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 Council nomination and election of New officers for 2016-2017




The following is the schedule we will be using this year for the election of officers:




1. Formulate slate: March-April


2. Present slate: APRIL 4, 2016


3. Election due: MAY 2, or JUNE 6.




Thank you.


James W. Doe





Current Nominees for Council 5750 for 2016-2017




As of April 20, 2016, The Nominee Knights of Council 5750 for the indicated positions that have agreed to perform the duties and responsibilities of  those positions within the Council and Corporation are as follows:


Chaplain: Fr. John K. O Keefe (pending Fr. O Keefe acceptance)


Grand Knight: Philip Quigley


Deputy Grand Knight: Joe Ortman


Chancellor: Charles G. Wheeler


Recorder: Vacant


Financial Secretary: Michael W. O’Bar (Appointed by KOC Supreme Headquarters)


Treasurer: Steven J. Moore


Lecturer: William Petrak


Advocate: Steven Bow


Warden: Eduardo Londres


Inside Guard: Daniel Andu


Outside Guard: Duane Hufford


Trustee (1 Year) PGK James Halley


Trustee (2 Year) PGK Komla Kudiabor


Trustee (3 Year) PGK James Doe




Gill Autmon

Trustee, Council 5750









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