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Schaefer Children's Scholarship Fund

Tom Schaefer and Family


My Brothers, we recently lost a special member of our Order to ALS, Brother Knight Tom Schaefer.

In spite of having combated this terrible disease for several years, a challenge that occupied most of his time and energy, Tom still wanted to be a Knight of Columbus.  Thanks to the efforts of our Field Agent Patrick McAleer, Tom received a special 1st Degree at his home in August of 2016.


Sadly his loss is most felt by his wife Ursula and three young children.  Efforts are underway to help build a scholarship fund for Tom's sons and daughter.  Attached (click on Tom Schaefer and Family) is the information needed for those who want to help set up this fund.


We ask for your prayers, calling on the Holy Spirit for strength and healing as the Schaefer family deals with the loss of Brother Knight and member of Our Lady of Fatima Council 6901, Brother Tom Schaefer.

Catholic High School Scholarships Available through the Knights of Columbus

Click here for scholarship information

Ladies and gentlemen, I am enclosing information outlining the scholarship program sponsored by the Maryland State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Our experience has shown that, on many occasions, members of the various councils, and often the Grand Kniglits
themselves, are not aware or informed as to the availability of the programs provided by our State Council. The
enclosed information will serve as a source of basic information and will provide members with the knowledge of
how to proceed in making application for one or more of these scholarships. Information and applications may be
obtained by writing to:

Maryland State Council
Knights of Columbus
Scholarship Committee
PO Box 165
Westminster, MD. 21158

Or by going to our web site at:

Children of K of C members of Maryland Councils are eligible to apply to both the Gossman and O'Brien
Scholarships. Grandchildren of members and children of non members are eligible for the O'Brien scholarship.

Let me remind you that there is also a scholarship program administered by the Supreme Council. Information on
these scholarships is included in your Grand Knights Handbook. Brochures containing information on the Supreme
Council Scholarship programs may be obtained from the Supreme Council by calling 203-772-2130.


Pro-Life News from the Maryland State Council

The Latest Issue

With the release of the series of videos by the Center for Medical Progress showing the barbarity of the abortion business and the harvesting and selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, there is a growing national awakening to the inhumanity of abortion.


An increasing number of states have and are eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood, many in Congress are working to discontinue the annual $500,000,000 in federal funding it receives, and Congress is holding investigative hearings.


Believers in pro-life views are taking public action, staging protests and bearing prayerful witness in communities across the country and the world to stop abortion.


Read about happenings across the country and here in Maryland - and the role the Knights of Columbus are taking on to oppose abortion.


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