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Council #14055 earns Columbian Award for 2016-2017

Council #14055 earned the Columbian Award for 2016-2017.   The Columbian Award is given to Councils that are deemed outstanding in their implementation of the Service Program.  The award is a tangible testimonial of the efficiency, industry and excellent activity program of the council.  Those councils that earn the award should display it with justifiable pride.  Be sure to look for the award in the Knight's display case in Bishop's Hall.


The Grand Knight during 2016-2017, SK David Matocha, accepted the award on behalf of his officers and all the members of Council #14055.  "Without all the members working together for the betterment of Saint Mary Cathedral and the Knights of Columbus of Council #14055, this award would not have been possible." stated SK Matocha.  

Council #14055 earns the Spirit Award for 2016-2017

Council #14055 earned the Spirit Award for 2016-2017.   New for 2016-2017, the Texas Spirit Award is similar to the Star Council award.  It is to recognize those councils who work so hard during the year but for various reasons, struggle to obtain their Membership and/or Insurance goals. The criteria for the Texas Spirit Award are similar to Star Council with the exception of membership and insurance.  A council must show positive growth in both Membership and InsuranceTexas Spirit Award.

While a Council can't always fully control who joins or purchases insurance during a given year, they can control the quality of the programs and goals they set.  Council #14055 should be honored to achieve the requirements for the first ever Spirit Award.  Look for it in the Knight's display case in Bishop's Hall.



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If you have not completed the Ethics and Integrity in Ministry workshop please click here and sign up for an upcoming session.   All knights are requred to go through this training.