August 2017

Kellan McGavock

Kellan is hyper enthusiastic. He only joined a few short months ago and is active in nearly everything we do already. When we mentioned that we needed a recorder, he offered to serve immediately. He responded that he felt honored that we would entrust him with these duties and updated the template we provided him. He received his second degree (formation) on Saturday and is gung ho! Welcome Kellan, thanks and great job straight out of the gates. Congratulations on being Knight of the month!

June 2017

Stephen Regan

Stephen has served as a highly successful Knights of Columbus Insurance Representative for quite a while now. He recently moved to Nashville and taken on a new territory and now serves as our local agent. Stephen was immediately active in reaching out to our membership and engaging in all our activities. It was not long after his move here that he approached me and shared how much he liked us and said he wanted to join 544. This is high praise and a true compliment coming from someone who has done and continues to do so much for our order at such a wide variety of councils. Stephen has jumped in with both feet and shows up nearly every time we have an activity. He has already helped protect several of our families and has led a few new guys to our membership rolls. His great enthusiasm and many talents are a fantastic addition to the council. Most of all, having such a fun brother knight around all the time adds substantially to everything we do.

February 2017

Reuben Banalagay

This one is one of our newest knights. He is a Scientist/Math genius type performing research and providing teaching assistance at Vanderbilt. He has a BS and MS from there. I’m sure this is wrong in several ways. So sorry! I’ll get it straight soon. Our Knight of the Month is Reuben Banalagay. What is most interesting to me is that he might be even more passionate about making, eating and talking about food than I am. He is on a torrid pace of new knighthood. He only joined the knights in December and has come to nearly everything we have done since. Pancake breakfast, received his 2nd degree exemplification. Bartender for the entire superbowl party and noticeably had a big smile throughout everything. I love it! Meg even liked you immediately. Which is saying something since she is a touch introverted and it usually takes her a few encounters to warm up to people.

November 2016

Andrew Lay

I have personally known Andrew for decades. His sharp wits and fun spirit are the reason I joined the Knights. He is one of the most relatable and fun people I can think of. He is extremely loyal to his friends and brother knights. Andrew is very well organized and has served as social and major event chairman numerous times for 544.

September 2016

Ken Duncan

Brother Ken Duncan – Rock Solid example of faith and service. Loyal husband, father and brother knight. Go to guy when you’re trying to get a foursome going for a golf tournament. Smart, great planner, organizer and leader. Always shows up with a great attitude and a fun loving spirit. Proud
to call him a friend and brother. Blessed to have him and his sharp wits as a part of 544!

July 2016

Chris Crane

Chris's attention to detail is amazing! Not to brag but, I believe we are the only council ever to have a Harvard MBA as our Financial Secretary. When he is not coaching his son's baseball team or divesting unwanted Bank of America global assets, he is a Knights of Columbus paper processing genius. Navigating the Knights systems and processes are tedious at best. I am amazed by how smoothly Chris continually makes it happen. Chris has balanced our books to the penny, updated our membership rolls to reflect our actual membership, and keeps our council correspondences with the state and supreme 100% current and accurate. These are no small tasks and brother Crane is to be commended for such a difficult job being so well done!!

May 2016

Ken Thomas

Brother Ken continues to do a remarkable job as our Retention Director, keeping in regular contact with our brothers Knights, brining the council’s greetings to those unable to attend events, and keeping the council appraised of the news from the ranks. In addition, he always runs a successful MR Campaign, and most importantly is always an encouraging voice in the council.

February 2016

Paul Ney

Brother Paul has done a fantastic job chairing our snow shoveling efforts at Cathedral. In the best tradition of the Knights in service to the parish, he recognized a need and not only helped coordinate response, but got out there in the cold and singlehandedly cleared and deiced the Cathedral walkways on the days when no one else on the team could make it in.

January 2016

Terry Hill

Brother Terry always works hard on the See’s Candy fundraiser, but this year he went above and beyond. He took a shipping error and several programming conflicts, and deftly turned them into our most successful year ever for See’s.

December 2015

Terry Hill

Brother Terry has been spearheading our See’s Candy Sale for many years and in that time it has not only become one of our principle fundraisers, but has become one of our council’s signature events. His leadership and expertise in this and many other programs makes him an invaluable member of our council.

November 2015

Mario Martinez

Brother Mario did a fantastic job as chairman of our first annual Soupathon. From conception to planning to execution, he took charge and introduced an exciting new event into the life of the council and the parish

October 2015

Bob Katcavage

Brother Bob transferred to our council last year, and since then he has become a fixture at
our council meetings and a reliable hand whenever volunteers are needed. We are truly
blessed to have him as a member of our council family.

September 2015

Ian Pasek

Brother Ian is still in his first year as a Knight, but he is already making his mark. Ian made a
significant contribution to the success of our Shrimp Boil and has been representing the
Knights well with his tireless work on the San Gennaro MusicFest, all the while preparing for
the arrival of a new baby.

August 2015

Stuart Littleton

Brother Stuart has taken it upon himself to enhance the spiritual component of our Council Meetings by reintroducing our pre-meeting Rosary, and by securing a series of wonderful speakers. His care for his brother Knights is apparent, as is his desire that our council serve a formative role for all aspects of our Catholic lives. We would be a much poorer council without his presence and contribution.

July 2015

Ernest Plus

As our council’s Field Agent, Brother Ernest has been a great friend of the council, and an invaluable partner in encouraging membership and promoting our council’s programs. We are sad to lose him as our Agent, but wish him success in his new endeavor.

June 2015

John Mitchell

In addition to his role as Trustee, Brother John has played a significant part in both the success of our fraternal goals for this year, and in the incredible work that the Room in the Inn program did through our severe winter months.

May 2015

Ken Thomas

For many, Brother Ken is literally the voice of our council. As our Retention Director he spends tireless hours on the phone each month reaching out to absent brothers, ensuring their well being and keeping them up to date on council activities. On top of that he recently orchestrated a very successful MR Tootsie Roll Drive.

April 2015

Jeff Duffield

Brother Jeff is a relatively new Knight, but it the time he has been with our council he has made a distinct impression as a man of integrity and compassion with a strong devotion to the order and to his brother Knights.

March 2015

Joe Bednar

Brother Joe continues to faithfully represent the best values of the Knights through his leadership in the Cathedral’s Room in the Inn program. Along with many other Knights, he went the extra mile and beyond in recent months as an unrelenting winter led to many extra nights of the Cathedral opening its doors to our homeless community.

February 2015

Stuart Littleton

Brother Stuart is responsible for many of our councils most visible programs, including our annual S*per Bowl Party and our Choose Life Sign ministry, and in everything he does he stands as an example of our orders dedication to life and religious freedom.

January 2015

Mark O'Neill

Brother Mark is a longtime member and Past Grand Knight of our council. His expertise and counsel are always greatly appreciated, as is his hard work on any program he is involved in. Most recently, we are thankful for his invaluable assistance with the Christmas Party, and his leading the effort for our December Room in the Inn date.

December 2014

Andy Gamble

Brother Andy is a long time member of 544 and is always ready and willing to help out wherever and whenever help is needed. The assistance he provided Terry in our recent See’s Candy sale was essential to the growth of our sales.

November 2014

Mark Cassman

As our Vocations Chairman, brother Mark is a strong voice in our council for the support of our clergy and seminarians. He is also an enthusiastic promoter of our order and was personally responsible for bringing in two new members and several other prospects at our recent Membership Blitz.

October 2014

Roman Pohlid

Brother Roman’s years of experience with the order give him an insight and a capability as a Knight that makes him an invaluable asset to our council. Whatever the task, we know he will be one of the first to sign up when the call for volunteers goes out, and that he will make sure the job is done right.

September 2014

Tony Grubbs

Brother Tony has been working tirelessly on the Yes on 1 campaign, speaking and fundraising throughout the Nashville area. Through all of his work, Tony represents the Order’s dedication to life, and is building an excellent network of contacts that will surely benefit Culture of Life efforts even beyond the November elections.

August 2014

Andrew Lay

Andrew embodies the spirit of Fraternalism in our council. Years ago he helped establish one of our long running events, the St Patrick’s Day Party. This year, as Council Director, he is working hard to grow that Fraternalism in our council, starting with the very successful Knights Night at the Sounds in June.

July 2014

Mike Hosey

Brother Mike Hosey was with our council less than a year before his passing on June 14th, but in that short time he made a lasting impression on all who knew him. His passion for the Order and for serving his fellow man, most especially through the Room in the Inn program, made him a shining example of Christian Charity, the first and foundational principle of our order.

April 2013

Bisell McWilliams

March 2013

Bisell McWilliams

February 2013

Daniel Gibbons

January 2013

Daniel Gibbons

June 2011

Ken Thomas

Favorite Saint? St. Patrick
Hobbies? sports, reading
Hometown? ..born in Lancaster Pa, but have lived in Nashville 21 years so it is home to me!.
Favorite Book? sports, devotional and weather books
Favorite sport’s team? Notre Dame, Bears Cubs...
Profession? ...I have a teaching degree in earth science and have taught in Junior College also have a master's degree in
organizational mgt.
Fav Quote? a number of quotes example: whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!.
Fav Gospel passage? - accounts of the resurrection
We might be surprised to know that you? that I have an intense interest in the weather and am a storm spotter
Why you are a proud Knight? ...I believe in the Knights as an organization that allows you to be part of something bigger
than yourself in helping others and a great opportunity to associate with some very fine Catholic gentlemen...I am especially
proud to be o member of a council with the history and tradition of 544!

May 2011

Mike Latterell

Since joining our Order Mike Laterall has become one of the most reliable Knights in 544. Mike’s consistent participation is big a big factor in our council’s success. He never turns down an opportunity to uses his talents for the betterment of our ministry. Mike’s attitude is an example for us all!

April 2011

Dennis McAfee Sr

Dennis McAfee Sr. is April’s Knight of the Month. Please keep Dennis in your prayers as
he recovers from a stroke. As he always does, Dennis is very upbeat and in good spirits.
Dennis has very faithfully served 544 and the Cathedral parish with an unassuming manner for many years. He always has a warm, upbeat personality and never has a cross word to say to anyone. He can also be always be counted on for thoughtful, wise advice on any issue. Knowing that your friends are concerned and praying for you is very comforting when you are trying to overcome health issues.

March 2011

John Mitchell

John has definitely earned this award for March with his relentless work on our St. Patrick’s Day Party. But for he and Ken Duncan, this event would not be happening. Thanks to them it is going to be better than ever. John has become strong asset for our order in the short amount of time that he has been a member. It is Knights like John that make our order strong!