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2018 Patriotic Exemplification

  The Next Patriotic Exemplification will be on 27 October in the Dulles area near Washington, D.C. As everyone
knows this can be and is a very moving day if you do the Exemplification, the Mass, and then the dinner. I would like
every Sir Knight to bring one new member into our Patriotic Arm of the Knights of Columbus. Let us show those that
reside in the Artic North of Virginia that the Peninsula will go to any distance for the Good of the Order. Sir Knights are
the best recruiters for the Knights of Columbus, usually the most active in the Church and the Order. We need more good Catholic Gentlemen in the Order and in the Assemblies. If you don’t ask, they can’t say yes.

Understanding Generational Differences

Generational Differences

 The one thing that is always constant is change.  People are not exempt from that and as we move from one generation to another those changes affect how we communicate and work together.  The attached document (above) provides a break-down of each of the 'different' generations and the ways in which to communicate and work with them.  Please peruse at your leisure.

Bingo Information

Council 5480 hosts two Bingo sessions per week.  Games start at 7:00 p.m. and usually end by 10:30 p.m.  We do not have a Bingo Game when it interferes with Christmas or on Holy Thursday.


  We are always in need of floor workers and new bingo callers.  If you are available to give of your time, please contact Dave, Rick or Jim.