Guy Webley Beaven Born December 21 1952 in New York passed away on 12/30/2017. Guy Beaven grew up as a native of both Baltimore, Md. And Washington D.C. who attended the University of Miami, and then served as an officer in the United States Army before becoming a writer and lifeguard in Ocean City, Maryland. Guy next moved into the field of becoming a Stock Broker out of Washington, D.C. and authored his own book about these experiences and lessons learned. Guy Beaven enjoyed history, performing Civil War re-enactments and participated in youth skills development as an active Boy Scout Leader. Guy Beaven was active member of his local Roman Catholic church of St. Francis of Assisi Parish and the Knights of Columbus, serving various roles in the organization including Grand Knight. Guy Beaven is survived by a loving wife, Dianne Beaven, two sons, Stephen and Eric Boehm a daughter, Susan Lee, and two brothers, Mark and David Beaven.