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Worthy Brothers,
Having been a participant in the Christmas Tree sales for more than ten years, I agree with the Brother Cal that it is time to find alternative means of raising funds for the Fletcher Council Charities Scholarship. The Christmas tree program is labor intensive and a majority of preparation, logistics, scheduling and weekday lot shifts are undertaken by a very small number of council members. All of our members are reaching the age where this type of activity is difficult to maintain. I am certain we can find new ways of raising the necessary funds for our Charities and I have complete confidence in our members to arrive at suitable alternative programs. 

I will be looking forward to hearing from the Charities Board and Officers, our council Executive Committee and all members of the council for new and exciting ideas. Fletcher council has a great tradition of members who can think outside the box and arrive at solutions that will sustain our success and excellence as the premier council in the State.

God bless,
Alan PGK


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