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2017 Knights of Columbus Program Seminar

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Please see the .pdf file for information regarding the upcoming Knights of Columbus Program Seminar.

Holy Face Council Knights of Columbus Programs/Chairmen for Fraternal Year 2017/2018

Program Position Chairman Assistant
Program Director Charles F. Shilling  
Church Director Gordon J. Carlon Jr.  
Vocations Chairman Michael D. Skrabacz  
Community Director Gregory A. Silvernagel  
Culture of Life Chairman Mark D. Sweet  
Health Service William E. Fleming  
Council Director William E. Fleming  
Public Relations John Bergin  
Family Director Patrick G. Hunt  
Columbian Squires Unassigned  
Membership Director Steven R. Cryan  
Recruitment Committee 1 Unassigned  
Recruitment Committee 2 Unassigned  
Recruitment Committee 3 Unassigned  
Retention Chairman John Bergin Mark E. Beckman
Insurance Promotion William E. Fleming  

Pay Pal Dues and Seminarian Donation Payment Option for 2017

Brother Knights,  Holy Face Council is now providing the option of paying your annual dues and contributing to our Seminarian Fund via PayPal.  The drop-down menu below provides several options:

For regular members (majority of us), you can select "Annual Dues" or "Annual Dues Plus Seminarian Donation".  For 
Honorary members ( > 25 years a Knight, "silver card" holders) you can select "Honorary Member Dues" or "Honorary Member Dues Plus Seminarian Donation".   Make your selection then click the "Add to Cart" button, which will take you to

the Pay Pal screen where you can choose your payment option.

Dues and Donations Options


You can still pay by check if you prefer.  If you have any questions on the Pay Pal payment option please contact 

Dan Smith, Financial Secretary, at (H) 301-472-1770.  Thanks.

2015 Fraternal Survey Input Request

Brother Knights,


In 2014 Knights of Columbus members volunteered over 71.5 million hours of service to our Church and community - a strong testament to our Order living the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, & Patriotism.  Our council can and should be proud of our contribution to this great accomplishment.


In 2015 the Holy Face Council really "ramped up" our activities significantly... Car & Truck Washes, Pancake Breakfasts, Little Flower School Activities, Spring Festival Support & the Wheelchair Ramp Project just to name a few.  As a result of the increased activity, I am asking for your assistance in documenting our Council's service hours this year.


We are required to submit our annual Fraternal Activity Survey at the end of January 2016.  It will greatly assist me if you can send me a quick e-mail with your estimated volunteer hours during calendar year 2015.  Hours do not need to be just a Knights of Columbus specific events/activities.  For example, if you helped with the Spring Festival in ANY capacity (not just with the KofC Lemonade Slushie Booth), those hours are voluntary and they should be included.  Additionally, if any of your family members helped at one of our Council activities, those hours count as well.


Please take a few minutes, think back over all of 2015 and try to recall all of the Council/other volunteer activities you supported and helped with.  If possible, try to categorize them into one of the following groups: Church; Community; Youth Activities; Culture of Life; Food Drives; Habitat for Humanity Projects; Special Olympics; and Supporting Sick/Disabled Council Members & their families.  Preparation time (e.g. gathering supplies, for a Council activity) should also be included.


If you visited the sick or a bereaved family/friend, please include the number of visits.  If you donated blood, please let us know how many donations.


It has been a fantastic year for our Council here at Holy Face Church and our service hours should reflect this surge in service.  Please reply NLT January 10, 2016 so we have time to consolidate all of the inputs.


Thank you all & have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Greg Silvernagel

Jerry Andrews (Seminarian) Thank You Note

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Please click on the .pdf to see Jerry Andrews' note thanking our Council for it's support.

Patrick Agustin (Seminarian) Thank You Card

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Please click in the .pdf to see Patrick Agustin's note thanking our Council for it's continued support.