Left Jason Rewara & Peter Arel new members 1/29/2016

NASCAR September 2015

NASCAR September 2015

NASCAR September 2015

Annual Bishop Charitable Assistance Fund. Manchester Council 92 Valet Parking

Annual Bishop Charitable Assistance Fund. Manchester Council 92 Valet Parking

Update news brother Richard LaSalle who serving for us in the Navy is being Station in Rhode Island soon and with be with us on the weekend.

Monthly Cathedral Hospitality and Membership Drive 9/13/2015

Monthly Cathedral Hospitality and Membership Drive 9/13/2015 Tracy, Chris and Brother Ed

Monthly Cathedral Hospitality and Membership Drive 9/13/2015 FS Ray Lemay & Dan Salem GK

Annual Bishop Charitable Assistance Fund. Manchester Council 92 Valet parking.

Karl Thomas Cooper on left and Francois J Nyamikita 2nd & 3rd degrees on 7/25/2015

Grand-Knight Seminar 6/27/2015

New First Degree Member 2014

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Message from Grand Knight of Council 92  :Charity, Unity, Fraternally.


     Manchester Council 92 home is now officially at St. Joseph Cathedral Parish. With Fr. Robert Smolley illness, he is no longer the Pastor of PBVM Parish, with a medical retirement, our staying our there was not in that Parishes plans. We need to thank Monsignor Anthony R. Frontiero for having us move over into his Parish with such a short notice, we were homeless for a short time. Our next business meeting on 9/18/2015 will be voting on changing our bylaws as we need to also change our meetings night to not confict with other Parish groups.


     At our planning meeting one of our members ask me what plans that I had to revise this council, good question, but the real question should be is what are you doing to help revise this coucil? This is not a one man show, and just having a few men caring the load is not going to do it. I would like to go back to the basics on what we learned from our degrees that our founder, the Venerable Micheal J. McGivney taught us - Charity, Unity, and Fraternity it's that simple. There will be some changes this years, such as the Officer meeting will be a planning meeting which all are welcone including your wife's, this is your council and I will see everyone will have a voice.  


I need your help, our challenges are abundant to fulfill our commitments into our charitable works. I continue to urge you to donate what ideas and works that you can offer. Whether it is monitorary donation or a personal charitable donation, I challenge all of the New Brothers to join in on as many activities as they can. The reward for participation in the Councils projects is intrinsically rewarding. We need men to fill in many postions, help out getting men to degrees and not just new members but most important to get other members to come back to the council.


I plan on sending out weekly news on our councel news and  news from our state so you can be up to date on what we're doing. Remember that there has been a change in the Council meeting place. Effective now, and we will meet at our new home at St Joseph Cathedral Basement Hall. Both the Business and  Planning meetings we will meet in the Parish basement hall on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. I`m looking forward to a great turnout of Members.


Brother Knights, it is very important that you attend the meetings. You need to complete all your degrees, and the council is in need of your help in the many activities that are coming up. I will make sure you don’t overcommit and that you have a good time. So come join us we can sure use your HELP!!


Vivat Jesus!


G.K. Daniel D. Salem Sr.

Welcome, First Degree Members of council 92.   Our future as Knights of Columbus is determined by our membership growth and participation.  I implore each of you to ponder why you became a Knight.  Keeping your own inspirations in mind, spread your enthusiasm to another Catholic man in your parish, allowing your enthusiasm to spawn further new memberships.  We must continue to grow to allow our legacy to live.  Invite others to share in our fellowship and dedication to help others in the community.  Again, welcome, and I look forward to the accomplishments that we will make together.

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Mr. Rafael Peschiera, Assistant General Agent
FICF, Member MDRT, Assistant General Agent

I'm your Council's Field Agent.

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3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

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1st Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

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2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

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145 Lowell Street
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