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Queenship-Knights Calendar

The new Columbian year started on July 1, 2017. The new "team" is as follows:
Grand Knight: Francis O'Connell
Deputy Grand Knight: Gary Hyer
Chancellor: Perry Straley
Recorder: Frank Austin
Treasurer: John Ryan
Advocate: Bob Krupskas
Warden: Tom Schamper
Inside Guard: Gilberto del Rio
Outside Guard: Kurt Baker
Trustee for One Year: Tony Kosar
Trustee for Two Years: Rey Reyes
Trustee for Three Years: Peter Pfister

Note: Lecturer, Deacon Hugo Simao, and Financial Secretary, Herm Derks, are appointed positions.

Our Council Directors are:
Program Director - Henry Wieck
Church Director – Tony Kosar
Vocations Director – Henry Wieck
Community Director – Perry Straley
Culture of Life Director – Gilberto Del Rio
Health Services – Frank Persico
Council Director – Peter Pfister
Public Relations – Gary Hyer
Family Director – Rey Reyes
Youth Director – Kurt Baker
Membership Director – Harry Xavier
Recruitment Director – Bob Krupskas
Retention Chairman - Gary Hyer
Insurance Promotion – Frank Austin
Lecturer – Deacon Hugo
Culture of Life Chair Couple: Husband and Wife: Fran and Barbara O’Connell

Life Members

Brother Joe Sarbello (L) and Joe LoGuidice (R) with District Deputy Scott Williams and Grand Knight Peter Pfister.

Officers for 2016-2017

Our Council Awarded A.I.R. Hero Certificate

The Queenship of Mary Knights of Columbus Council #12004 received an award of appreciation from Attitude in Reverse (A.I.R.) co-founder, Tricia Baker, at the Council's meeting of May 24th.

A.I.R. has raised the awareness of the problem and scope of teen suicide, and also provided a means of support and assistance through trained service animals and community events.

They sponsor an annual 5K event in West Windsor and the Knights were able to provide services when A.I.R.'s food vendor was unable to continue supplying food and beverages for the runners and participants.

A.I.R. was founded by Tricia and Kurt Baker to educate and inform people about teen suicides and to prevent the thousands of teen deaths in New Jersey each year.

The Knights, a Catholic fraternity founded in 1882 with the primary goal of supporting families, provides charitable assistance throughout the world through over 18,000 local Councils.

Bishop Bootkoski Addresses Diocesan Knights of Columbus

Our Queenship of Mary Council #12004 was represented at a meeting of Knights of Columbus Councils from throughout Metuchen Diocese held in Avenel on January 15th.

Bishop Paul Bootkoski, himself a Knight, gave an amusing update on the status of his retirement as well as a short talk about some of the details of the diocesan plan to bring middle-eastern refugees to Metuchen.  
Most of the families in the program, he observed, are Catholics and other Christians and all will undergo intensive governmental scrutiny before arriving next October.  They are not so different from us.  They are coming for the same reasons our own ancestors came to America.  
Some say the refugees should be kept out.  The Bishop suggested we tell those fearful people, in un-ecclesiastical terms, where they can go.
Terrorists want us to deny our Faith, but providing love, care and shelter to those in need is the affirmation of our Catholic Faith and shows it is stronger than ever.  
Metuchen is the second diocese to welcome refugees.  Camden Diocese was the first.

Individual Councils also presented Bishop Paul with donations which he will use to help the poor through his Bishop's Appeal program.

Not connected directly with the Bishop's talk, the Knights were also brought up to date with the number of women who decided NOT to terminate their pregnancies due to the Ultrasound equipment and training the Knights have provided to clinics, including a mobile ultrasound clinic that reported one woman being inspired just by the sight of their truck as being evidence that someone cared!

The Bishop gave his blessing to the Knights at the end of their meeting, and St Andrew's Council of Avenel provided a light dinner afterwards.

Bishop Paul's Thank-You Letter

Eyes for the Needy

Brother John Wiegartner watches over the small donation/collection box for eyeglasses in the lobby of the church and reports he has just sent off 164 pair of eyeglasses and 82 eyeglass cases!  It is the parishioners who donate the glasses, so we should thank THEM for helping US help the needy overseas who get glasses for free.