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2019 DUES - PAY NOW!

2019 Annual Dues are assessed and effective 15 December 2018.  Select from the drop-down menu shown below.  Dues are $50.00 plus a processing transaction fee.  Please consider selecting the Option to add your "Penny per Knight per Day (PKD)" charitable donation to your Annual Dues payment!


Annual Dues

Blank Council Forms - Disbursement Request

CLICK HERE for the blank Disbursement Request Form

This form is used to request the disbursement of funds from the council for any form of expenditure. This is required for all disbursement requests.


If the disbursement is already accounted for in the budget, simply fill out the form and give it to the Financial Secretary.


If the disbursement is not previously funded in the budget, fill out the form and bring the request  to the Grand Knight first. He may decide to use funds set aside as discretionary for the expenditure. If not, it needs to be presented to the council as "New Business" for a vote by the council. The form is then turned in to the Grand Knight and he will give it to the Financial Secretary.


Remember, all business at the meetings goes through the Grand Knight.

Blank Council Forms - Reimbursement Request

CLICK HERE for the blank Reimbursement Request Form

 The first form is the "Reimbursement Request" form. When you have purchased for the council and need to get reimbursed for the expense. Receipts are required to be turned in with this form.

Blank Council Forms - Closeout Form

CLICK HERE for the blank Event Closeout Report Form

These are some of the blank forms that members of the council need to use in order to conduct certain forms of business. The first form is the "Closeout Report". When an activity is performed in which council funds were used, this is the form that needs to be turned in to summarize the financial aspects of the event. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, there are free versions of the office productivity tools that are available that can read and write this format. These include Open Office and Google Sheets.