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The James C. Fletcher Jr. Charities is planning a Dinner/Auction on the 20th of July to support our Scholarship program.  And we are looking for Items or Services to be auctioned in both the live and silent format.
If you have a business, consider donating  a service or item that is representative of that business.  We will recognize all donations, during the auction, as well as in the Bulletin; thereby, thanking you and advertising your business.  So let’s hear from our Shop Owners, Lawyers, Medical professionals, Home Renovators, Contractors, etc.
Let us all take a survey of the treasures (big or small), in our possession that we might donate.  Items such as Jewelry, Art work, Figurines, dolls, Time-share or other Vacation Rentals, Furniture, Books, Sports memorabilia,  just to name a few.  By the way, Money is always accepted.
We have solicited donations from many businesses in the area, and an invitation is going out to our Church family as well.  Hopefully, we will have a successful auction and are able to support our worthy students.
Thanks in advance for your donation, and remember that the Charities is a 501-(C3), organization and, as such, your donations are tax-deductible.
Please Make your donation by July 10.  Contact Cal Thompson: 301-928-2157



It has been nearly 50 years since “Surge with Service” was introduced as our program model. Although Surge has served us well through the years, in order to simplify our program structure and better align programs under main priority areas, I am pleased to announce a new program model titled “Faith in Action” that will take effect with the 2018-2019 fraternal year.
This model is an evolution of the Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parishes initiative that was introduced in November 2015. It embodies a simplified overall program structure featuring four instead of six categories so as to foster greater understanding and implementation of programs at the council level.
Key points regarding the updated program model are:
 Faith in Action will be the new umbrella for all Supreme Council recommended programs, replacing Surge with Service.
 The new program categories will be: Faith, Family, Community and Life.
 Councils should appoint a Faith Director, Family Director, Community Director and Life Director. (Councils will no longer need to appoint a Youth Director and Council Director).
 Building the Domestic Church programs will be integrated into the new Faith in Action framework.
 The new model will reduce the number of programs required to earn the Columbian Award to four Programs in four categories totaling 16 programs (instead of 24 programs across six categories).
 All current Supreme Council priority programs will continue.
 Nine new Supreme Council priority programs will be introduced.
In the coming weeks, the Fraternal Mission Department will send you and your leadership team further information explaining the Faith in Action program model.
Please work with your Membership and Program Consultants to promote this new program model among your state, district and council leadership so as to maximize participation at every level of the Order.
Thank you in advance for your support of this effort to prepare the Knights of Columbus
for an even greater future ahead, as we put our faith in action.
–Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight


Fletcher Council had another banner year at the Maryland State Council, Knights of Columbus Annual Convention, held in Ocean City on 4-6 May 2018. Fletcher Council was honored as the Council of the Year and was the recipient of a multitude of awards. The attached contains some of the highlights of the convention. Congratulations Fletcher Council and to our leader, Worthy Grand Knight J. Bernard Broadus.


Vivat Jesus,


Vern Hawkins

Council Communications