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29 30 31
  • Happy Birthday
    Kevin W Mullen
  • All Saints' Day
  • Happy Birthday
    Anthony G Berger
    Steven M Kress
    Michael A Mills
    Charles L Schneider
    Norbert Spellmeyer, Jr
  • All Souls' Day
  • Happy Birthday
    Mark A Block
    James W Fischer
    Eugene B Hostetter
    Kenneth L Hulsman
  • Happy Birthday
    Eugene M Gehlhausen
    Andrew B Krempp
  • Happy Birthday
    Todd A Mehringer
  • Happy Birthday
    Thomas A Hynes
    Kevin C Mehringer
    James A Seifert
6 7 8 9 10
  • Happy Birthday
    Jeff A Boeckman
    Alan B Hoffman
    Jake A Lampert
    George A Schroeder
  • Veterans Day
12 13 14 15
  • Happy Birthday
    Paul C Mathies
  • Happy Birthday
    Timothy S Flick
    Joshua A Greulich
    Gerald J Gutzweiler
    Jerome A Hubert
    Richard A Knies
    Terry P Thewes
  • Happy Birthday
    Mathew Dean Buechlein
    Jason M Schmitt
    Kenneth J Seng
  • Happy Birthday
    William E Lehmkuhler
    Robert K Ruxer
20 21 22 23
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Happy Birthday
    Thomas C Steffe
24 25
  • Happy Birthday
    Keith A Bachman
26 27
  • Happy Birthday
    Anthony Denu, Jr
    Samuel W Oxley
    Amos F Schnaus
    Ronald E Snyder
    Curtis A Sternberg
    Derek A Sternberg
    Joseph F Steurer
    Andrew A Welsh
28 29 30 1
  • Happy Birthday
    Raphael A Ackerman
    Charles F Habig
    Albert H Helming
    James F Lehmkuhler
    Thomas G Schneider
    Marvin J Welp
  • Happy Birthday
    John J Schwenk