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Installation/Investiture of New Officers for 2017-18 Council Year

6/13/2017: The installation/investiture of Officers of Father Francis A. Friend Council 8295 Knights of Columbus for the term July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 will take place this Saturday, June 17, at St Joseph’s Father Francis A. Friend Hall at 10am. All are welcome to attend the ceremony. PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 5 MINUTES EARLY.  Officers to be installed should wear coat and tie for the ceremony. Wives, family and friends are welcome to attend as well.

June 2017 Meeting Minutes and GK Report

6/12/2017. The meeting minutes and GK report for our June 2017 Council meeting held on 6/6/2017 have been added to the Meeting Minutes section and Council Documents section of the website, respectively.

Columbus Hope Tootsie Roll Drive

6/11/2017: Brother Knights and Friends! Our next “Special Olympics” Tootsie Roll drive is the Brown Rd./Liberty Hwy. Walmart on July 7,8 and 9 of 2017.  Collections this year are down significantly due to lack of volunteers. We currently have over 1/3rd of the time slots still without volunteers.  When we get the yellow cans in front of people we can really bring in the donations!  Please consider volunteering with a family member, friend or group.  Maybe the scouts, youth group, men’s club, rosary guild, or other organizations we’ve supported over the years can step up and help?


Thanks again and please consider helping this very worthwhile cause! If you can’t volunteer consider making a donation. Last time we received two donations which really helped.  


The current version of the signup sheet (as of this posting date) is in the Council Documents section of this website.  Please reply to Bill Willmering to let him know when you can help and also supply a good contact phone number. 

Elected Officers for 2017-18 Fraternal Year

Officers for Fraternal Year 2017-18

6/10/2017: Elections were held for new officers for the 2017-18 Fraternal Year.  The results of the election are in an attachment with this announcement.  Thanks to all of our outgoing officers, and good luck to all of our incoming ones!

KofC Donation for Religious Causes

5/19/2017: The Knights of Columbus (KofC), Anderson Council 8295, recently donated $500 to Sister Mary Francis Cannon, Pastoral Associate at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church. Sister Cannon’s duties include religious education, bible study, eucharistic ministry, prison ministry and assistance to the homebound. Shown is Sister Cannon accepting the donation from KofC activity representative Michael Massey. Also present were KofC members Jim Rugino, Chris Carter, Leon Hyers, John Carine and Gordon Foote.


The donation is part of the KofC religious support program. The KofC is a Catholic fraternal organization that supports many worthwhile local causes as well as other charity foundations providing benefit to worldwide needs.

Knights of Columbus Council #8295 Flyer

4/25/2017: A copy of the Knights of Columbus flyer included in the St. Mary's Easter Weekend, 2017, bulletin has been added to the Council Documents section.  It is in an easily viewable/printable PDF format.  Rick Heithaus suggested that it might be a great new membership recruitment tool.

St. Joseph School Gala Dinner

03/20/2017: On May 5th the school at St. Joseph is holding a Gala Dinner.  Our Council will be one of the sponsors of this activity to raise money for the school. As such, we will have four tickets for attending the dinner. Dave Gorney proposed, and I concur, that we raffle them among those who would be interested in attending.


At our next meeting, I will bring a signup sheet. If you and your "better half" are interested, please sign. You can also let me know by email. We will raffle the four tickets (two per couple) among those interested. Two couples will be chosen.


Please remember that it is a Gala Dinner. What it means is that proper attire is required (jacket and tie for the men; ladies usually know what to wear!), even moreso since you will be representing our council.


If you have any question, please let Rod Fernandez know. 

Lenten Meatless Meal

03/16/2017: The Knights will be hosting a Lenten Meal at St. Joe’s on Friday Mar 24 from 6:00 – 7:00PM, followed by Stations of the Cross. We need volunteers to bring a meatless dish and help set-up between 5:30 – 6:00. In addition to Knights attending, we should expect 25-30 other participants.



· Meatless casserole

· Mac & cheese

· Soups

· Vegetarian Salads

· Au Gratin Potatoes

· etc.


Remember, this is Lent so nothing too fancy and no desserts please.  This will be the first of our quarterly pot luck socials for the Council and it will give us an opportunity to serve the parish and make new friends. Even if you can’t stay for the entire event, please consider donating a dish.  If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU!  Else, let me know what you can bring and/or call me with any questions.


--Tom Holahan

Thank You note from SK David C Allen, PFN

03/14/2017:  A thank you note from David Allen,



     On behalf of my and Sharon's families we want to thank the Knights for their support, prayers and love during this trying time. We were so pleased with the 4th Degree Honor Guard for the Funeral Mass. Most of her family are not Catholic and were very impressed with the whole service. I know that Sharon was watching and also impressed.

Thank you,
SK David C Allen, PFN

Donation of a Pool Table

03/13/2017: A $3000 pool table has been donated to the council to help us raise money for our charities.  The table is going to be taken apart by a firm that specializes in disassembly/re-assembly.  We need, however, to pick up each part and put it in the truck that will transport it to The Promise Land (St. Mary's Church).  Once there, we need to unload it.  We need two to four brothers to do this so that we can take advantage of this donation.  The move will take place on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at around 1pm.

Novena for Grace and Solidarity, March 12-20

03/12/2017: Today, we see throughout parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia the brutal persecution, torture and killing of Christians.


This month, the Knights of Columbus is urging its members and other people of faith to pray a Novena of Grace and Solidarity for Christians suffering persecution. The novena is based on a prayer in honor of St. Francis Xavier by Italian Father Marcello Mastrilli, a missionary to Japan who was martyred for the faith.


Please join in praying this Novena of Grace and Solidarity, beginning on Sunday, March 12, and concluding on Monday, March 20. The novena may also be prayed any time throughout the year.


The novena prayer can be found here.

For more information on the persecution of Christians and details on how you can help relieve some of their suffering, click here.

January 2017 Council 8295 Meeting Minutes

02/03/2017: The Council Meeting Minutes for January 2017 have been added to the meeting minutes section.  Document is in PDF format.


1/26/2017: Uploaded to Council Documents is the current format (new) Record of Request for reimbursements and revenues.  This is the latest revision, please discard all previous versions and use this one forthwith.

Local Charities in Anderson, SC

1/24/2017: An updated list of local charities in Anderson has been added to the Council Documents section.  Floyd Hill, our new Program Manager for Community Charities, has compiled this list of all of the activities that take place in our community to help those less fortunate.  We support some of them and we will re-evaluate our support and contributions prior to the preparation of the 2017-2018 Budget in May.  Floyd would like you to be aware of these programs since you might want to volunteer for one or more of them.  If you are, just let him know.

Past Council #8295 Grand Knights


Name of GK



Name of GK


Jerry Carroll – Charter GK

3/26/83  - 1984


Peter Delorme

1995 – 1996

Clifford A Reedy

1984 - 1985


Frank Harper

1996 – 1997

John J Donnelly

1986 – 1988


Dennis Malloy

1997  - 1998

William A Toth

1986 – 1988


James Rugino

1998 – 2000

Clifford A Reedy

1988 - 1989


Wayne Morris

2000 – 2001

Richard E Blind

1989 – 1990


Robert D Olson

2001 – 2004

Clifford A Reedy

1990 – 1991


Donald F Bader

2004 – 2006

Gregory R Williams

1991 – 1992


Angel J Lacabe

2006 – 2007

Leslie D Parks

1992 - 1993


Mark J Baroni

2007 – 2009

Richard Delorme

1993 – 1994


Richard M Heithaus

2009 - 2012

Steven F Weiser

1994 – 1995


Mike Massey

2012 - 2013


Robert Morrissette



Zach Slaughter


      Rodrigo Fernandez 2016-Present