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2018 Annual Family Picnic

Pool League

The Columbian Club will be sponsoring a 10 week long Pool Tournament starting on Saturday March 24th and running every Saturday until May 26th.


It will be a Scotch Doubles format (alternating shots). Teams will be picked out of the hat. Each week the wining team players will receive 2 points and 2nd place will receive 1 point. After 10 weeks the top 3 players with the most points will be awarded the prize money. The cost is $10 per week per player ,with 50% of the monies going towards the weekly prizes ( 1st and second place teams) and the other 50% going towards the season long prizes awarded to the top 3 with the most points. This will be a double elimination so if you lose your first game you can still bounce back and win it all! Come on down to your Club and enjoy some pool and some friendly competition.


Please feel free to call/text Jim Londis with and questions.732-279-5423

 Hope to see you there.


  Jim Londis PCCP 

Horseshoe League

Horseshoe League Flyer

Columbian Club
Horseshoe league starts
April 5th  at 7:00 pm

The limit is 16 - 2 man teams

 If you want to play send a email to

 with the follow information by March 24th. Teams will fill fast.

1.Name of both people playing

2.Cell numbers of both people playing

3.Emails of both people playing

The cost is $20.00 per team and $5.00 a week per player

There will be meeting at 8:00 PM March 29th to go over league rules.

This league will run Thursday nights with first games starting a 7:00 and second games around 8:15 P.M.   This will be a 13 week league ending June 28th

Must have a 2 person team to play.  No single players

Shoulder To Shoulder Program

To kick off this program the Trenton Diocese Federation designed and purchased 1,050 magnetic bumper stickers with the Order’s logo in juxtaposition with a generic police shield and the statement “Shoulder to Shoulder – With our Brothers in Blue”. These are available for a donation of $5.00. The funds generated by this project are to be applied to the establishment and development of an ongoing Public Service Announcement campaign promoting and supporting the law enforcement community. Councils are encouraged to utilize their portion of the proceeds to create and implement other programs that promote a positive image of law enforcement in the community.

Council Director List

Council Director List

                                                                Directors for 2017-18

                                                                     Columbian Year

Membership Director and Health and Welfare: Tom Raulinavich

Council Director: Matt Brienza H: 732-367-0325

Community Director: Joe D’Angelo H: 732-276-5170

Family Director: Michael Bradley H: 732-303-7191

Youth Director: Lou McGraw M: 732-804-8766

Church – St. Aloysius : Joe D’Angelo (see above)

Church – St. Veronicas : Tom Raulinavich M: 908-752-2306

Right to Life Director: Hugh Mador 732-367-2565

Public Relations Director: Alex D’Ambrosio M: 732-569-7632

Health & Welfare Director: Karl Bauerlein

Retention Director: DGK Russ Taylor

Golf Director: Steve Stazko PGK 732-901-1954

SAFE Attachment ' July Religious & Civil Rights Talking Points

Brother Knights,


We received the following announcement from Bernie Ernst, FDD, State Council Webmaster.


Hu Mador

Religious and Civil Rights Director





Please find below the August 2018 Talking Points.


Vivat Jesus!!!


Bernie Ernst, FDD





Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life:

This month, due to the historic moment in U.S. Supreme Court history, the Knights of Columbus is urging everyone to join the USCCB in praying a nine-week Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life. The novena begins on Aug. 3, 2018, and concludes Sept. 28.  Through our united prayers and sacrifice, we pray that God will guide our nation in becoming one in which every human being is protected in law and welcomed in life.   Please click on the following link to join:


Prayer Vigil Outside Abortion Facilities:

One small way of taking action is to volunteer an hour or two each week with your local “prayer warriors” who hold vigils outside of local abortion facilities. The typical activities consist of holding signs, saying the rosary or other prayers, handing out brochures, or even talking to young women entering the facility.  [NOTE:  There is an abortion facility located in Candlewood Commons here in Howell.  A group of people assemble each Wednesday morning at 10:15 AM and Friday afternoon at 2:30 to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.]


The NJ Physician Assisted Suicide bill A1504/S1072:

This bill was released from the Assembly Judiciary Committee on March 12, 2018 after the Committee heard hours of testimony. PLEASE NOTE: The bill to legalize physician assisted suicide (A1504) is certain to be raised in the Fall.


Continued prayers for our Holy Father and our Holy Catholic Church.


Pray the rosary every day for peace in our country and around the world. Opposing factions in this country and internationally have caused split or divisiveness seemingly beyond repair. Please pray to our Blessed Mother daily.


Respectfully submitted

Andrew E. Lipenta, PSD, VSM

R&C Committee Chairman