Newly Installed Officers, St Patrick's Church, July 16, 2017

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Please keep these Knights and families in your prayers.




Rev Fr Thomas Kalita

Pastor/St. Peter’s Church

Rev Fr Louis Tou

Past Chaplain/Council 6793

Kayla MacBride

Niece of Fr. Kalita

Ann Ketter

Wife of Doug Ketter

Jeff Kollins

Son Bill Kollins

Donna d'Almeida

Innocent d'Almeida

Brian Hemke

Son/Don Hemke

Nick Mondell

Brother Knight

Stephen Robertson

Brother Knight

Lou Rizzo

Friend Kevin Kennedy

Manfred Arnold

Friend of Karl Meinzel

Richard Herberg, Jr.

Brother, Ron Herberg

Danny Fluhart

Brother-in law Ron Herberg

Bill Kuchmas

Past State Deputy of Maryland

Msgr Fitzgerald 

 Innocent D’Almedia

Barbara Campanero

Friend Don Hemke

Bill Gulbin 

Council Member

Roger Stevens

Brother Knight

Karen Mazonkey 

Daughter of Bob and Barb Mazonkey

All members of the Military

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 Thomas Pilot


Dr John Conte










Continue to pray for the souls of our deceased armed forces.



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The  September 13, 2017 Business Meeting Minutes and the October 2017 Fr. Maher Knightly News are now posted to this web site.

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