Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Ladies Auxiliary Officers

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George Brent 2018 College Scholarship Program

George Brent Council is pleased to announce its 2018 College Scholarship program.  Please see the News & Announcements Section for details



 Message from the Grand Knight




Dear Brothers:

Saturday, March 3, 2018, the Worthy District Warden Carlos Sousa, Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Tom Mehr, Worthy Chancellor Tom Masarick and I went to the Virginia Knights of Columbus State Quarterly meeting in Richmond.  We were joined by Knights of Columbus Ladies of Virginia (LOV), Agnes Aleksy, Maggie McCusker, Tuxa Sousa and Sue Masarick.


News from the Virginia Knights of Columbus State Quarterly Meeting:


  • The PGK and GK designate may be changed or substituted before May 1, 2018 for voting purposes at the Annual State K of C Meeting in Roanoke.
  • All PGK, GK and PGK/GK are required to complete the application for the State Meeting K of C in Roanoke. The Meeting is the weekend of May 5, 2018.
  • The Virginia K of C State website is to be complete by March 31, 2018.
  • Online Membership:  Since the pilot program began, 42 Online Knights have joined in Virginia, of those, 23 are interested in transferring to a council and 9 have received their 1st Degree.
  • Insurance Agents are required to recommend that online members transfer to a Council. The Average age of a brother Knight in Virginia is 57 years, the average of an online member in Virginia is 36.
  • When transferring, the Virginia online State Council number is 98045.
  • Knights were asked to brag more about being a Brother Knight. Did you Know, the Knights gave $3000 to the family of each first-responder that died during 9/11?  Over $10 Million was given for hurricane Katrina relief.


Thank you from the Grand Knight:

I would like to thank the George Brent Council for voting to donate $500 to the All Saints Catholic Church, Bethany Food Pantry. The $500 was given to the Council by the Supreme Knights of Columbus organization for collecting food for the needy during the recent Saint Lucy Project organized by All Saints Catholic Church. 


I also would like to thank all who have given their time and hard work for our Council since our last newsletter. We have been very busy working hard and having fun.    “Thank you” to the Worthy Chancellor Tom Masarick who with his wife Chaired the St Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance on March 17, 2018.  The Chancellor also chaired the Council’s five Lenten Fish Frys. Thanks to PGK Carlos Sousa and his wife Tuxa, PGK Jim Sojka and his wife Carol, and Sue Masarick for cooking and serving breakfast for the Deacons of our Deanery on February 24, 2018.  


Vivat Jesus!

John Masarick

Grand Knight



Message from the Deputy Grand Knight


Happy Easter to all!!!  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!!!  He has risen and conquered death. 


The Church dedicates the month of April to devotion of the Eucharist and to devotion to the Holy Spirit. This tradition developed because Easter Sunday often falls in April; and when it does fall in March the Easter season continues through all of April. In essence, April is a month of Easter…and during the Easter Celebration, we remember the Eucharistic sacrifice given to us by Christ and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which would come after Jesus' resurrection. (


Feast days during this month include Solemnity of St. Joseph (April 21), St. George, Martyr (of dragon fame!!), (April 23), St. Mark the Evangelist (April 25), St. Louis Marie de Montfort (April 28), and St. Catherine of Siena (April 30).


The next "6 Point Meeting" will be at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 17 in the CIub Room. Anyone chairing an event in late April, May or June is encouraged to attend this meeting. If you chaired a recent event, please send me your completed "Event Report".  If you would like to help with any of our upcoming events, please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 703-314-7397.


Upcoming George Brent Council dates to keep in mind:


April 6:  Open House for New Members

April 6-7:  Squire Roses Event

April 21:  Ladies Appreciation Dinner

April 27-28: Parish Festival


Vivat Jesus!!!



Tom Mehr
Deputy Grand Knight
General Program Director



Knight of the Month - March


I have known this Brother Knight since I joined the Knights.  This Brother joined the Knights in September of 1991. I was told that if you only help with one event a year, it should be the Elderly Thanksgiving Dinner.  In my opinion there were more volunteers that helped with the Thanksgiving Dinner than any other Knight’s sponsored event this year. This Brother also chairs the All Saints Catholic Church Parish Festival. It is my pleasure to present the March 2018 George Brent Council Knight of the Month to Brother, Matt Lewandowski.




Family of the Month - March


I have known this Brother Knight since I joined the Council.  I was very impressed with his work as it is one of the biggest events in the hall each year.  This Brother joined the Knights in October of 1992. This Brother and his wife, their family and friends organize the Un-Trim-A-Tree event each year.  This was a record year for Un-Trim-A-Tree providing children with a very happy Christmas and making Christmas better for all of us. This Brother is a Eucharistic Minister, he provides First Aid, CPR and AED training to members of the Knights as well as the community.  His wife is a regular donor at our Blood Drives.  It is my pleasure to select Jeff and Heidi Vallimont as the March 2018 George Brent Council Family of the Month.




Bingo Appreciation Award - March


This Month I wish to thank and award a Brother Knight as well as a family (husband and wife) that stepped up to solve a serious problem in the Bingo hall.

I have known this brother since he joined the Knights. The Brother received his first Degree in May of 2016.    Faced with an emergency in the hall this brother stepped in to correct the situation as quickly as possible. There was a blockage of the sewage system. Sewage began to back up in the hall. Because of this brothers actions, the hall was cleaned up before it became an issue. This Brother is the Outside Guard, Captain of Bingo Team 3 and on his was to making the Council a better place for all of us. It is my pleasure to present the March 2018 George Brent Council Bingo Appreciation Award to Brother Ken Ball.


The Bingo Appreciation Award for a Family.  I have known this Brother, his wife and family since I joined the Council.  He received his first Degree in February of 1991.  He has been working Bingo since then and later became the Bingo Manager.  He and his wife Carol can be found in the hall working Bingo most Bingo nights. When there was an emergency in the hall, he was able to get a plumber to work on Sunday and remove a sewage blockage before we were forced to close the Bingo kitchen and send Bingo players home. It is my pleasure to present the March 2018 George Brent Council Bingo Appreciation Award to Brother Bob Weaver & his wife Carol.




Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council


We would like to invite the wives, mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters and daughters (18 or older) to join the auxiliary.  We have gained many new members and would like to have more ladies join as their husbands become knights. We support the Knights in their activities and help with the events in the Knights hall.  Dues are only $8.00 a year plus $3.65 (if you wish to contribute to the PKDL) which is passed on to the state organization.  Some of the ladies work the bingo kitchen to raise money to donate to charity in the spring.

New Officers

This is the proposed slate of officers for the new fraternal year.  If anyone would like to run from the floor, they may do so at our meeting.

We have a full slate of officers for the 2017 – 2018 fraternal year:

Erika Laos-Franco – President Sandy Cahill – Vice President

Sarah Rule – Secretary Michaela Myers – Historian

Dawn Myers – Treasurer (will stay on 2nd year of 2 year term)

Lady of the Month

The lady I chose this month, I have known for many years.  She works a bingo team and has also worked the club room multiple times.  She comes to help when the call goes out that help is needed.  This lady is a past historian and she is always looking for new members for the auxiliary.  She has worked several of the fish frys this year and has co-chaired the 50’s dance with her husband for us and is also co-chairing the St. Patrick’s Day dinner dance this week.  I am proud to have this lady as part of my family.  So, I am honored this month to award the Lady of the Month to Janet Masarick.

Important dates to Remember                       

Monday April 9th – Ladies meeting          Sunday April 15th – Family Breakfast

Saturday April 21st – Ladies Appreciation Dinner    Friday & Saturday  April 27th & 28th – Parish Festival

Every Tuesday – Rosary in Club Room  7:00


Bingo Kitchen Schedule:   

Thur. April 12 -  Carol S., Janet M., Audreenia D., Cristy J.

Sun. April 22 -  Sue M., Tuxa S., Mary Ann R., Carol S.  

Thurs. April 26 – Judy A., Nancy S., Ellie D., Gloria P.


Ladies, please remember to bring an item for the Bethany Food Pantry to our meeting.  Let’s fill those shelves.


Please consider having dinner in the club room on Fridays.  It’s a great time to sit & socialize with others & get to know everyone better while supporting charities.  Meals are yummy & reasonably priced. 


Widows Program:

Ladies, if you are part of the widows program, please don’t forget to contact you person.  Many of the widows look forward to getting those calls or maybe an occasional card just so they know you are thinking of them.  If you send cards, remember to include your phone number so they can contact you if they need to contact you for any reason.  After you contact your person, please send me an e-mail to let me know you spoke to her.


Our next meeting will be on Monday, April 9th.


Officers for the fraternal year are:

Sue Masarick, President 703-368-1603,  Tuxa Sousa, Vice President 571-355-9160

Sarah Rule, Secretary 571-432-8552 ,  Dawn Myers, Treasurer 703-868-7073

Suzette Curry, Historian 240-993-6756

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