August 2018

John Faro

John is currently serving as Chancellor in the council for his second year after stellar service as the Advocate. As a long time brother and former Grand Knight, John has been instrumental in the improvement of the council. He also works in the Sunday morning Fellowship bridging council activities to parish activities. Thank you for a job well done.

July 2018

Richard Botteron

Since coming to the Council, Brother Richard jumped right in and started helping with dinners, the blood drive and participating in the business meetings. He's been a welcome addition and we hope he remains in an active role of St. Maximilian Kolbe Council for a long time to come. Congratulations Richard!

June 2018

John Cuneo

One of the most important jobs during a business meeting is the role of the Recorder. It is his sole responsibility to capture the conversations and the data precisely and accurately. Some Recorders choose to use electronic recording devices to accurately capture the information, Brother John did it using the highly skilled art of shurthand. With a keen ear and a quick write, Brother John captured every nuance of the meetings during the past year. The Grand Knight thanked Brother John for a job well done to a rousing applause from those in attendance.

May 2018

Chuck Mack

As the Council's Membership Director, Brother Chuck has worked tirelessly to bring on new members and encourage degree advancement with existing members. Just this year alone, Chuck has brought on 6 new members with a seventh going through his first degree soon, making our council one of the leaders in the State for new memberships. For all of his continued efforts to make the St. Maximilian Kolbe council the best it could be, the Grand Knight awarded Brother Chuck with the Knight of the Month award for May 2018. A rousing applause was given at this past Business Meeting.

April 2018

Tom Di Benedetto

Since Brother Tom joined our council just a short time ago, he was quick to jump into volunteering to help at our council events. When the council's most popular event of the year came up, Tom, who has cooking experience, jumped onboard to lead the kitchen. Once the day was here and the kitchen was buzzing, you could tell that his experience was far greater than a backyard BBQ cookout. His preparedness, take charge attitude and cooking techniques gave everyone who attended a scrumptous and mouth watering meal that will be talked about for a long time to come. Thank you Brother Tom for a very successful event and we look forward to having you in our council for many years.

March 2018

Joe Passanise

Joe is an active member in the council and currently serves as our Lecturer. He is involved in our Social Media Committee providing informative and educational material. At our monthly dinners, Joe provides entertainment with music appropriate for the meal being presented. As for work details, Joe has refrubushed our council sign that has deteriorated over the years and is ready for reposting once the harsh weather gives way to softer ground. If there is ever a need for help, he is the first to volunteer,. Joe's heart for the Knights of Columbus is alway at the forefront. Thank you Joe.

February 2018

Chris Kowalski

The Grand Knight announced that the Knight of the Month Award is going to Brother Chris Kowalski. He thanked Chris for being willing to help at any time including our monthly dinners and mercy meals. The Council congratulated Chris.

January 2018

Mike Korpak

The Grand Knight thanked Mike for all of his work as Family Activities Director and also his successful running of the Breakfast with Santa last month.

December 2017

Dan Beaule

Dan is currently serving as our Deputy Grand Knight and has been instrumental in the success of our council. As the Chairman of our Social Media committee, he has managed to improve our online presence by moving to a more user friendly platform. This move along with keeping the site current and fresh sheds a better light on our council and our work. Next up is the managing of a Facebook page to bring more current information to our members and our community. Thank you Dan for your untiring effort to make our council better.

November 2017

John Cussen

John has been our Treasurer for a number of years and impeccably maintains our financial accounts. During a recent temporary absence of our Financial Secretary, John was able to fill the gap with no adverse affects to the council's activities. Additionally, as coordinator of the ongoing Red Cross Blood Drives, his efforts help them to reach and exceed their goal of units collected at almost every event. Thank you John for your contributions to our council.

October 2017

Lance Ribeiro

Lance was recognized as our Knight of the Month for his tireless work in organizing and running our successful Tootsie Roll Drive this past September. Congratulations (and thank you!), Lance!

September 2017

Lewis Hadley

Lew was recognized for his willingness to participate as a volunteer for almost all of our council activities. From monthly meal preparation to building a wheelchair ramp he has been there time and again to lend a helping hand.