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Proud Brothers of Council 4581

Brothers of Council 4581, wives, and Color Corp of Christ Cathedral Assembly 3479

Council 4581 proud of our Worthy Warden SK Ray Carmona (Far Right) - Color Corp.

In Service To One. In Service To All

Brother Duane and Son sharing cooking duties and demonstrating the principles of Unity & Charity.

Preparing food for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are less fortuante

Council 4581 creating smiles

Council 4581 bringing the St. Columban Parish Community together

Council 4581...We are ready to serve.

Sister Bernadette and Fr. Reynolds, Presenter - Member of the Missionary Society of Saint Columban

Council 4581, Fr. Reynolds and Fr. Al (Worthy Chaplain)

The Brotherhood

Brother Robert setting up for our guests

(L to R): Fr. Al (Worthy Chaplain), SK Ray Carmona, Bishop Vann and SK Fred Vuittonet. Our Brothers representing Council 4581

Getting ready for Bishop Vann

Fr. Al (Worthy Chaplain) and Sarah Nguyen (daughter of Brother Henry and Connie Nguyen).

Al Di Cicco - Professional Accordion player at Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Brother(s): Henry, Samuel, and Michael

Manga! Manga!

Brother Fred and Brother Green and Family.

Seminarian Night - 01/13/17
Brothers (L to R): David, Jim, Seminary Candidate, Ray

Seminarian Night - 01/13/17
Brothers (L to R): Ray, Fred, Deacon (Brother) Michael

RCIA Retreat - 1/22/17
Brothers (L to R) back row: Ralph, Ray, Jim, Andrew, John, Joe, (front row) Sister Brid and Juan.

OC K of C Annual Clergy Appreciation Night - 1/27/17
(Left side) Sister Bernadette, Lady Frankie, Bro. Ray, Bro. Fred, (Right side) Bro. Juan, Bro. Ralph, Jim, Bro David, & Bro. Roy

Council's 1st Lady Knights Appreciation Lucheon

(L to R) Brothers: Amado, Andrew, Ralph and Fred enjoying the Council's version of the Newlywed Game

(L to R): Lady Knights: Connie, Denise and Frankie. Contestants of the Council's version of the Newlywed Game.

(L to R) Brothers: Henry, Michael and Ray. Contestants of the Council's version of the Newlywed Game

Family of the Month - The Green Family

Family of the Month - The Carmona Family

Our Worthy Warden handing the Sisters of the Lovers of The Holy Cross a check for their annual mission to Vietnam. The Council's gift will help the Sister's install concrete floors for two homes.

GG Council 4581with Fr. Al (Worthy Chaplain)- Lenten Dinner 4/7/17

Lenten Dinner 4/7/17

Convent Paint Project - 4/8/17 (Brothers Robert and Michael, PGK)

Convent Paint Project - 4/8/17 (WDGK John and Brother Andrew)

Convent Paint Project - 4/8/17 (Worthy Warden Ray Carmona)

Convent Paint Project - 4/8/17 (Worthy Financial Secretary Ralph Ruiz)

In honor of all our Past Grand Knights - Medieval Times - 5/6/17. (L to R) Brothers: Henry, Richard, Ray, Juan, Robert, Fred PGK, Michael PGK, John, Sal PGK, Andrew, Jim Hughes, Mike PGK and Roy PGK.

Brother Ralph setting up the food booths for Saint Columban Church Festival

TEAMWORK!! Lady Knight Frankie Carmona and Brother Ray Carmona securing the dance for Saint Columban Church Festival

Brother Ray helping with the church festival sign

SET UP TEAM - Saint Columban Church Festival. (L to R) Brothers: Fr. Al (Chaplain), Henry, Juan, John, Ray, Jim Hughes, and Robert

Trash Duty - Saint Columban Church Festival. (L to R) Brothers: Dennis, Robert, Juan, Fred and John (way back)

(L to R) Brothers: Ralph, Jim Hughes, and Michael.

Mobile Blood Drive - 5/1/17. (L to R) Brothers: Roy, Ray and American Red Cross Volunteer - Cameron.

Mobile Blood Drive - 5/1/17. (L to R) Brothers: John, Juan and Roy

Brother Fred, Bishop Kevin Vann, Brother Juan and Brother Ray celebrating the Council FIRST PLACE WINS at the 2016 State Convention - San Diego, CA

Our Worthy Officers (2017 - 2018) Columban Year)

Council 4581 Family Feud -
(L to R) Team Greenhorn vs. Team Vintage

Council 4581 Family Feud Winners -
Team Greenhorn (L to R) Brothers:
John Hamtil, Andrew Sabala, Robert Roberto and Duane Green

Our Worthy Grand Knight (John Hamtil) praying before the July 2017 BBQ Event at Saint Columban Church

Brothers Ray and Richard celebrating their birthdays

Council 4581 at the 2017 Annual July BBQ event at Saint Columban Church

Msgr. Tuan introducing Fr. Phuong at the Annual July 2017 BBQ Event.

Msgr. Tuan taking questions from parishioners

Council 4581 and Msgr. Tuan

Brothers preparing the food for the 2017 Annual BBQ Event.

Lady Knights (L to R): Jijie Hamtil and Frankie Carmona serving the parishioners

The 2017 Annual BBQ Event

Msgr. Tuan and Mrs. Baca (Rev. Alfred S. Baca's mother)

WGK John and Lady Knight Jijie Hamtil

Council 4581 and Msgr. Tuan

(L to R) Brothers: WDGK Andrew, Ra, Michael & Juan

St. Columban Playground Gala - 09/28/17

St. Columban Playground Gala - 09/28/17

St. Columban Playground Gala - 09/28/17

St. Columban Playground Gala - 09/28/17

Our Lady of Fátima Procession - 10/13/17

Our Lady of Fatima Procession - 10/13/17

Msgr. Tuan - Our Lady of Fatima Procession - 10/13/17

St. Columban 2017 Trunk & Treat - (L to R): Lady Knight Frankie, Brothers: Andrew, Ray, David & Juan

St. Columban 2017 Trunk & Treat -WDGK Andrew Sabala and his children.

St. Columban 2017 Trunk & Treat - kids of all ages gathering to listen to music and dance!

St. Columban 2017 Trunk & Treat - Master Joda, May the Force be with you!

St. Columban 2017 Trunk & Treat - (L to R): Brother Juan, Sister Brid, Lady Knight Jijie , WGK John & WDGK Andrew.

Council 4581 Annual Pumpkin Patch 2017

Council 4581 Annual Pumpkin Patch 2017

Council 4581 Annual Pumpkin Patch 2017

Horizon Pregnancy Clinic Walk-A-Thon 2017

Horizon Pregnancy Clinic Walk-A-Thon 2017

Council 4581 Brothers: Jim N., Ray & Roy who traveled to Portugal on a Pilgrimage celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.

Council 4581 Brothers at the 11/03/17 Memorial Mass at Saint Columban. (L to R) Brothers: Michael, James, Ray, Paul, David Juan, Frank & Robert.

Council 4581Brothers at the 11/03/17 Memorial Mass at Saint Columban. (L to R) Lucy Orosco, Lady Knight Denis Orosco, Brothers: Michael, Robert, Juan, David, Paul, Ray & Lady Knight Frankie Carmona.

Council 4581 Annual Intellectual Disability Drive (aka Tootsie Roll Drive) 2017

Council Brothers leaving for Mater Dolorosa Men's Retreat. Brothers (L to R): Wayne, Roy, Henry, Paul and Juan

Brothers (L to R): Ralph and Juan supporting Council 4922 Street Fair

Statue of our Lord Jesus Christ dedicated by the Knights of Columbus "To All Who Come Serving His Peace."

Council Brothers donating money to the parents of Eagle Scout JohnJoe Fallon

WDGK Joe Rebelo and Lady Knight Helen traveling with Sister Brid O'Shea to the home town of Father Rodrigues

Installation Ceremony & Dinner of New Officers for the (2018-2019) Columban Year. WGK - Andrew Sabala

(2018-2019) Worthy Grand Knight Andrew Sabala

New Champions of Council 4581 Family Feud - "The Avengers". Brothers (L to R): Jim, Nick, MC Juan, Antonio and Roy.

Former Champions - "The Greenhorn" Brothers (L to R): Robert, Andrew, John and WDD Jeff. Missing was Brother Duane.

First Responders Mass - The City of Garden Grove Police Officers.

Brothers (L to R): Andrew, Juan, Ray, Van, Ralph, Michael, Marvin, Gary and Jim. Also, Brother Gary's sons: Jamen and Jaren.

Brothers (L to R): Andrew, Ray, Ralph, Robert and Juan. The Youth Ministry Retreat

Brothers (L to R): Frank and Antonio preparing breakfast for the RCIA Spring class.

Council 4581 Brother supporting Saint Columban Parish / Sister Brid's RCIA Spring Class.

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Garden Grove Council 4581

(2016-2017) Columban Year 

Double Star Council Winner


Double Star Council - The Double Star Council Award is given to those councils that achieve Star Council while doubling the council new membership quota.  Garden Grove Council 4581 hit 200% of the recruiting goal.  Less than 4% of the over 16,000 councils world-wide earn Star Council.



Practicing charity is the best way to evangelize.  - Pope Francis



Welcome to the website of Garden Grove Council 4581 of the Knights of Columbus.  We invite you to look around our site to learn about our council and know from the moment of our founding in 1958, we have been guided by the principles of “charity, unity, and fraternity.”  The Brother Knights of Council 4581 are “men of faith and of action” who work hard to make a difference in our local city, neighborhood and the parish community of St. Columban Church, Garden Grove, CA  


Please click on News & Announcements and Event Calendar to learn about the various activities and programs our Council is involved in always recognizing that our Catholic faith teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” 


If you, a family member or friend is sick or distressed, please click Pray Requests, submit a request and we will keep you and yours in our thoughts and prayers. 


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Family of the Month

The Carmona Family

The Carmona Family (Brother Ray and Lady Frankie) were awarded the Family of the Quarter (04/2018). They continuously show us the meaning of Charity, Unity and Love for Christ. Whatever you need...Brother Ray and Lady Frankie are there!

Knight of the Month

Gary Padre

Brother Gary Padre was selected the Knight of Month for June 2018 for his dedication and hard work at various council events. Brother Gary and his sons lead our Council Brothers by not only handing out popcorn and snow cones to our Parish Community at Sai...