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24 25
  • Happy Birthday
    Gregory A Hasenour
    Michael F Patterson
    Paul B Winkler
  • Happy Birthday
    Glen M Sturm
  • Happy Birthday
    Daniel E Beckman
    Jordan L Ketzner
    Tom J Kleinhelter
    Raymond W Persohn, Jr
  • Happy Birthday
    Thomas E Fritch
    David T Kluemper
    Richard E Linne
    James R Matheis
    Chris J Thyen
1 2
  • Happy Birthday
    William M Ackerman
    Todd J Kiefer
    Leonard E Schwenk
3 4 5
  • Fat Tuesday
  • Ash Wednesday
7 8 9
  • Happy Birthday
    Thomas A Hopf
    Doug A Laake
    Charles R Nicholson
  • Happy Birthday
    James A Jahn
  • Happy Birthday
    Donald E Critchlow
    Roger G Erny
12 13 14 15
  • Happy Birthday
    Brian Dekemper
    Charles E Knust
    Brian G Persohn
    Sylvester Rohleder
  • St. Patrick's Day
18 19
  • Happy Birthday
    Thomas M Leinenbach
20 21 22
  • Happy Birthday
    Mike L Dorsam
    Ralph B Fleck
  • Happy Birthday
    Edw J Stenftenagel, Ii
25 26
  • Happy Birthday
    James O Merkley
    Jeremy W Schroeder
  • Happy Birthday
    Paul D Hagan
    Robert L Siebert
28 29
  • K of C Founder's Day
31 1
  • Happy Birthday
    Vincent F Ackerman
    Charles Wm Haas
    Daniel W Hasenour
    Dave J Scheu
    Edward J Werner
2 3 4
  • Happy Birthday
    Michael A Burke
    Virgil M Gress
    Jon D Hurst
    Donald E Routson
    Adam J Vaal
5 6
  • Happy Birthday
    Andrew J Fleck
    James L Fleck
    Bert A Hoffman
    Sylvan L Jahn
    John W Seng