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Cardinal Tagle Full Catechesis Session at World Youth Day Krakow

Cool treat for our Youth, Hope you enjoy!
St. Mary Youth Ministry


Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Serves as spiritual advisor to the brother Knights and families of thatcouncil    
Provides his messageto members at the beginning of the meeting as outlined in the Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318) or whenever it best suits his schedule    

Deputy Grand Knight

Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Assists the grand knight with operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the grand knight

Grand Knight

All Offices



In the absence of the grand knight, presides at council meetings

Grand Knight (SOP)


Recommended to serve on the council’s Retention Committee

Grand Knight

Retention Chairman



Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Has the duty of strengthening the members’ interest in council activities    
Assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties as assigned    
Recommended to serve on the council’s Admission Committee    

Financial Secretary

Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Upon recommendation of the grand knight and thetrustees, thefinancial secretary is appointed for a three-year term that is approved by the supreme knight    
The prospectivefinancial secretary must also complete and submit the Application for Appointment as Financial Secretary (#FS-101)    
Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, thefinancial secretary is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000. Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting thesupremesecretary’s office    
Collects money, in theform of dues, from members. Responsiblefor sending billing notices and initiating retention measures by providing a list of delinquent members to the grand knight to prevent members from being suspended for nonpayment of dues    
Ensures that thecouncil membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll    
Ensures that thecouncil membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll    
Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council Headquarters    
Responsibleforcompleting and submitting the proper 990 for thecouncil (U.S. only)    
Keeps theseal of thecouncil and affixes thesame to membership cards, resolutions and other official documents as necessary    


Action Office in Charge Refferance or Link
Responsiblefor keeping and maintaining a true and permanent record of all actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council

Grand Knight

Finacial Secratary


Programe Director

Programe Director Chairman

Standing Commettee Chairs


Tresure (SOP)

Action required Officer in Charge Refferance or Links
Charged with handling council funds    
Receives money from financial secretary and deposits it in the proper council accounts    
Responsible for paying all council expenses, including assessments from the Supreme Council    
Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, the treasurer is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000 when reported on the Election of Officers form (#185). Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting thesupremesecretary’s office    


Action Office in Charge Refferance or Link
Appointed by the grand knight Grand Knight  
Responsiblefor providing suitable educational and entertaining programs under the“Good of the Order” section of council meetings

Grand Knight

Supreme Site Website



Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Acts as parliamentarian for the council Grand Knight  
Should have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, Charter, Constitution & Laws, council by-laws, and Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318)

Grand Knight

Supreme Council

Council Bi-Laws


When needed, will seek legal assistancefrom the state advocate State Council Office of the Advocate  



Office in Charge

Refferance Links
Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property

Grand Knight

Inside Guard

Outside Guard


Sets up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications

Grand Knight

Degree Team

District Deputy

Oversees inside and outside guards

Inside Guard

Outside Guard


Inside/ Outside Guard

Action Office in Charge Referance or Links
Attend the doors of the council chamber, checking for current membership cards and allowing entrance

Grand Knight


Finacial Secratary


Trustee's Board of Directors - Grand Knight and (3) Elected Members

Action Required Officer in Charge Refferance or Links
Consists of grand knight and three other elected members Na  
Supervises all financial business of the council and conducts the semi annual audits

Grand Knight

Finacial Secratary


Trustees are elected for terms of three years, two years and one year. At each regular election, the position of each trustee will be voted upon,with the current three- and two-year trustees moving on to becomethe two- and one-year trustees, respectively

Nomination Commettee



Communications Team

Team meets the on the Fourth Thursday of the Month.


As we are still getting organized are goal here is to set up systems and procedures for teams to fallow when promoting a parish or knight event.


We work hand in hand with the Ministry or Chairman running the event to help with the logistic planning when it comes to the message they are trying to proote or the helpers they may need.


Here you will find our Webmaster, Facebook, Nesletter and Dirctors working with key-talented parishiners to focus as a team to put are best foot forward in every event we help in.


If you have special talents in Communications, Digital Codeing or any talents that yoiu feel willl make our team stonger you are encouraged to contact our Chairman.


Thank you your Digital Team!



UKnight Market Center

As a member of the Uknight Platform a key benifits is your corporate sponsoships which helps your sponcors get their product or service out to your parish and members and other Uknight Platforms covering a 100 mile radius.


Sponsorship in your council home page can be viewed by other councils pages in other towns. Further, if a sponcor is offering a special discount your webmaster can put a Special Sponsor Section together and promote those discounts for your member and parish families.


If done right, this platform builds on its own. With the new Faith in Actions Programing from Supreme. Your council can focus on your Parish's Time and Talent teams by helping ministires organize their help by using the platform for what it was inteded to be used for and that is help organize our family to get the most done with the least amount of effort. In return your parish has a ready made go to system and further can promote those companies that best promote our goals and that of the communites. 


When you have a system where everyone wins and it becomes a tools that helps the betterment of the whole only better things can come. Our core principles are Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Please peek around this website and you will see all the cool benifits of being a Knight and why it makes sense to sopport a wining team. If this is a team you could be proud of please concider being a Market Center Sponcor for only $300 per year!


 If you have any questions or want to be part of this exciting growing team, or just have a couple of names you would like us to call, please let us know how we can help; 


List of qualifing business types.


Want to Sponcor?   Have Quetions?   Have list of names?


God Bless you!


Gregory Schuring

Market Center Cordinator &


Faith in Action LIFE team.

Program Event Date/Time Line Goal and percentage to

March for Life 



Special Olympics    
Ultrasound Program    

Christian Refuge


Dec 1st 2018 to

June 30th 2018

Not Stated

Not Stated
Silver Rose    
Mass for Special Needs    
Pregnancy Center Support    
Novena for Life    
SP7 Submition for these programs (June 30th)


CLICK HERE to open a PDF file



As reports get finalized and submitted to the recorder as compleeted. Communiations, Fanicial Secratory, Trustee and Chairman will reveiw and update the attached Year to Date SP7. This will be updated starting January each year and read into the report of status of awards to supreme.


This is more of a checks and ballance and a reminer that checking on your goals as a team will keep you focused and also help you, your team and our parish see all the things we have compleeted.


Tell your story for each of us has one!


Your brothers in Christ!