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Our website is open to the public.  We welcome you to discover our council and activities. 

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This new site has everything from the old site.  However we still use Google Sign-Up Sheets for some events.  To access them please click this link...

Sign-Up Sheets


The old Mentor page has been closed.  However, there is a new Mentor/New Knight Area below.

The Complete Directory is now on this site.  Sign in to Members Only then scroll down to Council Documents Library.  The complete directory is available in both Excel and PDF.  (The complete directory is only updated about 2-3 times per year)  This area also contains other secured documents including a link to our Google Page showing a list of those that have admin access and who is responsible for doing what on the website.

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To all Event Chairmen...

If you are a Chairman or Co-Chair of any of the events listed on our calendar, please update your event information.  You automatically have access to change and update your event!  Just click the "Members Only" link on the left, sign in using your Knights ID number and birth date and you can make changes (except the date) to your event!  Manage sign-ups, change wording, correct typos, add/change co-chairs or add flyers or photos.  Control of your event is in your hands and we highly encourage you to add and update your information.  * If your event is not yet listed on the calendar, contact our DGK or Webmaster to have the event added.  If the event date is wrong or you need any help with this please contact the DGK or Webmaster.

If your event requires scheduling specific time slots, you can start a sign-up sheet by clicking here.  Ultimately you are responsible to set-up, maintain and delete your sheet, but if you need help with this please contact Peter Stresino or the Webmaster.

How to access confidential information

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For all “Not For the Public” information like personal contact data, meeting minutes, financial documents and/or any other confidential information, you must be a member of our council and an ID number and password are required.


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New Knights and their Mentors!

New Knight Welcome Letter

Welcome to our new Knights.  This area will list our newest members and their Mentors.  Your Mentor will help to answer questions and guide you through your first year of Knighthood.  Please refer to the New Knight Welcome Letter (above) and the Mentor Orientation form (below).  All contact information is listed on the Members Only Page.


First Degree        New Knight                   Church                         Mentor

1/11/18                Roy Lyons                    St Hubert                   Matthias Eichhorn

1/11/18                Carlos Rodriguez           St Hubert                   Greg Bertagna


11/9/17                Thomas Rothman          St Hubert                    Joe Tuccori

11/9/17                Scott Kilpatrick               St Matthew                 Rick Froelich

11/9/17                Jails Galet                      St Hubert                   Ken Szott

11/9/17                Tim Spatz                       St Hubert                   Rick Froelich

11/9/17                Tony Colucci                  St Matthew                Joe Tuccori


11/9/17                Kenneth Chrobak          St Matthew                (Transfer)

11/9/17                Frank Vaccaro               St Hubert                  (Transfer)


8/10/17                Juan Varela                   CHS                            Larry Arquilla

5/11/17                Mike Sulentic                 St. Hubert                   Larry Arquilla

5/11/17                Michael Tereza              St. Hubert                   Dean Hoppesch

5/11/17                Vivian Fernendez          St. Matthew                 Ken Szott

April 2017            George Anstiss               St. Hubert   (Readmitted)   No Mentor

4/20/16 Transfer  James Lutz    (Jim is our New General Agent)  No Mentor

3/9/17                  Stephan Demczak         CHS                            Pete Munnich

3/9/17                  Jim Elder                       St Hubert                     Joe Tuccori

11/19/16              Roger Malinski              St Hubert                     Ken Szott

40 Cans For Lent

Each year all Knights are encouraged to bring 40 cans of food to any of our meetings or events during the Lenten season.  These cans (or boxes) of food will be donated to the CHS food pantry!  Please give your donation to Tim Figiel anytime as he will coordinate the collections.


Our State office will match donations based on weight or value. Cans of food are preferable as they are heavier than dry boxes but we will take anything you wish to donate.  If you can't bring food please feel free to make a cash donation to this worthy cause.

Mentor Information

New Knight Orientation Form

To our Mentors...

You are responsible to help our New Knights feel welcome and an important part of our council.  Please take this responsibility seriously.  The growth and retention of our council is in your hands.  Most Mentors will be Trustees (Past Grand Knights).  Please check the New Knight area above to see who you are mentoring and use the orientation form here as a guide for you and your New Knight.  Print it out (along with the Welcome Letter) and go over this form with your New Knight and keep it handy for the first six to twelve months of your New Knights tenure.

Volunteer needed:

We need a volunteer to set up and administrate our website "Market Center".  This will require minimal time and computer skills.  If you are interested please contact the webmaster.

Food Pantry at Church of the Holy Spirit

Food Pantry Flyer

The Food Pantry at Church of the Holy Spirit serves about 150 families per week and provides them each with about $150 worth of groceries!


Anyone with a valid Cook County ID can shop at the Pantry once each month.

The Pantry is open every Thursday from 2 to 5 pm.

Send your family and friends in need.

For more info or to volunteer as a helper, please contact Tim Figiel.

Adopt A Highway Program

Our council will be helping to keep our local roadways clean.  Volunteer to clean up litter along Higgins (Rt 72) between Plum Grove and Rt 53.  The dates we will be working in 2017 are: April 22, June 24, August 26.  The October 28 dATE HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  We will meet at the I-Hop on Higgins near 53 at 8:30 am before each event.  Sign up online to volunteer or contact Jerry Bromley for more details or to volunteer.  

All participants are required to watch a 4 minute IDOT video before helping.  Click Here to see the video.

SUPPORT THE NEWMAN CAMPUS MINISTRY - Let's hit our contribution goal!

Newman Flyer

Newman Centers are the Catholic presence at secular colleges and universities. They are the communities where our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and neighbors can grow and mature their faith. The Illinois Knights of Columbus are dedicated to supporting Newman Centers for nearly 100 years. You receive a mailing from the Illinois State Council asking for your financial support. Please follow the Newman link to learn more about this vital charity. And pray for our young people.  Link to State Newman Site. We are nearing our contribution goal. Please help push us over the top. You can find a contribution form at the KofC State Newman website.

Our Ways & Means Committee

Our Ways & Means Chairman is Tom Senese.   Tom is always looking for new ways to raise money for our Churches and local charities. 

Our "Dine to Donate" program is one of Tom's favorites!  Eat at a participating restaurant, give them the coupon and a portion of what you spend comes back to the council!  Bring your family and friends.  See the calendar for current events.

If you are interested in helping in any way or if you know of a restaurant that would be willing to participate in this program PLEASE let Tom know.


St Hubert has been hosting this event for the last several years at the beginning of Lent and we hope it will continue.

Please check back each year for more details as they may change.  Here are the details of the 2018 event...


The confirmation class will hold a simple Lenten Soup and Bread Meal. Please join us in the lower level of the church. We will also be serving peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and macaroni & cheese for the little ones. There will be a free will donation, of which all proceeds will go to the Food Pantry at Church of the Holy Spirit and the Youth Ministry Mission trip. Please join us afterwards in the church for Stations of the Cross.

If you would be willing to donate a pot of meatless soup, please call the Religious Education Office at 847-885-7703.


For more details please contact Sir Knight Dave Sertich at 847-312-2906.

Vocations Raffle

Vocations Raffle Memo 2016

Our council holds a Vocations Raffle every Fall to raise money to sponsor one of our Seminarians.  By buying a ticket for $1 you can win up to $10,000.00!!!!   Details will be posted for the next Vocations Raffle.


The 2016 Raffle has just ended.  The drawing will take place on Dec 2, 2016.   See our Chancellor SK Peter Munnich for more info.  Or  for more information about the 2016 raffle please click: "Vocations Raffle Memo 2016" link above.

Info for New Knights and their Families

A Ladies Guide to the Knights of Columbus

This handy guide will help you and your family to understand much of what the Knights are about and how being a Knight can become a positive addition to your family life.