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Council 16730 Initiates Member's Son

Be it known that on June 28th, 2017, members of our new council conducted an individual First Degree Ceremony by video for  John Paul Michael Cortez, son of John James Henry Cortez.  James Parrott, GK; Nicholas Dopp, FS; First Degree Team member Michael Schoup and Field Agent Michael Henriquez were present to witness the event.  John Paul Michael is very excited to be a Knight of Columbus like his father.  John Paul turned 22 on his last birthday and is special needs.  John Paul Loves the Mass and attends three to four times per week. He has received his sacraments. He knows the rubrics of the Mass and responds in his own way.  He recognizes the Roman collar and the colors of the liturgical year.  He is an avid fan of EWTN and Fr. Anthony.  He attends the 7:30 am Mass on Sundays with his family.  Please greet Brother John Paul Michael when you see him.