Council Market Center - Amazon Shopping Link


Thank you for using our Council's Amazon Link to help in our fundraising efforts.

Click the text link below to go to Amazon, and whether you download a video or buy a camera or an iPhone, dollars that would have otherwise stayed with Amazon will now come back to support our Council.

IMPORTANT: You must complete any purchase only after clicking the "Our Amazon Link" button.
If you leave items in your Amazon shopping cart and do not return to Amazon by clicking our Council Amazon link, the items will still be in your cart, but you will not get credit for the purchase. So be sure that the only way you go to Amazon is by clicking our Council Amazon link.

Please Note: Neither UKnight Interactive nor this Council has any connection or affiliation with any product or service purchased and is not responsible for any claim, damage or harm incurred arising out of any purchase, sale or transaction conducted through this service. All service requests or questions should be directed to Amazon Customer Service or to the vendor whose product or service was purchased.

Amazon is now bigger than Walmart, and anyone can use this link regardless of where they live. So please check it out for yourself, share this link with everyone you know, and ask them to share this link with everyone they know. You might be surprised by how many of your friends and family already buy things at Amazon every day.

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