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We are proud to announce that so far this year 6 members of our Council
have performed 347 hours of Volunteer Service in our parish and our community.

Grand Knight’s letter June 2018




     Ok, I won’t deny it; I am excited to be writing my last letter as Grand Knight. It has been a year full of many challenges including countless emails, requests for donations, and of course the organizational efforts to keep our Council active and moving forward. I really had two chief concerns in beginning and in continuing through-out the year. First, and I believe natural to being in such a position, you cannot help but worry about having enough help to get through our various events. I feel I was very fortunate (and yes blessed) to have so many of you step up to help at so many key times. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers in the Council for their support through-out the year in backing me during planning, offering invaluable advice, and in supporting our efforts during events. The unity and fraternity shown were truly inspirational and I believe are what bring us back time after time to support our community during our charitable causes. The second concern I have had for some time is advancing our Council with new members. We have been in need of new members for quite some time, members who would be willing to step up to help at our various events to support our causes. With our excellent membership drive this year, handled so admirably by Tom Raulinavich, we have some outstanding new Brother Knights, many of whom have already helped multiple times at recent events. With these new Knights I feel we are now even better prepared to continue as a strong Council. I also thank those Knights who are long-standing members of our Council, including Past Grand Knights, who continue to support our causes by regularly helping at events; your past experiences and ever-lasting support are so important to the officers and to our continued mission.

     I thank Columbian Club President Rich Russo and his officers for their outstanding work and commitment to the Club. With their efforts we have such a beautiful home that we are so proud of. I really was most fortunate to have Rich to partner with during the year, and I am proud to have him as a friend and Brother Knight.

     Thanks to our Chaplains, Father Bambrick and Father Euk for their continued support of our Council. We are truly blessed to have two vibrant parishes to work with and support in like fashion.

     I wish all the best to the up and coming officers for the new Columbian year. I am confident that they will continue our good work in the community, and will continue to grow our Council and Club.

I wish all the best to the up and coming officers for the new Columbian year. I am confident that they will continue our good work in the community, and will continue to grow our Council and Club. The nominated Council officers for the up-coming Columbian year are DGK Russ Taylor for Grand Knight, Tom Raulinavich for Deputy Grand Knight, Bob Westrich for Chancellor, Jim Curtis for Treasurer, Chris DelMonico for Recorder, Phil Capasso for Warden, Matt Brienza for Inside Guard, Frank Schear for Outside Guard, PGK Chuck Clayton for Advocate, 3 year Trustee GK Dave Idank, 2 year Trustee PGK Victor Salvi, and 1 year Trustee PGK Lou McGraw.



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May God Bless you and your families.         
Grand Knight Dave Idank



Congratulations goes out to Al Knaup  who is the winner of the Charity Golf Raffle to Ocean City, MD!!!!!


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