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Knightline February 2018

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Meet Seminarian Omar Herrera

Omar Herrera Letter

Recently our Council made a $500 donation to support a seminarian at Mt. Angel.  The seminary selected Omar Herrera.  Omar sent us a letter introducing himself and thanking the Council for our support.  Please see his letter attached.

Mobile Ultrasound unit visits Christ the King Parish

Remember the mobile Ultrasound project that Christ the King council 9257 helped fund last year?  The long awaited visit to Christ the King parish finally happened.   Bill Lisac from Pregnancy Resource Centers arranged the visit.  See his message below:


I have received permission from Monsignor Rick and have made arrangements to have the INSIGHT Mobile Ultrasound RV unit on site at Christ The King Church on Sanctity of Life Sunday January 18th, 2015. It will be there from 8am to 12 noon along with the Pregnancy Resource Director of the Mobile unit to give tours and answer questions.


This is the  Mobile Ultrasound RV where the Knights of Columbus raised and donated money to purchase and install the ultrasound. The Unit is present at Portland State University and a location in North Portland and open to receive clients on various days during the week. Over 85% of abortion minded clients that see their ultrasound change their mind and choose life.  Monsignor Rick has indicated he will make an appropriate announcement regarding the presence of the unit on that Sanctity of Life Sunday and acknowledge the Knight’s contribution.  


It is a brand new 30’ RV with a beautiful mural on the side. It will be well presented.  
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