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George Flynn Memorial family bowling day on October 21,

The Don Bosco Council of the Knights of Columbus will hold it's annual George Flynn Memorial family bowling day on October 21, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Sparta Lanes. The cost is $15 per person and includes shoes and two hours of bowling time. For reservations and lane assignments please contact Mike O'Connor at or 862 354 1753. Space is limited so sign up early. Proceeds benefit the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation. Great fun for the whole family for a great cause. Prostate cancer is for me what breast cancer is for women. One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Over 3 million new cases per year in the US.

Tank Pull Pancake Breakfast - July 8, 2018



Pancake Breakfast at St. Kateri Church on July 8, 2018.


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As Former Supreme Director Jim White discussed at yesterday's Grand
Knight's Meeting, following is an urgent Action Alert that is to be acted
upon and also shared with your membership.
Abortion is NOT Family Planning!
Show your support for the “Protect Life Rule”

The  Trump Administration just proposed new regulations to help ensure
that  abortion is separated from the federal Title X family planning
(Link: )
Copy & Paste entire link:

The  proposed regulations, called the “Protect Life Rule” are modeled
after  regulations issued by the Reagan Administration and include
several  important requirements:

“A Title X project may not perform,  promote, refer for, or support,
abortion as a method of family planning,  nor take any other affirmative
action to assist a patient to secure  such an abortion.”

“A Title X project must be organized so that it is physically and
financially separate… from [abortion]activities”.

“Title  X projects shall comply with all State and local laws requiring
notification or reporting of child abuse, child molestation, sexual
abused, rape, incest, intimate partner violence, or human trafficking.”

In a statement (Link: )
praising  the Administration, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, chair of the U.S.
Bishops’  Committee on Pro-Life Activities said that these regulations
are  “greatly needed and deeply appreciated.” Cardinal Dolan also
said, “Most  Americans recognize that abortion is distinct from family
planning and  has no place in a taxpayer-funded family planning program.
For too long,  Title X has been used to subsidize the abortion industry.

The Administration has opened a 60-day comment period ending on July 31,
2018 and is accepting comments on the proposed rule.

Planned  Parenthood and other abortion purveyors will flood the
Administration  with negative comments.  It is very important that the
Pro-Life  Community write to the Administration also to show our strong
support  for these regulations.

You can submit your comments here (Link: ).

And then share this alert with all your friends.

Sample message:

“Most  Americans recognize that abortion is not family planning or
healthcare  and has no place in a taxpayer-funded family planning
program. I  strongly support the proposed rule on the Title X program
because it  will help ensure that abortion-related activities are kept
separate from  this pre-pregnancy family planning program. For too long,
Title X has  been used to subsidize the abortion industry. We need these
regulations  in order to draw a bright line between what happens before a
pregnancy  begins and what happens after a child has been created, as
Congress  clearly intended.”


Title X  of the Public Health Service Act (Title “Ten”) was created in
1970 as a  pre-pregnancy federal family planning program to help poor
women limit  and space their family size. It was created in the heat of
the  population control movement, yet even though its authorization
expired  in 1985, Congress continues to appropriate yearly money.

Embedded in the authorizing law itself is a strict prohibition on its
funds being used for abortion[1] (Link:
)demonstrating  the intent of Congress that Title X should be completely
apart from the  controversial and, at that time, still mostly illegal
activity of  abortion.  In fact, it was argued that Title X was needed in
order to  reduce the abortion rate.

In spite of this prohibition, the  program guidelines governing the early
years of the program soon  required abortion referrals and allowed
abortion providers to perform  abortions in the same location, arguably
allowing the program to become a  direct channel for abortion providers
to receive clients as well as  federal money for their non-abortion

To respond to  this abuse, President Reagan issued formal regulations in
1987 requiring  that Title X service sites be physically and financially
separated from  abortion centers and not refer or counsel for abortion.
These  regulations were challenged and successfully defended by the Bush
41  Administration in the U.S. Supreme Court case Rust v. Sullivan of
1991. However, they were rescinded in January of 1993 under President
Clinton and replaced by regulations later that year requiring abortion
referrals and allowing co-location of Title X clinic sites with abortion

[1] (Link: ) Sec  1008
“None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in
programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”

William White

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DPD Car Donations

Click HERE to donate your car

The Department for Persons with Disabilities (DPD) sponsors  a car donation program. If you wish to participate please follow the link below or call the phone number listed.

Donations are tax deductible and we will tow the cars for you.  Anyone interested can visit

This is an effortless way to help the underprivileged and disabled in the community.

 Thank you for your continued support!



Mike Holzli and his Made to Order Potholders

Potholders by Mike

Mike Holzli

Made to Order – Potholders

9 Linwood Ave

Newton, NJ 07860

862-268-6709 or 973-383-6061