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The Baptism Program at St.Sebastian

Brother Knights,


I would like to dedicate a brief article to the Baptism Program, and the meaningful work fellow brothers Dr. Bob Christopher and Ryan Ashurst do on behalf of our council.


At St.Sebastian, baptisms are typically scheduled on the first Sunday of each month at the 11:30 Mass. The Baptism Program, sponsored by our Council, provides a rosary and a rose for every baptism. The rose is for the mother, and the rosary is intended as the baby's first rosary as a baptized Catholic. Dr. Bob provide and rosary and the rose, and these are presented to the mother on the alter during the ceremony.


The purpose of the Baptism Program is to welcome the infant into the Catholic Faith, to congratulate the mother in bringina new soul to our Lord, and to make the father aware of the presence of the Knights of Columbus is our Parish. 

Indeed, the fathers of some of these babies are now members of our Council. Since the ceremony takes place during the Mass, the program is also another way to demonstrate to the assembled parishioners that the Knights of Columbus are an active participant in Parish life.


The response from the mothers and the families is consistently very positive.


Dr. Bob and Ryan, please continue the good work you do through this program.




Ryo Isshiki


Come join and celebrate the right to life. Let's SAVE A HUMAN BABY!

K of C & St. Sebastian PARISH LENTEN EVENT
WHERE: In front of St. Sebastian Church, on the lawn
WHEN: Sunday, March 18th
TIME: 1:00 to 2:00 pm
We want to send a positive message to the community. So bring positive posters.
Free hot dogs and beverages will be provided.
Let's have a great turnout of Brother Knights and your families!
John Silkauskas, Chairman
Bob Kwiecinski
Grand Knight

Chalice Program at St.Sebastian

Brother Knights,


As you may know, we have recently passed a vote to fund the Chalice of Ordination to honor and remember our Brothers who have passed. For those not familiar with the chalice programs our council supports, the following is a helpful synopsis by Dr. Bob:


Our council has two Chalice related programs which the Knights sponsor at St. Sebastian Parish. One is the program where families take a Chalice home each week and pray for vocations to the priesthood, the consecrated religious life and the permanent deaconate.


The other is the program which was started by the Fourth Degree several years ago after receiving a direction from the Supreme Master nationwide. Every 12 to 18 months, each Fourth Degree Assembly is directed to purchase a Chalice dedicated to the memory of those Sir Knights who passed away since the previous Chalice was purchased. Their names are engraved on the bottom of the Chalice and a raised Fourth Degree emblem is affixed to the base of the Chalice.  The recipient of the Chalice is asked to pray for our deceased Brother Knights in their daily Masses.


Traditionally, here in our Assembly, we have always given priority in determining the recipient of the Chalice to a Seminarian in our Diocese who is in need of a Chalice for Ordination. Chalices are often purchased for a Seminarian by their families, but many of the Seminarians in our Diocese have no families in the USA or simply can't afford the cost. I am currently the Vocations Chairman for our Third Degree Council and I receive the name of the recipient from the Diocesan Director of Vocations, Father Brian Lehnert.


For the past two years, Council 8009 has also participated in this program by paying half the cost of the Chalice and its case. Therefore, all deceased Third and Fourth Degree Knights names are engraved on the Chalice. We have a recipient for this year's Chalice. He is Deacon Frank D'Amato who will be ordained to the priesthood on May 21, 2018.




Ryo Isshiki on behalf of Dr. Robert P Christopher


Take Action Today to Protect Conscience Rights



Dear Brother Knight,


Your immediate action is necessary to protect medical professionals and all people of faith from being forced to participate in or pay for abortions.


Congress is currently considering legislation to fund the government, and it is critical that a provision called the Conscience Protection Act be included in this legislation.


The Conscience Protection Act would strengthen federal law to ensure that doctors and nurses are not forced to perform abortions.  This critical legislation would also ensure that our churches and other religious organizations do not need to cover abortion in their insurance plans.


Our recent Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll found that a majority of Americans agree that no one should be forced to perform, or provide for, an abortion against their will.


I urge you to contact your Congressman and Senators today and express your support for including the Conscience Protection Act in their omnibus spending bill.


You can do this easily by visiting our Action Alert Center to email your elected representatives today.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for helping to protect conscience rights in the United States.


Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight

We need Fourth Degree Color Corps New Members

We would like to beef up our ranks with more members so we can participate in additional church, community and K of C functions. We will provide you with your color corps regalia and train you as well!  All you will need is your tuxedo.  We do have one spare tuxedo for any potential Color Corps member that needs one.  
If you are interested in joining please contact SK Bob Kwiecinski:  772-571-6056 or email:
Vivat Jesus!
SK Bob Kwiecinski

Way of the Cross" Booklet

Way of the Cross" Booklet

Year after year, Christians the world over spend 40 days preparing for Jesus’ incredible gifts of redemption and everlasting life. This season of reflection and penance, culminating in the sorrow of Christ’s passion and the joy of His Resurrection, embodies the very essence of our Christian faith and draws us closer in the love of God.
Since ancient times, pilgrims have made the journey to the sacred sites of the Holy Land during Lent — sites maintained by our very own Franciscan friars — to pray where Jesus lived, died, and rose again. But here at home, we also recall and reflect on Jesus’ passion by saying the Way of the Cross.
To guide your prayers throughout Lent, I invite you to click here to download our free booklet, Way of the Cross. With prayers and reflections on each station of the cross, it’s the ideal companion to help you pray the stations, whether at home alone, with loved ones, or at church.
To inspire you and your family to live the traditions of our faith every day during Lent, we’ve also put together these readings:
Please also remember our Franciscan missionaries in your Lenten prayers, as we remember you in ours. Send me your intentions so we can pray for them throughout Lent and at Easter.
In his Lenten message, Pope Francis said, “Above all, I urge the members of the Church to take up the Lenten journey with enthusiasm…” I hope that our Way of the Cross booklet will spark your enthusiasm for this most sacred season of the year.
Thank you for your support of our Franciscan missionaries. God bless you!
Yours in St. Francis,

Father Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. Saying the stations of the cross during Lent is a longstanding Christian ritual. Click here to download our Way of the Cross booklet, our gift to you.

4th Degree Color Corps Drill Manual

CLICK HERE to open a PDF file

This manual provides the accepted drill procedures of the Fourth Degree 

Knights of Columbus. It has been developed for use by Fourth Degree Color
Corps as a standard for uniform drill procedures; Honor Guard/Color Guard
procedures; and the Manual of the Sword.
Uniform drill procedures will enable individual Sir Knights to drill with
other assemblies, and will facilitate participation of entire assemblies to drill as
a part of a larger unit. Sir Knights can drill with confidence of knowing that
their participation will be compatible anywhere.