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With all that is going on in the world today, I am reminded of an event I heard at a meeting somewhere.  Not sure who this is credited to but it is something I think is important in all that I do.
A reporter was interviewing a CEO of a very successful large business. 
She asked the CEO: How did you become so successful?
The CEO replied: Two words
She asked: What are the two words?
The CEO replied: Right Decisions
She asked: How did you know how to make the right decisions?
The CEO replied: One Word
She asked: And that word is?
The CEO replied: Experience
She asked: How did you gain the experience?
The CEO replied: Two Words
She asked: And those two words are?
The CEO replied: Wrong Decisions
We as men of faith, fathers, and husbands must remember in all that we do it is important to think about the consequences of our decisions and to ensure we make the right ones.  Our families and community are watching what we do and how we act.  Let's ensure we make the "Right Decisions"

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1st Thursday of the month at 7:30

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Bruce & Joy Spahr

Being a member of the Knights of Columbus does not mean men only activities. As Christians we also work with our families to support our Parish and community. Bruce and Joy have spent hours supporting our Council, church and community with the Knights o...

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William Melvin

The mission of the Knights of Columbus organization and our Council as a whole is to reach out to the members of our Parish and community who are in need of our assistance. When the call comes in for assistance we need to be ready to step up to the plate...