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Please Pay Your DuesIn addition, please consider donations to the Virginia "Penny per Knight per Day" program to support Virginian Seminarians and our Council's "Food for the Needy" campaign.


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If you wish make a donation to enhance the Chapel at AP Lightning, Afghanistan or an unrestricted donation to the Knights, please select the "Donate" button below.  Please let the Council know so the funds will be properly allocated if you have a specific request.




FOB/AP Lightning Chapel Enhancements

A member of our Council, Sir Knight George Walsh, essentially built a chapel at  Advising Platform (AP) Lightning (formerly known as FOB Lightning).   PGK Greg Suchanek has been assigned to the same location and Brother Walsh asked that he take over for him and improve the Chapel as much as possible.  In close consultation with Father (Major) Moras and Chaplain (Captain) Hartenberg, PGK Suchanek developed the following to build upon George's good work.

1.  Paint the wood railing of the "porch" area, and the rear entrance (used by the Priest / Chaplain and their assistants).

2.  Have made and erect a sign for the Chapel . . . the current suggested name is "Resolute Faith Chapel"

3. Emplace 2' x 2' HESCO barriers around the sides and rear of the chapel, prepared for future planting of rose and other bushes.  HESCO barriers are cloth and steel wire frame containers that are filled with dirt to protect from direct and indirect (rocket / mortar in this case) fire.  They also make pretty good planters.  The plan is to mix the dirt with natural local fertilizer (read: manure) in preparation for the prime planting season next spring.

4.  In April of 2018 (after Greg leaves) pass the project to the next Knight), plant the bushes in the prepared 



The total cost looks to be between $600 and $1000 - the exact amount  it will depend on the prices quoted for the sign and price of the plants at the time of planting


We are asking for any donations you would like to make to this effort to support our Christian / Catholic chapel  at AP Lightning.  Any funds that we raise that are not used for this project will be donated to Malteser International (a charity operated by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta) in the name of our council, with a specific request to be used in Malteser's efforts in Uganda (this is because a number of the parishioners at AP are members of the Ugandan guard force that provide local security to the base.)



A longer range is to introduce them and bring them into the Knights of Columbus.


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Chapel Project

Father McGivney Guild - All Brother Knights are invited to join the Father McGivney Guild.  This organization advocates for the Canonization of the Founder of our Worthy Order, Father McGivney.  Joining cost you nothing, but the benefits are numerous.  Here is the link to this worthy organization:

All Knight Adoration

Jesus, awaits us.  

Will you accept His invitation to spend an hour with Him?   The goal of Council 8183 is to have a minimum of two Knights or a Knight and a member of his family for each 1-hour time slot in the First Friday adoration schedule.  

Ideally, we would like to have three Knights or Knights and members of their family for each 1-hour time slot.  Sometimes unforeseen events prevent an individual from making it to adoration for his scheduled hour.  With three Knights on the schedule, it is less likely that someone will be in the chapel alone or that someone will have to call one of our priests to cover a "gap" in the schedule.

Please use our All (K)night Adoration Signup <>   Please click on the link to go to the signup sheet and select the time(s) you would like to volunteer.

If you should encounter problems with the signup process, please let me know by using the following link: Thank you in advance.