July 2017

Paul Rapposelli

After 14 years our Worthy Treasurer has passed on the calculator and checkbook. Paul has been a fixture in our Council dealing with financial matters for a long list of Grand Knights and has made their job much easier with his attention to detail and constant availability. For years, Paul has also served the designated Council "Christmas card salesman" and Keep Christ in Christmas representative at Parish bazaars. For these and his many other contributions leads us to name him Knight of the Month.

June 2017

William Moschelle

As the person in charge of the Holy Rosary Carnival, Bill works tirelessly to make this event both a fun filled time and a financial success for the Parish. Despite the pressure of this event, Bill is always pleasant, helpful, and embodies all the qualities that a Knight of Columbus should exhibit.

April 2017

Dave Stepnowski

Dave once again without being requested jumped in and filled a need by washing the dishes, pots and pans, and helped clean up the kitchen following our annual St. Pat's Party. As we all know this is a thankless task that people often fail to recognize but our Council did notice and we wnat to make to thank Dave.

February 2017

Daniel Goodine

Recognizing that Dan volunteers to help at almost every Christopher Council event and is always there to help that Council in any way possible, he has exceeded our expectations this month. Dan had proposed that the Council sell soup following the Masses at St. Helena and Holy Rosary to benefit our Council and the Community Outreach programs at both Parishes. Dan took control of this new program and began sales the weekend February 4 and the results have been "souper". The sales at St. Helena will continue through February and the Council will begin sales of soup at Holy Rosary during Lent. Dan thanks for all you do for the Council and in particular for starting this fundraiser.

January 2017

Jack Buckley

Jack was extremely helpful in assisting Brain Dennis with the Christmas Parade and exhibited true fraternity, charity and unity at the Parade and the after-party. Additionally, Jack was involved with the cooking and preparation for the Council's Christmas Party. These actions, coupled with Jack's routine assistance throughout the year merit his recognition as the Knight of the Month.

September 2016

David DeVito

David only joined Christopher Council in May but he has participated in so many Council activities since becoming a member that it seems like he has been a member of our Council for years. His help at the State Picnic was invaluable and his enthusiasm is contagious.

August 2016

Ronald Bock

Ron helped with the cleaning of our Council Chambers which included washing and cleaning the walls, rearranging the Council's awards and plaques, cleaning the lights fixtures, and helping get the Council Chambers ready for some audio-visual upgrades. Ron responded to our last minute request for help and his actions exemplify what makes our Council so special.

August 2016

Patrick Mac Cormac

Pat was an important part of our effort to upgrade our Council Chambers. He installed the wiring for our flat screen in the Council Chambers by climbing behind walls and running the cables throughout the building. He also helped upgrade the WiFi service and this will be instrumental in our Council being able to stream videos from Supreme Council and to use our new audio-visual equipment during events and to enhance our ceremonies.

July 2016

William Northey

Bill was chosen as the Knight of the month for his assistance at the Green Day event in Claymont. Bill is always there for the Council and his help at Green Day was just another example of his dedication and commitment to our Council.

June 2016

John Pankowski

Brandywine Club clean up (Tree Doctor) and just about
any other event, John always shows up to lend a hand.

April 2016

Chris Lehan

Horsing Around is an incredibly fun event that he continues
to keep fresh and exciting.