and yet always just around the corner. Someone who show up for the majority of the Friday Rosaries and for the family meals afterward.

This Knight can be consistently found working hard to keep our Hall’s public presence as clean as possible. Whether picking up trash outdoors, raking leaves, shoveling snow, he does everything in his power to help the building stay clean and presentable. Someone who toils away on behalf of the Council and his Brother Knights, asking for no compensation or accolades, satisfied in doing his part to make the Council shine.

Please congratulate Phil Atzert as our January Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Phil, we appreciate you!

December 2017

Brian McCaw

The Knight of The Month is someone that maintains a consistent presence at the Council. Be it a sports night, a Friday family night or another volunteer function, this guy is there. Yet what most don’t know about this Knight is the role he plays in keeping our Council in touch with member-ship and with the rest of the world. This person finds the time between work and youth coaching to assist with ensuring our internet is up to date and properly functioning. He frequently will squeeze in requests for the installation of television monitors during his regular workday and is consistently ready, willing and able to pitch in behind the bar or in the kitchen. This Knight never complains, is always upbeat and chip-per, and delivers as promised. Please congratulate Brian McCaw as our December Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Brian!

November 2017

Ed Jordan

While there are consistently a long list of worthy candidates-in-the-making for Knight of the Month recognition, there are a few that fly beneath the
radar. As I mentioned last month, I’ve come to understand a little-known secret: the Knight of The Month isn’t necessarily the one you see at all the functions. Many of you might not even know this Knight’s role within the Council. He’s someone that willingly accepted a huge challenge and a huge role within the Council. He works long days into the night on many occasions, giving far more of his time as he toils unseen. He pours over reports, invoices, checkbooks and scribbled notes, all in an effort to keep Clubhouse books as accurate and thoroughly detailed as possible. What may seem to be a straightforward task is quite the opposite, yet this gentleman never complains, and always delivers as promised. Please congratulate Ed Jordan as our November Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Ed!

October 2017

Danny Bongero

As I spend more time at the Council, I’ve come to understand a little-known secret: the Knight of the Month isn’t necessarily the one you see at all the functions (and
by all, see my column as a frame of reference). You’ll hear his name mentioned far more times than you’ll see his face. You’ll have benefited in some form or fashion as a result of his quiet, unseen hard work behind the scenes. And it’s exactly this kind of unselfish giving of time and energy that goes into the making
of a Knight of the Month. While there are many candidates in the making within our ranks, this month’s recipient is a star in everyone’s book. From the many, many meals he makes for Council functions to the sangrias he concocts when bar tending,
Danny Bongero is a crowd pleaser! Please congratulate Danny
when (or should I say - if) you see him next.

September 2017

Rick Horner

There walks amongst us a silent sentinel of his family legacy. A guy who draws no attention to himself, yet makes you feel instantly welcome when he sees you. A
brother Knight who always answers the call for volunteers. A son who honors his father and brothers by being the living example of their selfless devotion to their Rosensteel family. Someone who can effortlessly pull together the menu, the volunteers and the equipment necessary to host an outdoor gathering for your family and 130+/- of your closest friends. You’re thinking of a Horner, and this Horner is the one and only Rick Horner. Please join me in recognizing Rick’s familial homage and excellent leadership yet again in captaining the kitchen crew. The Baron is beaming down upon you, Brother.

August 2017

Tim Lynagh

At times the Knights’ Room can be a raucous reflection of our membership, with animated banter about sports, politics and life in general. It’s always interesting to make a step back and watch the scene unfold; the ebb and flow of discourse between those engaged, the volume swinging high and low as points are made and rebutted. And through it all there’s always a soul or two amidst the crowd that participates merely by taking in the banter and smiling at the spirited back-and-forth.

Our Knight of the Month is just that kind of guy. He is a man who prefers to contribute to the soul of our Council through his volunteer efforts. You seldom hear his voice raised in banter, but you always see him when the call for volunteers goes out. Veterans’ cook-out? Check. Prepping meals for Catholic Chari-ties? Check. Helping out in the kitchen? Check. Bartending? Check. The list of his volunteer contributions is endless and for his quiet yet extremely visible contributions, I raise a toast to Tim Lynagh as an exemplary Knight of the Month.

July 2017

Terrence Moore PKG

Let’s see...how does one earn this accolade? Oh yeah, I remember now: the recipe calls for dedication to the Council, a hand that consistently goes up when the call for volunteers goes out, a man that is the backbone of the Council, a pillar of faith and is on speed dial for everyone who knows him. Someone who considers the Council a second home, so much so that his family is always by his side, whether building a chair, decorating for events, or cooking practically every Bingo meal over the last (I can’t count that high) months.

Please congratulate PGK Terrence Moore as he gives up his prime parking spot and moves three spaces down. He’s earned more than just this recognition and this is the very least I could do to show him our appreciation.

June 2017

Geoff Conway

I am pretty sure this is the longest span of time that this member has not received Knight of the Month. I will take responsibility for him not receiving this title for the last 18 months. Was this because he was not worthy? Of course not, he has been in consideration ever since I have been making this choice. We are friends. There, I said it.

This makes him no less deserving. Nearly every time I am in the kitchen he is either right there next to me or he just finished asking me if I needed assistance. Even he doesn’t know how many kitchen crews he is on. He has never sat in the chairs nor do I expect he ever will, but he has bent many a Grand Knight’s ear. He is present and supportive of most every Council function and program.

Please join me in thanking Brother Geoff Conway for his service and support to

Family of the Month - This choice may not fit within everyone’s

May 2017

Paul Girolami

This Knight took his first degree in January 1980. He is a PGK and has served as a trustee and newsletter editor years ago. He is an officer of the Clubhouse Association, leads a kitchen crew, and helps with numerous events and projects throughout the year. He has acted as a mentor for all the current officers and as such keeps us all on our toes. All of this and he is ready to give it another go, as your (Council willing) 97th Warden. I would have to run this by the historians, but I am pretty sure this might be a first and “firsts” come few and far between here at Rosensteel.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating PGK Paul Girolami
as May’s Knight of the Month.

April 2017

Frank Zarrelli

This month’s Knight of the Month took his First Degree in 1989. He is presently our Building Association president. He is currently implementing the largest Council renovation project in the last 50 years. He has procured bids, managed, presented proposals, kept the books, maintained within budget and actually performed hands on renovations for this huge project. All of this while communicating the process to Council Officers and Membership, and working with Clubhouse to minimize the effect on bookings. The results are OUTSTANDING! And he is not done yet. I can’t wait to see the new Columbian Room bar and stage. Carpeting is on its way, as are updated electrical switches and outlets, improved handicap access and much more.

Please join me in thanking Frank Zarrelli on his tireless efforts and commitment to this renovation project.

March 2017

Dave Donnelly

This Knight has been a
member since 2002 and obtained his Third Degree
in 2004. He works on the Breakfast Crew and a
Kitchen Crew, is a regular bartender, plays on the
softball team and is a director on the Building Association.
Most recently, he ran the Super Bowl Party,
which was another overwhelming success. I am
pretty sure he didn’t get to see much of the game as
he was constantly shuffling food back and forth. He
can be seen most Friday nights with his family and
rarely misses a Council event. We could use more
39-year-old members like him.

March 2016

Stan McLeod

This month’s Knight of the Month could
easily be every month’s Knight of the Month.
One can find him at the council nearly every
day and while you may find him sipping
on an adult beverage many of those times
there is something many don’t see.
He heads a Kitchen Crew, he is on the
breakfast team, he is the treasurer of the
Clubhouse Committee and he has run the Super
Bowl pool for many years. He helps
manage the kitchen by monitoring inventory
and expenditures.
To this day Grand Knights have always relied
on him to do whatever was asked of him,
except when asked not to park in their parking
Therefore, please congratulate and thank
Brother Stan McLeod and remind him his
space is two spaces down from the Grand
Knight’s, at least for March.

February 2016

Frank Cavaliere

It is rare that you see a PGK under this title except in
July when his term is up. Is this due to the lack of effort
and commitment once they leave office? I think not!
Rosensteel is fortunate to have dozens of very active
and committed PGKs. Many had terms that were filled
with conflicts and huge challenges, yet they stay committed
and involved. Many assist the current chairs and
all are eager to jump in when needed.
February’s Knight of the Month fits that description.
He continues to build the ties between his parish and
our Council. He leads the charitable efforts with Cup of
Joe and Catholic Charities. He is a huge part of the production
and distribution of the Knight Life. He assists
the current chairs on a day to day basis. He is a Trustee
and delegate to the Convention. His most important
undertaking has been to improve the current tap beer
selection; just kidding but he does take this seriously.
If you don’t know who I am talking about yet, you
might want to up your level of partition and involvement.
Please join us in thanking and congratulating
PGK Frank Cavaliere as February’s Knight of the

February 2014

Robert Seubert, P.G.K.