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Dinner meeting with our Priests

Brother Knights and men of our parishes-


We are having a special meeting Thursday evening, February 28th at 6pm in Father Lynch Hall with all of our priests that serve our parishes.  (Rev. Archie Fernandez, Rev. Sean Donovan, Rev. Jose Thottathil, Rev Juan Grajeda and Rev. John O'Neill).  We have asked each Priest to take a few minutes and let us know the one or two things they would like us to concentrate on that would help support them at there parish.


We would like to make this an annual event and we want this to be the one meeting a year EVERY Knight attends ( if at all possible you should attend).  If you are an older member that hasn't helped or attended a meeting in years, we would like to have your wisdom there.  If you need a ride please let us know when you respond to this email and we will work it out.  If you have never attended a meeting ever or not in several years, then this should be your meeting to attend.  If you are currently not a knight, but you would like to support your priests and see if the Knights is an organization you would like to join, we would like you to be there.  One of our primary purposes as a Knights is to support our priests.  As Knights, we are in a unique position that Parish boundaries are all brought together in our organization.  A united Catholic community in NE Oklahoma can do so much more than a fragmented Catholic community.


We have set a goal of 75% attendance from our membership for this meeting.  Dinner and drinks will be provided, and the only work that needs to be done is throwing away all our trash and wiping down the tables when we are through.  So no dishes, no cooking, just food, drink, fellowship, and listening as our Priests let us know what help they need.


So please, call your brother Knights friends, along with any potential Knights and make every effort to attend and enjoy your organization while supporting your parish Priests.  We do need some kind of head count to make sure we have adequate food and drinks.  Please take the time to simply email/call and advise either way.


John Tedrick will be bringing his famous homemade brew to the dinner.


Brian Kennedy and I are haring this event.  Please let us know if you have ant questions or if we can help further to make this a fantastic meeting.




Timothy Dwaine Bart

Grand Knight


Tim Bart- 918-327-1855

Brian Kennedy- 918-876-2409