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Texas State Council Education Grants Due March 1st

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The Texas State Council has announced scholarship grant opportunities for Knight of Columbus members in good standing of a council located in Texas, his wife, son or daughter. A granddaughter or grandson of a member in good standing in a council in Texas may apply if their father is not a Knight or is not in good standing.


The application must be submitted in PDF format by March1st. The application is attached.


Vivat Jesus!,

Harold Schambach

Grand Knight


Text of the message from the Texas State Council:

This will serve as a second reminder that the Educational Grants for Students are coming due, COMPLETED, by March 1. Items may be scanned (PDF ONLY) into one file and attached to the application. There is a check list and very thorough instructions in the paperwork which is attached below, may be downloaded on the State Website, and is in the Star Guide.




If you have any questions after reading the application, you may email me at OR call 512-983-7576.



Giacomo R. Leone, Chair for the Educational Grants Committee.

Under Texas State Forms on the first page.