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Bishop Sullivan to be Exemplified as 4th Degree Knight

The 2019 Council 6551 Events are being loaded into the EVENTS CALENDAR.


Many events are in the SIGN-UP format so that MEMBER KNIGHTS can show their commitment to the posted EVENTS.


This is very important to the leadership so that they can better plan for these events.


Even for events like BRITISH MANIA which has tickets, it would help if you would make a SIGN-UP entry as well because this will give you e-mail notification in advance of the event.

Community Awareness Program (CAP) - The Drug Addiction Epidemic in Suburbia, Wednesday, 2/20/19, 7 PM


Samost Jewish Family & Chidren's Service and Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish are proud to present A Community Awareness Program for Parents and Students equally applicable to Knights of Columbus their families, children, and grandchildren.


The Drug Addiction Epidemic in Suburbia

Be a Part of the Conversation

Wednesday, 2/20/19, 7 PM

Call Linda or Jim at 856-783-0550 or e-mail: or visit

Free Throw Competition

Rules from Supreme and Contestant Form



Tom Handza shown in the photo at left behind the Council 6551 competitors coordinated the 2019 event with PGK Joe Turt, SK Bob Marsh, SK Keith Werner, DGK John McLaughlin, PGK Dan Worstall, and DD58 Mike Costello to use the two Basketball Hoops in Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish Center Hall.for competitors to fill out their forms with copies of the birth certificate so we can get them in the right age group and then practice before competing in the Local or Council competition which started at 9:30 AM with movement into District Competition at 10:30 AM.


Winners of District Competition which included all of our Council 6551 Competitors will proceed to Regional and if they win there they will proceed to State Competition.


See and”


More photos are shown in the PHOTO & VIDEO GALLERIES.

Social Media Aids and Discussion on USE by MEMBERS - Part 1 OVERVIEW

CLICK HERE to open a PDF file


Please take the time to review the social media procedures that were developed by Sir Knights Tom Mullen and Keith Werner. It is an important document that shows how to utilize our Facebook page and our Council Website.


As you read it you will see how this will improve communications and publicity for our council.


Great Job—Tom and Keith!!



Dominic Cotugno, GK

Vivat Jesus


NOTE: The Portable Document Format (PDF) file link at the beginning of this ARTICLE contains the KofC Council 6551 Social Media Part 1 8-22-2018 - OVERVIEW and can be opened on any MEDIA DEVICE.  So you could open the file on your cell phone and access FACEBOOK or the WEB PAGES on your tablet, laptop. computer, etc. and see what you can do on KofC Council 6551 Social Media.

KofC Council 6551 Social Media Part 2 8-25-2018 - Web Page Left Side Menu – HOME, EVENT CALENDAR and PRAYER REQUESTS

CLICK HERE to open a PDF file


Please read the attached procedures which pertain to our website and how to use it effectively



Dominic Cotugno, GK


NOTE: The Portable Document Format (PDF) file link at the beginning of this ARTICLE contains the KofC Council 6551 Social Media Part 2 8-25-2018 - Web Page Left Side Menu – HOME, EVENT CALENDAR and PRAYER REQUESTS and can be opened on any MEDIA DEVICE.  So you could open the file on your cell phone and access the WEB PAGES on your tablet, laptop. computer, etc. and see what you can do on KofC Council 6551 Social Media.

Knights of Columbus, St Jude Council 6551

End of Year Report


Dominic Cotugno

Grand Knight


July 2018

As my first year as your Grand Knight comes to an end, I would like to reflect upon events and accomplishments. We have grown to 156 members and will qualify for Star council.

  • First I would like to thank all of my Brother Knights who stepped up each and every time there was some need for help. I have been blessed with great officers who always volunteer and assist without being asked. DGK McLaughlin goes above and beyond to always help when needed.
  • Of course the signature accomplishment of the council was the creation of a Memorial to the Unborn. Funds were raised, approvals secured and installation by Keating Landscapers. It is a monument to our council which will always be a reminder to the parish about the importance of life. Thank you to all who helped make this a reality, in particular DGK McLaughlin and Trustee Turt. Monsignor Marucci provide the inspiration and creativity
  • The council voted to actively participate in the Catholic Strong campaign.
  • Our council had its’ first Doo Wop dinner/show. It was both a financial and social success. The visibility of the council reached new heights.
  • We created a Facebook page that is widely read by both members and nonmembers alike
  • The council secured a storage room to house all of the council items which in the past were kept at the GK’s house. We were able to inventory all materials and store in a systematic and organized manner. This will enable us to avoid purchasing and repurchasing items we already have on hand.
  • We sponsored a symposium on Elder Law for the parish community. It was well attended and appreciated.
  • The annual pig roast was as popular as ever. We were able to sponsor 3 seminarians with the proceeds. Hats off to Brother Turt.
  • Our can shake helped special needs children; the hoagie sales provided needed funds to the Veterans Home in Vinland; our purse raffle helped the Samaritan House as well as the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • These activities when joined with our annual Breakfast with Santa, Baby bottle drive, Easter Egg Hunt and participation in Soup for Stations exhibited the length and breadth of our services.
  • We were able to resurrect the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest as well as the free throw competition. We also provided the first missals for all new communicants.
  • Coats for Kids, Adopting a Family for Thanksgiving indicate our commitment to those who need help.
  • Lastly our council provided the assistance needed to move furniture, etc. in the parish hall to make room for construction.

St. Jude Council interacts with all of the ministries in the parish. No matter what event happens in our parish, a Knight will be there. There is an event for everyone. Please consider helping in just one of the many activities in which we participate. Others will benefit as well as you yourself!!

Dominic Cotugno becomes Grand Knight

Dominic Cotugno receives congratulations on his election as Grand Knight from the Past Grand Knights present at the June 22nd 2017 meeting.

St. Jude Council 6551 Historical Photos

Following are the "Pre-UKnight" Photo Gallery / Activity / Event Photo Page links for activities and events involving Brother Knights of Saint Jude Council 6551:


The NJ State E-Newsletter for May and the NJ State Free Throw Finals Report showed a 13 Year Old Winner Christina Katkocian attributed to Saint Jude Council 6551 but with Saint Simon Stock as her parish. Upon checking, we found that Ronald M. Katkocin was listed as a 1st Degree Brother Knight from 5 July 1995 in the Alpha List for Saint Jude Council 6551 from Supreme. We took the liberty to modify the spelling of Katkocin where either Katocian or Katkocian appeared in our rework of the orginal NJ State Free Throw Finals Report. Congratulations Christina

We then found some pictures of the 2014-03-29 Regional Free Throw Competition at Paul IV High School and captured them for viewing at 2014-03-29 Regional Free Throw Competition.

2014-1-26 Larry Anlage Award2014-1-11 Can Shake



Unveiled at this event was the new Ambo which contains a relic in honor of Pope, now Saint, John Paul II with some background and photos at this link.

Most of the additional activity and event photos beyond what is printed in the Winter / Spring 2013 issue of the Council Matters Newsletter are posted on Shutterfly and the links are printed in theWinter / Spring 2013 issue of the Council Matters Newsletter at the end of the articles for each event.

Some additional pictures of the 2013-5-18 Hoagie Sale came in after the Winter / Spring 2013 issue of the Council Matters Newsletter was published so the entire set of pictures is included at 2013-5-18 Hoagie Sale.

One activity or event, 2013-5-12 New Statues, had extra photos which could not be found prior to the publishing of the 

Winter / Spring 2013 issue of the Council Matters Newsletter. Some of these extra pictures are now available at 

2013-5-12 New Statues and more are available on the 

Shutterfly link.





Football Mania Is In PROCESS and WE HAVE WINNERS

Father Michael Shirt - Amazing Story

The 12th Shirt, as Experienced by the Knights of Columbus
This is a true story as confirmed by witnesses as it happened here at St Andrews.

In February 2014, the KofC St. Jude Council based at St Andrews added 11 new members. and an order was placed for each member a personalized maroon golf shirt which carries the Knights of Columbus logo on the left side, and the new member’s 1st name on the right.

Once the order of new shirts were received, however, a total of 12 shirts were enclosed – all of them personalized. Thinking one of the shirts had to be a duplicate, the Grand Knight double-checked the order, and found the name on the 12th shirt didn’t match any of the names of the new members, or anyone else’s name in the chapter. In addition, the 1st name on the shirt was in two parts, and would not easily be matched up to a future new member.

The vendor for the shirt was then contacted to return the extra shirt so it could make its way to its rightful owner. But the vendor checked his records and said that despite the extra shirt, the order was correct, and the Knights were billed for 11 shirts. So, the Grand Knight placed the shirt in a closet, where it was eventually forgotten.

In January 2015, a new group joined the Knights. As before, the Grand Knight prepared a list of names for the next order of shirts. This time, however, the order would include a shirt that had two parts to the name. Knowing the name seemed very familiar to the name on the “extra” shirt that had arrived a year before, the Grand Knight immediately checked the closet, and found the shirt inside was an exact match.

In February 2015, at the first Knights meeting for new members, the Grand Knight told the story about the 12th shirt. He explained that he had contacted the vendor to return the shirt, but was refused. He related that the name on the shirt was unique, and would be hard to match with any new members. He said that as a result, the shirt sat in a closet for nearly a year. 

At the end of the story, the Grand Knight brought the shirt over to each of the members so they could read the name. He then walked over to Father Michael who joined the Knights when he came to St Andrews November 2014, and presented the shirt to him. The shirt was personalized “Fr. Michael.” The Grand Knight explained, “Since April of 2014, this shirt has been sitting in a closet without an owner. I had no idea how we would be able to find a match, given the unique name on it. In the end, though, we were able to match the shirt with its rightful owner. It seems that Fr. Michael is meant to be here at St. Andrews.”

Monsignor Marucci Informed Grand Knight Dominic Cotugno that Camden Diocese Has A Social Media Policy

CLICK HERE to open a PDF file

The Camden Diocese published Social Media Policy in 2013 and updated it in 2015.


The latest policy can be found at:


This policy is also available in the Portable Document Format (PDF) file attached.


There is a lot of great guidance in this document but it appears to be directed at DIOCESE / PARISH / SCHOOL social media sites and not necessarily FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION social media sites like the Knight of Columbus STATE, CHAPTER, ASSEMBLY, and COUNCIL social media sites.