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August 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Council 7473
August 8, 2018

St. Helen, Hebron, IN


K of C Council 7473 business meeting was called to order by Worthy Grand Knight Ken Williams at 7:22 pm.


Warden’s Report   Warden Dennis King vouched for all present being in good standing. There were 19 members in attendance.  


Opening Prayer and Pledge  GK led the membership in “The Prayer for Council 7473”.  All members present recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.    


Roll Call  Roll call of officers was made and noted as follows; (P-Present, A-Absent E-Excused Absence):


Fr. Tom Mischler



Ted Fitzgerald


Grand Knight

Ken Williams



Dennis King


Deputy Grand Knight

Jim Quirk


Inside Guard

Mike Halcarz



Jason Krampen


Outside Guard

Paul Reithknecht



Merlin Forseman


Trustee (1st year)

Bruce Beck


Financial Secretary

Bob Hynes


Trustee (2nd year)

Gerry Glatt



Frank Villareal


Trustee (3rd year)

Bruce Spindler



Norm Neher


District Deputy

Mike Havens



Council Minutes   The July meeting minutes were not yet posted on the website.  Ken will look into getting them posted. Once the minutes are added, you can find the minutes, newsletter and current calendar at  

Admissions Committee   No report

Treasurer's Report  FS Bob Hynes: At the end of July in the general account we had $16,314.60, $6,299.79 of that is dedicated to the Bike Project.  In the gaming account we have $2,657.81, so we have $12,672.62 in the bank right now. In July we received $2,200 from the Gary Diocese for bike parts.  Please see attached for full report:

Motion was made to accept the report.  All approved the report as read.

Chaplain’s Report  Fr. Frank: Our Sunday readings have recently been from the Gospel of John, Chapter 6, called the Bread of Life discourse.  These are profound words spoken by Jesus. We will be reading from this Gospel for the next three Sundays. I recommend that you take Scripture and read these beautiful words and enrich yourself with this great gift.  

Grand Knight’s Report - Ken Williams

One of the things we talked about at the District meeting was to have the Armistice training for Knight sponsored events, such as our Fish Frys.  This is for our protection as a Council and for the protection of the children. There is a KofC training program that is separate from Virtus the training available through the Diocese.  If you are going to involved in any Knight sponsored events for youth, you can go online via the State website for the training before you can participate. See me if you need assistance. I would recommend that everyone sign up for the training.  Bruce Beck: The training takes less than an hour. Gerry Glatt: Only one person in charge of the youth event needs to have had the training. Ken: Another thing that we talked about is the new platform that Supreme has initiated called Faith in Action, but it is not different than the programs that we already do in the community.  They have just been reorganized or re-classification into 4 categories; faith, family, life and community. All of our activities will fall into one of those 4 categories. There are some programs that we would be required to have to qualify for State awards, but we are already doing many of these activities, for example, our Bike Project can be part of Community, our support for baby boxes would be under Life, Family events would be programs such as Food for Families, Faith would be programs such as RSVP, Into the Breach and everything we do to promote vocations.  The bottom line is, there are something Supreme will encourage us to take on, we don’t need to drop anything that we are already doing as a Council. Fr. Mick from SEAS is very enthusiastic about Faith In Action and would like us to incorporate that into the Council, and Gerry will speak to Fr. Mick about that. Gerry Glatt: I encourage the other Roundtable Coordinators to meet with their pastors to find out the needs of the Parish and we can all pitch in to accomplish. The Roundtable members are: Gerry Glatt at SEAS, Bruce Beck at Holy Spirit and Merle Forseman at St. Helen’s.  We are one of the only Councils in the district who has a Roundtable since we serve three Parishes. I would also like to talk about bringing in new members to go through the 1st Degree using the DVD, it is an excellent presentation. We don’t have to have a separate meeting for these degrees, but the only Officers required to attend are the GK, DGK, Chancellor, warden and Financial Secretary. We do have one person who is waiting for the 1st Degree. We don’t need to have a Chaplain present. The Degree lasts about 45 minutes, and that may something we can do prior to our next Business meeting.  We would like to get Ron Gross initiated as soon as possible, he has been waiting patiently. If you read your new Columbia magazine, there is an article about applying online. We also have forms, but there is also an option to sign up online. Brother Eric Mldecki: It took me three months to sign up for the Knights, no one knew how to sign-up, finally Jason called me. Is there an ad out there in the Church Bulletins or at least someone to contact or a brochure? Brother Dennis King: At Seton, we have forms at the Church. Ken: The Council at St. Paul’s has an ad in the Bulletin, so we will look into taking an ad in the Church Bulletins.  

Upcoming Events:

August 13th: Santa Maria Venegas Assembly 4th Degree Business Meeting at SEAS   

August 19th: St Helen/Holy Spirit picnic
August 22nd: Social meeting at Tres Amigos in Hebron at 7:00pm
September 20th: Blood Drive at SEAS
Every Thursday: Rosary @ Planned Parenthood in Merrillville – 4pm

Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight - Ken Williams


Reading of Receipts   No receipts.  Brother Bob Hynes: We were approached to make a donation of $15.00 to a new Council starting in Bristow, IN.  Bruce Beck made a motion to send $15.00, all approved, motion carried.

Communications  Recorder Frank Villareal: From Gibault, Thank you for your generous gift of $246.00, this donation takes us closer to our goal of creating a video arcade and ice cream bar for our campus, this is where our financial need is greatest at this time.  Signed by Patti Stiegelbauer, Director of Development. Brother Bruce Spindler: we received a thank you letter from Fr. Blaney from the Share Foundation thanking us for our gift of $493.85 from our Tootsie Roll Drive, see attached:

Financial Secretary's Report  FS Bob Hynes: We got the bill from Supreme for our per capita dues, $1,576.30 they have raised the Gibault fee from $4.00 to $5.00 and they are going to raise the state per capita from $7.00 to $8.00.  One thing talked about at the Officers meeting was to review our bylaws and see if our member dues need to be increased.

Trustee’s Report   Gerry Glatt: No report.  

Chancellor's Report  Our social meeting will be at Tres Amigos in Hebron at 7:00, the date is August 22.  Breakfast will be at 12 Islands this Saturday, August 11.

4th Degree Report  Brother John Ryczaj:  We will request 4th degree for two occasions during the month of August: First will be for the Bishop’s Birthday Bash at the Railcats game on August 14th, the second is for Sunday, August 26th, the Marian Council in Cedar Lake for their Corporate Communion Mass at 9:00 am at Holy Name Parish in Cedar Lake.  The next Santa Maria Venegas 4th degree meeting will be on August 13th at SEAS.

Gibault Report   Brother John Ryczaj: Envoy Conference is September 8th, all are invited.  Only 5 weeks left to buy tickets for the Notre Dame football raffle, tickets are $25.00 each.  The Knight’s Appeal letter to purchase new books for the Holy Cross School at Gibault was mailed out, the goal is $60,000.  Consider attending the Gibault summer events. See attached Newsletter:

You can also find the Gibault Newsletters at   The Envoy Newsletters are under the Donors & Friends tab, click on “More” and then Envoy Newsletters.

Old Business Nothing to report.  

New Business  Nothing to report.

Committee Reports  Brother Jim Quirk: we will be cooking for the St Helen’s/Holy Spirit picnic on Sunday, August 19th starting at 10:30, Mass will be at 11:00am.  We will setup the tents on Saturday after 4:00pm Mass. Brother Bruce Beck: Mark asked me to speak about the Carmelite event, they took in over $1,000, I don’t remember the exact amount, between, donations and tickets sales, he would like o get that money to the Carmelites as soon as possible and have the Council donate money also.  He will give the money directly to the Carmelites as the Knights didn’t sponsor the event. This was above the money spent on the event itself. Brother Bruce Spindler made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Carmelite home, all approved, motion carried. Bruce Beck: The Cub paintings that we received are not what we thought they would be, so we most likely will not be able to get $200 per poster, we will probably frame them and then raffle them off at a later date.   On August 18th, the St. Mathias Council is sponsoring a breakfast at 12 Islands at 9:00 am breakfast is on you, but they are inviting all Knights in the District. There is a Blood Drive at SEAS on September 20. Bruce Spindler will coordinate.

Lecturer's Message  Brother Norm Neher:  Seven reflections of Jesus on the Cross: 1-Forgive others, 2-Heaven is real, 3-Care for your parents, 4-Express your heart to God, 5-Be thirsty for the Living water, 6-Don’t give up. Finish it!, 7-Place your life in God’s hands.

District Deputy’s Report  No report  

Insurance Agent’s Report  No report.

Good of the Order Ed Stram, Fr. Tom, Fr. Frank and Fr. Mick, Glen and Kathy Wyant, Eric Olson.  

Closing Prayer    Fr. Frank: Almighty God you sent Jesus as our example and we ask you to guide our Bishop and all the priests of the Diocese and throughout the world, to follow the example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and we ask this through Christ Our Lord Amen.   GK Ken Williams: Let us pray that we will forever be united in Charity and that God will bless our work, aid us to keep our pledges to his greater glory and that he may grant eternal rest to the souls of our departed Brothers. GK Ken led the Council in "The Prayer Request" for these and all that are ill or distressed in their lives.


The next Business Meeting will be Wednesday, September 12 at SEAS at 7:00pm  


50/50 Drawing:   Was won by Mike Halcarz, total was $29.00, he won $14.00.  

Attendance drawing:  Member #122 was drawn for $50.00, Brad Rybak, he was not in attendance.  The kitty will raise to $55.00 for the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned by GK Ken Williams at 8:21pm.     


Minutes Submitted by

Frank Villareal

Recorder KofC Council 7473