Relic of Fr McGivney (part of the Treasures of the Church exposition)

Father Henry leads the way for KofC Color Corp

here are the brave Knights who worked so hard to fix the drainage problem at Our Lady’s Wayside Shrine! They accomplished all this in frigid temperatures!

Brothers Joseph Kallor, Kevin Pels, Tony Rausch, Dave Castillo serving at Pancake Breakfast

Brother Scott Reppond discussing cooking of corn and potatoes with Brother Bob McGee - chairman of corn and potato booth

"You wouldn't steal this from such a nice a guy as me?"

"what do you mean, Bernie, can you pick more than one?"

"Come and take it!"

The Bell family - plus a new member!

"I'll just quietly come up and take your bag..."

"To keep or not to keep, that is the question"

"I'm telling you, this is the best prize of all"

"He doesn't know what he's taking about. Clearly THIS is the best prize!"

"Santa, since you're here, lemme tell you what's on my Christmas list"

"I've won a lifetime supply!"

"our prizes have been taken from us so many times, we just don't care anymore!"

"I've so much wanted this since I was a kid!"

"You'd think with all the sausage lasagna we brought to the meetings, we'd be getting a gift card or something"

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