Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Ladies Auxiliary Officers

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 Message from the Grand Knight




Brothers and Sisters in Christ


Vivat Jesus!!  What an honor and humbling privilege to be chosen to serve as the Grand Knight of George Brent Council for the 2018-2019 Fraternal Year.  Thank you for placing your trust in me. I ask for your prayers that I may carry on in the fine fashion of all those servant leaders who came before me.  To say that I’m excited and looking forward to the journey is an understatement, and I’m really excited that we will be making that journey together!!! 


I am constantly reminded of how this Council has been blessed with strong, wise, compassionate men and women throughout its history, and am extremely grateful.  Among those have been John and Sue Masarick.  It has been a tremendous pleasure to be the Deputy Grand Knight during John’s year as Grand Knight and Sue’s year as President of the Ladies Auxiliary.  What a team.  I could not have asked for greater examples; or a better mentor in preparing to take the lead this year.  Not enough room to say all that I’d like, so…Thank You John and Sue!!!


And the tradition continues…In putting together the plan for this coming year all I had to do was ask…and all I heard was “Yes”.  Thank you to all of you who have stepped up to take on the many roles to be played to keep this organization running so well and prospering so much.  And this includes this year’s officers.  I can’t tell you how proud and happy I am at our officer crew this year.  A great team that will do the Council right.  Congratulations Worthy Sirs!!!


Most of the tangible things we do could not happen if we didn’t do two things:  Continue to run a top-notch Bingo program and bring in new members.  Bingo proceeds provide the means for us to help those in need and support our community, church, youth, etc.  And without bringing in new members the Council will stagnate and eventually die.  I ask your continued support of Bingo; and in bringing in new members and their families (stupendous job Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Tom Masarick and The Membership Crew this past year!!!).


But this Council does more than raise and distribute money.  It grows its members themselves.  We have a precious place where we help each other grow in faith, provide support and comfort to one another, make new life-long friends and promote joy and fellowship!!!  That is directly in line with a great deal of Fr. McGivney’s vision for the Knights…to provide a place where men and their families can go to strengthen their faith, among those who share it, and to help those who are so desperately in need. 


I’ve chosen to dedicate this year to our Blessed Mother, Mary Queen of the Knights.  Every month we will feature a Marian Feast, or Icon, or Apparition in the Newsletter…along with a brief description, something about one of Mary’s amazing virtues, and what Mary is telling us as brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives.  I pray it will inspire us to be more and more like our Queen.


Thank you once again…and…here we go!!!  Mary Queen of the Knights, pray for us!!


Tom Mehr

Grand Knight





Message from the Deputy Grand Knight


                 I am honored to be your new Deputy Grand Knight and I am excited about this year and working with Worthy Grand Knight Tom Mehr.  This fraternal year will be another great year of strong leadership and many successes; with several activities designed to help us flourish in the principles,of the Knights: Charity, Unity and Fraternity.  We are made up of Catholic families with the same beliefs, and challenges, and together we will grow and support one another.  Thank you for placing your confidence in me and I look forward in working with you this year.  I ask for your prayers and assistance as we travel through his year’s busy calendar and challenges.  I believe It will be fun, as long as we keep a positive attitude and are respectful to one another.

The month of July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus.  We also celebrate the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle (July 3rd), the Feast of Apostle St James the Greater (July 25th), among many others.  See your Catholic Calendar.  July 4th is the celebration of our independence; with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by a Brother Knight.  You will hear more in our Council meetings.

Our key July Council events are listed below:

  July 2nd Council Meeting (Monday) – 7:30pm rosary

July 14th Installation of Officers (Saturday) 

July 16th Council Meeting (Monday) – 7:30pm rosary

**Every Tuesday at 7:00pm we have Council Rosary in the Club Room.

***Please support our Bingo Program – belong to a Bingo Team.

Our first 6 point meeting will be on Tuesday, July 17th at 7:30pm in the Club Room.  Anyone chairing an event in the next two months is encouraged to attend this meeting.  Key areas of focus are:

Project Planning Staffing Advertising

Budgeting Minimizing risks Room setup and clean-up

Coordinating with Ladies Auxiliary (as needed).

Feel free to contact me about any planned events questions or issues.  I hope to use my knowledge of the Council events and knowledge as a certified project manager (pmp) to support you and your project.  You can call and leave a message at 703-368-8308  or Attention: WDGK


Vivat Jesus

Tom Masarick

Deputy Grand Knight

General Program Director


Knight of the Year  


This Brother is an usher at All Saints Catholic Church.  For several years, he participated in the RCIA program and often leads the Our Lady of Fatima Mass procession,


After joining the Council this Brother Knight volunteered to help with the Council's main source of revenue, Bingo.  In a short time he became the Captain of Bingo Team 4. He later became the Bingo Team 4 Cage Manager.


In the past 8 years this Brother has chaired many of the Councils events, such as the Family Breakfast, Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance Party, the Fourth Of July Picnic, Religious Appreciation Dinner, and Veterans Day Dinner.  He has also helped other event chairmen with their events such as the Blood drive, the KOVAR, Tootsie Roll fund raiser, youth events, such as, the Soccer Challenge, Basketball Free Throw Competition, Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, and the Halloween Children's Party.  This Brother Knight has supported the Council and the officers by attending and working very hard, serving more than eight Grand Knights.  His previous experience prepared him well for his year as Grand Knight.  This Brother has become a trusted friend and advisor to me. 


After Joining the Council this Brother has provided outstanding service to the Council. He has held all of the offices from Outside Guard to Grand Knight.  He remained in the office of Chancellor twice to allow another brother to step into the Chairs. After completing the office of Grand Knight he moved up to serve the Virginia State Knights of Columbus as a District Warden and will soon become the District Deputy of District 19. 


This Brother has served as an Officer of the Anchor Club for over six years.  He has also served as the Assistant Commander of the Bishop Flaherty Assembly.


It is my pleasure to select Carlos Sousa as the Knight of the Year for the 2017-2018 Fraternal Year.

Family of the Year


This Brother and his wife were married in All Saints Catholic Church  many years ago.  He is a Eucharistic Minister of the church and has been a Eucharistic Minister over 20 years.  He has assisted the church by counting money. He serves as an usher when needed. He and his wife taught Religious Education classes for several years.


This Brother is very active helping Medical Missionaries.  He regularly picks up and delivers medical beds, chairs and supplies for the needy.


He is an officer of the George Brent Council and she is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council and is a past Historian. She is a Bingo Kitchen worker. He is the Captain of Bingo Team 4 and a Bingo Caller. He is the Membership Director, Church Director, leads the Councils Rosary on Tuesday evenings. He has chaired the Super Bowl Party, he has helped with Family Breakfast, raising funds for KOVAR, the Blood Drive and has helped at Council picnics.   He and his wife have chaired the Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance, the St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance and the Five Lenten Fish Fries. They have also chaired the New Year’s Party. He is the Anchor Club’s Bar Czar.  They can often can be found in the hall and Club Room on Friday nights. He also tends bar for Council events. This year, under the direction of this Brother, the Membership Team recruited a recent record setting 48 new Brothers into our Council. This brother is also an officer of the Bishop Flaherty Assembly. It is my pleasure to select Tom and Janet Masarick as the Family of the Year for the 2017-2018 Fraternal Year.


Lady of the Year


The lady I chose this year is a very active  member of our council auxiliary.  She is a Past President although not in our auxiliary, as she transferred to us a few years ago.   She has been a great addition to our auxiliary and sometimes she even volunteers too much.  We are constantly telling her to slow down, that she doesn’t have to do it all.  We call her our Ever-Ready Bunny.  She works multiple bingos each month and is the first to volunteer if we need a sub for another team.  Not only does she work the bingo kitchen, I can’t think of an event where she hasn’t helped in some way, whether it is set-up, clean-up or preparing appetizers.  She also counts money for the church and works donut Sunday every month. She can be found many Fridays cooking and serving in the club room, and she always contributes all the proceeds to the ladies auxiliary. She alone has contributed over $1500.00 just this year.


She doesn’t let anything hold her down, not even a damaged eye or a broken toe. I’m sure  everyone knows who I am talking about.  It is with great pleasure that I award Lady of the Year 2017 – 2018 to Carol Sojka.


Young Man of the Year


Alexander Petsopoulos, age 17 and in the Grade 12 Young Man of the Year during the Awards Dinner at the Bishop Russell Hall on June 16, 2018.  Alex received this award based on his Academic Achievements, Civic, Religious and School Related Activities as well as his Extra Curricular Activities.

Young Woman of the Year


Mary Elizabeth Collis, age 13 and in the 7th Grade was awarded the Young Woman of the Year during the Awards Dinner at the Bishop Russell Hall on June 16, 2018.  Mary received this award based on her Academic Achievements, Civic, Religious and School Related Activities as well as her Extra Curricular Activities.


Knight of the Month - June


I have known this Brother Knight since he joined the Council on February 6, 2017. He is a regular Bingo worker.  He was on the scholarship Committee, he helps with Family Breakfast. This year he became an Officer of the Council.  His wife is an Officer in the Ladies Auxiliary. I expect big things out of this Brother in the future. He regularly helps with setting up and taking down events. It is my pleasure to present the June, 2018 Knight of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother Mike Rule.




Family of the Month - June


This Brother joined the Knights on November 1, 1973. He and his wife are usually found working together.  She is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and he is a Past Grand Knight. They both work Bingo. He works at the paper sales table and she works in the Bingo Kitchen. They are usually found helping to set up event such as the Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and the Children’s Halloween Party.  They also help with Family Breakfast and to prepare food for the Club Room on Friday night. They do an enormous amount of work for the Community, the Church and the Council. They help counting money for the Church and help with Donut Sunday.  It is my pleasure to present the June, 2018 Family of the Month to Brother Jim and Carol Sojka.





Bingo Appreciation Award - June


I met this Brother shortly after joining the Council. This Brother received his first Degree on April 7, 2008.  He started working Bingo shortly after joining the Council.  This Brother is a true friend.  In the past, he has transported bingo workers to bingo that did not have transportation. He is very considerate of others, helping his brothers and their families that are in need of help. This Brother never says no.  Recently he was asked to be the lead chef for the Religious Appreciation Dinner and did a terrific job.   He catered to those with special dietary needs.  It is my pleasure to present the June, 2018, Bingo Appreciation Award for the George Brent Council to Brother Guy De Furia.




Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council


Happy new fraternal year! It is an honor to serve as the 2018-2019 Ladies Auxiliary President. I hold the Ladies Auxiliary close to my heart because over the years of volunteering in various ministries in our Parish I have witnessed the witnessed the fruit of their labor. I consider the Ladies Auxiliary the backbone of the Council who always stands ready to work hand in hand with the Knights. Rest assured that your 2018-2019 Officers will work hard to ensure the Ladies Auxiliary continues its support to the activities, functions, and principles of the George Brent Council #5332 through the growth of its members and continued Christian fellowship.


I appreciate all the kind words of support, encouragement, insight, and wisdom I have received from all the ladies. I enjoy meeting each of you. Learning about your service to the Church, to your families, and to the community at large inspires me! I look forward to seeing returning and new members at our July meeting!


May God grant the Ladies Auxiliary leadership a smooth transition this month; May our members become closer in community; May our Blessed Mother strengthen us to carry out His plan for each of us and the Auxiliary. St. Michael, pray for us! Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink, and refreshment of souls, save us. Amen.


In Christ,

Erika Laos-Franco

President, Ladies Auxiliary



9 (Mon) - Auxiliary Meeting

5 (Thu) - BINGO Kitchen Ladies (Carol Sojka) 12 (Thu) - BINGO Kitchen Ladies (Carol Sojka)

15 (Sun) - BINGO Kitchen Ladies (Sarah Rule) 22 (Sun) - BINGO Kitchen Ladies (Erika Laos-Franco)
26 (Thu) - BINGO Kitchen Ladies (Lucie Moye)


2018-2019 Officers:

President:  Erika Laos-Franco

Vice-President:  Sandra Cahill

Secretary:  Sara Rule

Treasurer:  Dawn Myers

Historian:  Michaela Myers


Upcoming Council Events

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