September 2017

Joe Allen

Joe Allen is our Knight of the Month for September. Joe took a huge leadership role in running multiple family events in August. Congratulations and thank you to Joe for his continued support of Council 4588.

August 2017

Dave Swift

Thank you to Dave Swift, our Knight of the Month for August. Dave is awarded this honor for his consistent dedication and effort on behalf of Council 4588.

July 2017

Jim Gagliardi

The Knight of the Month for July is Jim Gagliardi. Jim and his wife were also one of the couples honored with the Family of the Month award for July. Thank you Jim for your continued service to the Council.

June 2017

Joe Mendoza

The Knight of the Month for June is Joe Mendoza. When the corner of the overhang at St. Michael school was damaged by the truck of one of the BBQ teams when they entered the schoolyard, Joe came to the rescue. He had it fixed before noon the next day, so that only those who saw it even knew about it, unless they were told. He dropped everything and volunteered his time and skills to fix it. Thanks Joe for stepping up when the Council, and St. Michael school, needed you.

May 2017

Wesley Arnold

Wes Arnold has more than earned recognition as Knight of the Month for May. Wes has offered up his leadership, help, advice, and countless hours of his time preparing the Council and Directors for the next Columbian year. Thank you Wes for your dedication to Council 4588!

April 2017

Ian Ransom

Ian is a brand new Knight and has thrown himself into the service of the Council. Ken Rief, Council Grand Knight said of Ian "We need more like him, he's our prototype." At only 20 years old, Ian is taking the call to service seriously. Thank you, Ian!

March 2017

Vic Mendez

The Knight of the Month Award for March goes to Vic Mendez. When a team of Knights installing tub/shower rails in the home of a gravely ill brother called upon Vic for advice, he dropped everything. Vic and his son, Derek, gave up much of their Sunday with no notice to rescue the effort. A Certificate of Appreciation was also awarded to Vic's young son for his part. Congratulations and thanks to Vic for his continued service. Council 4588 continues to benefit from your skills and your unselfish dedication to helping others.