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North Texas Catholic Men's Conference

2019 Spring Catholic Brothers for Christ Men's Conference

at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Dallas.

Featured Speakers are Dallas Bishop Burns, Father Mitch Pacwa and Patrick Coffin.

There is an Early Bird Special for $39 that ends on January 31.

From Feb 1 to 22 the registration is $45, and $50 at the door.

More information at:

Pro-Life Ace Wings

Click HERE to view a printable application for the Texas ACE wings award.

Pro-Life ACE Wings

The “Precious Feet” on the ACE Wings are the size and shape of an unborn baby’s feet at 10 weeks after conception.
Requirements for Receiving the Pro-Life ACE Wings
A minimum of 5 Public Pro-Life events are required to qualify for the Texas State Council Pro-Life ACE
Wings. 4 out of the 5 must deal with the unborn: (The following items are common events, you may enter
events other than these, however they will be reviewed to ensure they meet requirements)
Pro-Life Mass Sidewalk Counseling*

40 Days for Life Pro-Life Conferences
Volunteer at Pregnancy Resource Center*

Hike For Life**

Participate in The Silver Rose
Pro-Life Rosary Processions

View the movie Bloodmoney – The Business of Abortion (Counts as only 1 event)
Rosaries Outside Abortion Clinics

Pro-Life Dinners

Pro-Life Presentations to Youth Groups
Attend the Texas Rally for Life in Austin***

Attend a local Diocesan March for Life **
(* Indicates the event can be repeated)

(**This event will qualify for 2 events)

(***This event will qualify for 3 events)