St. Aloysius in 1909

High & Charlotte Sts. Pottstown where the council was formed.

Father Bally Council Picnic Grove

Reverend Augustine Bally SJ

November Month of Holy Souls

Pope Francis

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Council Announcements

 Father Maloney announces that St. Aloysius School will relocate to  St. Pius X


 Fr. Bally Council voted to pledge $2,000, to be matched by the anonymous donor.  This continues our commitment to  Catholic Education, going back to the founding of St. Aloysius School in 1912, funding the former Commercial School at

 St. Aloysius in 1920, being the first and largest donor to build St. Pius X High School in 1953, and sponsoring the pressbox

 during the renovation of Coach Mich Stadium 10 years ago.


 That last donation (from council home proceeds) allowed for proper grading and drainage upgrades.  The future of the school    was uncertain.  The thought was to improve the field for current students, make it attractive to a potential new owner, and    preserve what our parents and grandparents built.  (The stadium was wholly built with local funds-the Archdiocese allowed it  but funded nothing). 


 Congratulations to our immediate former Chaplain!

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